paraguayan venomous duck

Despite having no more than a sixth grade education he is immensely intelligent and one of the more open-minded, progressive farmers with whom I work. Already bursting with four kids still at home it seemed to me such an imposition. Her husband, daughter and I shelled dry corn while the senora made corn bread for lunch.

Other cultures just think we’re crazy because we’re too busy to actually enjoy our success and have no time for…family. This 47-year old woman has been a loving supporter of my service from the moment we met. However, when I do visit we always have a great time. They gave me my own room and the four sisters moved into a room partially shared by their parents, Victor (46) and Isabel (43). Her soft belly absorbed the shudders that my tears brought.

Together, they share the work of living. This is also one of the reasons they frequently accompanied me on my early introductory visits to local families when I first arrived.

In general they are shy and secretive birds, making them difficult to observe. Thank you for teaching me that quietness is not weakness, but rather strength lying in wait. Order: Trogoniformes   Family: Trogonidae.

This family knows how to make people feel loved. Five species have been recorded in Paraguay.

Although their flight is fast, they are reluctant to fly any distance. Recurvirostridae is a family of large wading birds, which includes the avocets and stilts.

The venom of the Paraguayan Venomous Duck (PVD) is a neurotoxin which quickly causes its victim to lose control of its muscles, rendering it powerless to defend itself. Twelve species of Laridae have been recorded in Paraguay. This is the way they move quantities of materials here! What if we got back to knowing our neighbors, dropping in on friends, lingering regularly over meals like our lives depended on it (um, yeah, cuz they do), laughing regularly, sharing hugs and I Love Yous freely, forgiving instead of begrudging (including ourselves! It’s these kinds of days that make this the Peace Corps experience I dreamed of. With a mere seven weeks remaining before my service ends, time is flying and there will be many more goodbyes. Mom asked him what he had in mind. It was right outside my front, at a school no less! Many species are migratory. And then in true Paraguayan fashion, everyone at today’s rezo began affectionately recounting the story of how he’d stole me from my younger dance partner after just one dance, and how we danced barefoot that night on the cool grass in the yard inside a seated circle of about 80 amused and enthusiastic family and friends, and then how we danced under the breezeway when the rain came and never sat down until the lightning brought that party to a halt. She’s been patient and forgiving with my language shortcomings, always has a smile for me, invites me to new meetings she thinks I might find interesting, is encouraging and open-minded when I want to introduce new concepts, calls or sends messages every birthday and all holidays, and is always sending me home from my visits with plenty to eat. On Day 1, I politely refused the drink, candy and a stick of what looked like either rolled meat jerky or chocolate profiteroles. The white bucket on right is compost tea! ( Log Out /  Her whole face smiled. I wish I could see this happen every single day. Here in my community I have several examples: a younger male cousin caring for older female cousin, a 50-something nephew caring for an 83 year old aunt and her ‘adopted’ son of 33 years, two single men – one 26, the other 48 –  caring for their mothers and one single woman of 50 who lives alone but between two sisters with large families who act as her own children, growing food and helping her with chores. They tend to have short, rounded wings and to be weak fliers. On this day, Paraguayans eat nothing but chipa, which would have been made on Wednesday or Thursday. He’d worked hard to copy my style of ‘tango-accented-freestyle” while I’d done a terrible job mirroring his practiced Paraguayan dance moves. Two species have been recorded in Paraguay. I was watching for a funnel. It’s sorta magical that way, like “I can’t translate your words but I understand your point.” We can talk the whole afternoon like this and I’m completely transported to another world.


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