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Great content, lots of helpful study tips, really helps you understand the material, will be my first stop for exam prep in the future. This course was a very nice refresher and I felt that it has given me the confidence to secure and interview. Though the requirements for each of these cities are similar to generally accepted standards found in other cities around the state, you must meet all local requirements for the specific municipal licensing jurisdiction you work in. For me the timed simulation tests were critical in preparing for the test. When you apply to become an apprentice Electrician or Energy Technician, you will have to pass a three-step application process: I. Algebra & Functions: You have 46 minutes to answer 33 questions. Reviewing each lecture and section has truly given me an idea of what the actual test will be like. Very helpful! It has been a big help with preparing for the exam. Walks you through every topic with very detailed wording and examples. I found your system online about 3 weeks before my test, I could have definitely used it sooner. I really enjoyed this refresher! The lessons are just text which isn’t super helpful. will get you ready to take the tests. I, wish I had found it sooner, there should be a link on every PSEJATC and NJATC, and union website…it is awesome, and prepares you well. You will be given a full-length NJATC-style simulation test. The different types of electrical licenses in Pennsylvania are electrician apprentice license, journeyman electrician, and electrical contractor. its a great course to brush off the rust!! It allows you to time how long you are taking it just like it would be on test days so you have an idea of how long you are able to spend on each question. Here is the breakdown of the topics on the exam: Once you pass the exam, you need to fill out this application and file it with the Department. 3. Totally worth every dollar. this program WILL prepare you to succeed in what whatever field your entering. In recent years, the demand for steel has been decreasing, but the demand for auxiliary construction trades, including electricians, has been steadily growing in response to a rising population and commercial development across the state. To work as a journeyman electrician in Allentown, you need to meet the following requirements: To take the exam, you need to fill out the application provided by the City of Allentown.

Duolingo has something similar so others who have a better grasp can answer the question, and that enables you to either ask a new question, or see if someone has already answered a similar query. There are four areas of electrical apprenticeship – outside linemen, inside wiremen, installer technicians, and residential wiremen. I tried alot of other books and training for this test but nothing was as informative as this. The warning ribbon reduces the risk of an accident, such as electrocution or an arc-flash incident during excavation near underground service conductors that are not encased in concrete, because these circuits are not protected from short circuit and overload. They will look over your application, and if you qualify, they will send you details on scheduling the journeyman electrician exam. Typically, contractors will post listings for apprentices on job boards maintained by your local licensing authority. To pass the exam, you have to score a 70%. Having just recently taken Math 65, 95, and 105 in college I felt I was relatively prepared for the questions that were on the iPREP modules, however over the past 6 months since taking my last math class, I’ve realized that though I’ve got a good foundation in the mathematical skills required to be successful on the aptitude tests, I still benefited greatly from the math modules provided in the iPREP program. Awesome test.

You will become familiar with the test’s various types of questions. 3) SUBMIT DOCUMENTS AND PAYMENT 1. Thank you so much for your feedback. These tests are approved by both the IBEW and NECA electrical apprenticeship programs. Article 705 establishes the requirements for interconnecting power production equipment, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, that operate in parallel with a utility supplied service. Get to know what the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test (aka NJATC Test) will be like by practicing with these sample questions: You have already completed the test before. While hundreds of test-takers gave us great reviews, it is possible the test has changed recently or the local used a different version. The exam is four hours long, has 80 multiple-choice questions, and is open book. Having an avenue to refresh my math skills and gain the confidence needed to pass the aptitude test! great infos about the test, i really love this way of helping.

Best prep tool I’ve seen!!!!! This program has been amazing for me and I think everyone should use it before taking their aptitude test cause it can truly help them out. Each area might have different requirements, so it is not possible to cover all angles here. Disclaimer – All the information and prep materials on iPrep are genuine and were created for tutoring purposes.

