percy jackson saves the avengers fanfiction

His muscles were cramped, he had a head ache, and on top of all of that he was in the desert. Not the brokenhearted child that Natasha knew that he was. It took him forever to figure out what WiFi really was. Steve noticed a slight redness coming up from Barton's face, as he slowly started to sink down his chair. He punched anyone who would think otherwise. Agent Phillip CoulsonSomewhere over the Hudson Bay. "She'll be in Elysium, her and Paul. When she walked in the room and saw the punching bag on the floor looking like a giant sized over used chew toy. By: the8horcrux. Percy didn't understand why.

But they were either running the camps, busy doing things for his farther or leading the hunt. Looking up Percy saw Hera, the queen of the Gods. "Says the one who freaks out on the newbies if there are no more Twinkies in the vending machine," Percy retorted back. "Loki is in custody." Percy Jackson and The Avengers 79.1K 1.2K 1.1K.

It was the kind of questions that only a warrior who had seen far to many battles, faced far to many more powerful opponents would ask. And it was, in fact, a kid. "Sorry!" He quickly turned around recognizing the scream. A balcony where he could walk and suit up stood next to it. ", "Partially. Percy thought. Loki looked startled, and confused. Chiron fidgeted in his small chair, as he reached down to place a small book on the desk beside him. He was glad he wasn't leading them to which class was which because in truth, he still had trouble finding one of the offices. He looked at his "Team mates". But the Mist is failing.

They saluted him, now that was funny.

If there was one thing Percy didn't like it was being manipulated and controlled. But there was always that point one percent. Stark Industries was one of the most famous businesses running around New York. He gave the address and told the driver to hurry and that he would pay in advance. He looked to Fury who had been inching towards the exit.

Positioned himself, aimed, and fired…. "well as Shell—er Selvig put it the Tesseract is "misbehaving".". Then Coulson remembered. Maybe they were going to punish him; his day couldn't get any worse Percy thought.

Now it's all lies and action they want these days. This will not simply be a repeat of the movies with the demigods of Percy Jackson thrown in.

Percy finished. That was all Percy saw. I told him not to call me while I was at camp." A typical Percy is betrayed and he meets the avengers. Percy and Ciera were both at the wrong spot, at the wrong time, or maybe it was the camp that was there at the... Percy Jackson; The Forgotten and Betrayed, When Backs Are Turned (A Percy Jackson Betrayed Fanfiction), Bonds, Ties and Blood |Percy Jackson Fanfic|, Chaos's Heir (PJO Betrayel/Chaos Fanfiction). You know, the last time we assembled a team, I died." Now unless you want to put a dozen children in danger because of this unknown woman, I would like to take precautions right now. "I'll take my leave to nephew," Hades told him. The excitement in the waitress's eyes dimed.

Percy is already a stupidly powerful demigod, and I will NOT be incorporating MCU tv shows like Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, or any of the others in this series. ", "Two things. Fury re-read the file. The god had finished off the rest off the other agents. A few months ago we had another incident where four men were found dead drained of blood, and we saw the same face you see right now. He watched as the young man walked over to the busy street, putting two fingers to his lips and blowing. Thor nodded and made to move further into the jet only for Stark to attempt to block the way. But he was angry that he couldn't do anything about it. That is still being thought processed right now. Fury wants a quick meeting right now. Something big. She turned her head to the camera once, and then turned back toward Tony Stark with a smile. He read her files, a long time ago. As he was thinking about this he heard footsteps behind him.

She had blue eyes, crazy blue eyes with a light smile and really white teeth. But slowly he had allowed his walls to break down, and the three of them became quick friends. He couldn't concentrate. The redhaired lady, costume guy, and Stark all followed. Then evily smiled and shot it at the director. I pity him more. But there was something else.

What if during the Avengers another major superpower came into play. Chiron leaned his elbows against his lap. Aphrodite stood from his lap and wiped her eyes. Much to the Chagrin of the agents. Percy and Rogers spoke at the same time. Well at least it still hit him. In Percy's case it was because he didn't want to hurt the mortals that for some reason were sticking around to watch the fight. "What are you talking about agent Jackson?" "Huh." I look like a skater-boy, Percy thought. "You're kidding right? (Percy Jackson + Avengers) Fanfiction. That time when she went missing, nearly drove him mad.

That was where Fury was seated. How annoying. Shield was well aware of the fact that Thor was powerful. Loki in turn grabbed his throat and chucked Percy against the wall. "Coulson, Barton" he nodded his head towards them. "I'm addicted.". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. A wave of silt and garbage roared up, and when the waters calmed, the mysterious teenager was gone.

He joked. "Mr. If the Norse gods are real, why not the Greek gods? "Go on and catch up Perce" I said punching him lightly in the shoulder.

He said that he'll join you in a few days." He only saw the woman for a few weeks, not years.

"Sir, Fury wants you and another agent to go down to the tesseract base. Percy sighed. He took deep breaths and tried to clear his mind, but it wasn't working. ", "Same old, same old." He thought. It probably had something to do with the fact that he defeated Gaea on his own. He continued, Percy sat back, "You know of this Stark? As he walked away he could hear Coulson talking to Shellfish or whatever his name was. Remembrance- A Percy Jackson\Avengers fanfic by The_Winter_Bucky_ Remembrance- A Percy Jackson\Avengers fanfic Table of contents.

Percy wanted to help, so bad. "Please put down the spear." Of course there was the average bully in a few schools. Plus he admittedly had a hard time accepting that a god existed, let alone two entire Pantheons.

", "maybe the fact that after finding out that I'd be going too, Coulson came and said not to tick you off to much while you there, Hinted to the idea. ", Annabeth rolled her eyes. Overall, she was cute, to him and only him. Medical Disabilities: Diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, Profession: Author (see file for more details), Father: Unknown, presumed dead (see page two), Stepfather: Gabriel Ugliano, missing, presumed dead (see page two), Siblings: None, though mother is pregnant, School: Currently enrolled in Goode High School. Steve folded the menu up and gave it to her, "Yes, please. He looked into Fury's eyes and got the message. Most of the sophomores in his class were considered "Softies" and the freshmen "Freshies." He said in wonderment. He could play this game just as well. the man asked him, putting him down but keeping a firm grip on him. Finished: Not yet. ", "What tipped you off? "Don't stop now, I love hearing you compliment me." But then they turn firm and determined. It was then that Steve was able to get a better look at her face. "Reminds me of Stark's new intern. Someone yelled across from him. "Stop pestering him, let's go. Percy Jackson and The Avengers Crossover Fanfiction. "Speak in English or not at all." Of course he did get beat up in different places when he was small by huge strong bullies, but overall, his time seemed more peaceful. "What can I say?"

half hell." Almost all the buildings were smashed or some fell. "Loki, Brother Of Thor." Loki put his glow stick of destiny up to his chest. He really hoped that Percy was Wrong. He next to some freshmen of course, who got the worse pickings. He gave her the impression that he was not looking for a love affair, though he wasn't sure if he would ever get into another one after Peggy. Clint questioned "what do you mean…oh, hey I don't, she's not, we're not." When they arrived, sure enough, he got mail. This time he pointed at Thor, "We literally just met ten seconds ago and apparently speaks in code that sword guy can understand. Another beam shot down. Until he was going so fast that any mortal would have a hard time following his movements.

"Yes, yes let him in before one of our guest's hairs turn grey." Coulson grinned and left. This backfired though, because it seemed to tick Loki off.


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