I know I can go in that test center and ace it, If your serious about passing the aptitude test I recommend investing the money into the iprep class. I feel like this really helped me out. I’m very disappointed with this course. Direct Work Experience Under a Licensed Electrician. After working for a few years under your journeyman license, you can also get a license to hire a team and bid jobs as an independent electrical contractor. It’s a great study for those who need to brush up on their math skills. actually one of the best courses for the electrical aptitude test. To become an apprentice in each of these areas, you will have to pass the NJATC pre-apprenticeship aptitude test (aka the Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Test). We apologize for your experience and will do our best to improve. This course has helped me relearn helpful skills that have been forgotten. Once I noticed I needed some additional practice other then what the IBEW site recommended, I enrolled to iPrep. We are on it. Many JATCs (Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees) use the Electrical Training Alliance’s program to help electrical apprentice candidates. Money well spent for the course to go along with the practice!!@. As soon as the actual aptitude test began I was not stressed as this program prepared me with the info and familiarized me with how the actual aptitude test felt and looked from taking the test simulations on iPREP. I started the course on Feb 12th and my aptitude test date was on the 18th. The requirements for the location of conduit seals are to prevent an explosion from traveling through the conduit to another enclosure and to minimize the passage of gases or vapors from hazardous locations to nonhazardous locations. Table C.9 in this Annex indicates a trade size 3 in. I took the test on Saturday for the local 332 ibew and the test I took was nothing like the course I’ve been studying from Iprep. This aptitude test is great. this program is very helpful and i love the content. I’m very thankful I found this course. Ready To Take a Master Electrician Licensing exam FOR: ICC Exam for Philadelphia pa Test #211 (Philadelphia Standard master electrician) icc exam for city of Allentown pa. (W-16) Master electrician examination (residential & unlimited) state of delaware (unlimited license) Delaware (DE), or Bethlehem (PA) or Cheltenham (PA)

This definitely brought me back up to par and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle this IDEA test. Hiring companies will look at the results to determine whether you are a good enough candidate to be interviewed.Getting a high score on the test will help recruiters feel confident that you will be an asset to their company and will catch on quickly in your new role. Follow these steps to learn how to become a licensed electrician in Pennsylvania: In Pennsylvania, electrician licensing is handled by licensing boards at the city or county level, each of which has different requirements for certification and sometimes different categories of licenses specific to different types of specialized electrical work. The test taking tips and practice tests really gave me the confidence I needed. They supervise the work of electrician apprentices. Before being approved for a license in Philadelphia, you will have to pass the relevant examination. very helpful and im so glad i found this for mytest, This is a amazing program and i hope it really helps me ace this test that i’m planning to take in the near future. In this situation, the circuit breaker has a rating of 100 amperes, therefore a minimum size 8 AWG copper equipment grounding conductor is required to be routed with the air-conditioning unit supply conductors. Test complete.

Including: math, algebra & functions, and reading comprehension. I know this course touched on those type of questions, but would have helped alot to have more practice on those.

There is no need to memorize formulas or factual material in order to do well on the test, and previous knowledge of electrical work is not required. I wish it would tell me a score relative to the actual NJATC scoring system, but very helpful to practice with. The exam is five hours long, has 100 multiple-choice questions, and is … Everything is coming back to me from school. This was so helpful. The Alliance administers the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test (aka NJATC Aptitude Test) – a timed test that aims to help candidates who want to become licensed electricians and certified technicians. These test got me used to the time limit and helped me relearn what I had forgotten. GREAT information though but to much information. All practice exams provide detailed score reports and a question by question breakdown analysis of your responses against the correct answer. So far this review is helping me a lot! We are terribly sorry about your experience. iPrep's team of experts curated for you the best resources so you can focus your time just on practicing: Very thorough review of the math and reading sections. Exams are administered by local Pennsylvania licensing boards.

Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates and news, including stuff we *don't* post on our website! Better than expected.

This course really helped me out to prepare for the aptitude test. This has really help me with confidence and knowing all of what is expected on the exam. Timed test. This course has been amazing. If I hadn’t been prewriting these out for him it would have been very confusing. Excellent course! Electrical companies and electricians must be insured at all times. Benefits include paid vacations, pension plans, and health insurance. Highly recommend. Expect to pay between $150 and $300 per month for union dues.

Might I suggest that you add a minimum of several different timed simulation tests to the math and reading sections. I would recommend using it to sharpen up. Has helped with so much I’ve forgotten. Union apprenticeships will assign candidates to jobs after they are accepted. There is no state licensing board for electricians in Pennsylvania, so you will get your license from the cities that you plan on working in. Pennsylvania does not have reciprocity agreements with other states. This will be extremely helpful in acing my aptitude test. The passing score for electrician examinations is 70%. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and National Electrical Association (NECA), form the Electrical Training Alliance (previously known as the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee  – NJATC, aka IBEW Aptitude Test and JATC Test), whose mission is to help electrical apprentices receive up-to-date training initiatives for the electrical construction industry. This calculation method applies to a single dwelling unit, whether it is a separate building or located in a multifamily dwelling.


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