periyava miracles for job
Many people were asking “boons” from Paramacharyal.

You also know, God, how hard I’ve tried to find a job. Periva’s reach to devotees is now magnified. Wishing you many more happy years.

Either your bad time or my bad time, let us together forget it as a history and our friendship, true bakthi and compassion on others difficulties will be a present for all three of us including Mr. Krishna. There was no people movement, on the road and I was the only one, on the road and nothing in my vicinity. I’m very sorry if I had hurt you@gayatrirajagopal.

With the chill whether associated with heavy wind combined with lightning and thunder made to be afraid of the atmosphere. I immediately stooped my resistance and shouted “Mahaperiyava, save me”. Sri Balaji Bhagavathar takes us in a divine journey to Planet Bhakthi and feeds us Read More, Brahmasri Mecheri Pattu Sastrigal attained the lotus feet of Sri MahaPeriyava on August 27th 2020 at 6.30pm.

God bless you.

with Periyava’s grace want to meet such a blessed person in my life… i stay near ANJANEYAR temple.. You can give your email so that I can give my phone number. Navarathri Music Festival 2020 (23.10.2020), Navarathri Festival Music Concert 24.10.2020 4.15pm to & to 7pm. I am touched by the way you are contributing to information on Maha Periava. my sastanga namaskaram to maha periva and thanks to the forum.

My email is need ur phone number to meet and talk with u. Periyavaa charanam.jeya jeya Sankara hara hara sankara.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. After last week i have checked every single day to see whether you have updated your article. WATCH IT Read More, 5 Comments | Posted on 06.09.20 by Periyava Puranam, Sri MahaPeriyava Kavadi Chindu - Samarpanam to Sri MahaPeriyavaon the Auspicious Vaikasi Anusham - Sri MahaPeriyava Jayanthi 2020. Sri Gayathri Rajagopal sir, “wish you a very happy birthday”. My sincere thanks for your birthday wishes.

Under this trust, every year, on my birth day (on 13th Feb) SWARNA PUSHPA ARCHNA will be done and prasadams will be given to me personally. I gave it to the brahmin.

Very much moving devotion and experiences.

This itself is a miracle because there were hundreds holding variety of gifts for Periaval’s blessings. I pray Mahaperiyava to bless you and your family generously.

I am so thrilled reading your miracles. What a wonderful experience.

108 Pradakshinams in 108 days !!! This is the mantra I teach even to my students in MB.A. Maha Periyava Miracles Orikkai - Duration: 11:32. I accept your wishes with utmost humility. I was not mentally comfortable to receive uncomfortable comments from very few readers of my article. Gayathri Rajagopal. 15th August. May Periyava bless you have a good health.

காயத்ரி ராஜகோபால் ஸார்…நமஸ்காரம்.

Namakskarams. Through your comments your melting devotion,, mountain moving faith on Mahaperiyava surfaces,, which is a clear evidence that you are a soulful person. By witnessing this prayer, the temple Bhattacharya’s and others have also become my friends. Happy Independence Day to all in this forum .May Sri Kanchi Maha Periva bless us all !! Also please advice Deivathin Kural is available in. I am mentioning all the above to impress you and other devotees who have posted their comments , that Mahaperiyava “Karunasagaran”answered my prayer when I was like a vegetable in the bed and was depending on others for everything 100%.

But I could experience those divine destinations, during those unforgettable divine days.

I started my mission in divine path of Mahaperiyava. Your link regarding Mahaperiyava ‘s speech on hindu temples is a treasure to learn how to defend hinduism and temples against other religions. With kind regards,

i eagarly waited for monday to read your article. (I can say I was becoming Periyava video Paithiyam) . Awesome sir………….

To enable them to sustain their confidence, I am sharing my divine experiences of Mahaperiyava and reducing my experience in writing and not to pass my time. 71 Comments | Posted on 05.04.15 by Periyava Puranam, Namaskarangal !!! Anjanayar Temple108 Pradakshnam for 108 days without break. He was the blessed one to have the last conversation and receive the blessings from Sri Read More, Leave a Comment | Posted on 06.20.20 by Periyava Puranam, Adi Acharyal's Kanakadhara Sthotram - Upanyasam by Sri Dushyanth Sridhar - A production by Sadguru Sri Sivan SAR's Siva Saagaram Trust & Sri MahaPeriyava Manimandapam NJ USA Otherwise well drawn. Mahaperiyava is embedded in each and every cell of my body.

Dont be conscious of this. Wishing you have Wonderful Birthday Sir. For counting of Pradakshnam, I used to carry 9 numbers of 25 paisa coins. Happy birthday to u Gayathri rajagopal ji…i am the following ur articles regularly with perivas grace… amazing experiences… waiting for the divine experience in the following weeks too.. with regards, Krupalakshmi Ganesh.. ", Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Thank you for the share from across all styles of drawing .. look forward to this blog these days for such new discoveries n putting up my adored/loved ones as well..

Even as you struggle it is important to recognize what God has done for you in the past and what he will do for you in the future. also your birth day and periyava peetarohanam day are same. Thank u very much for ur kind reply… my e-mail id is, Happy birth day sir and many more returns of the day. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Best birthday party hosted by you. . This week episodes cover Varna Dharma, how it helped the society and how the same declined. Kindly advice any App for IOS for I Phone available please?

I take this opportunity to thank Respected Madam.

As I mentioned earlier, there used to be heavy rain on many days. ( Log Out / 

Ram Ram!! Thank you for your birthday wishes. Mahaperiyava already erased this from my mind. Do we need to say to you that HE will take care of such hindrances? Keep sharing. Maha periava advise to you is for others too.. on doing pradakshinam… Though getting up at that time, is a Himalayan task for me.

You are generous and plz don’t make us sinners for getting a long reply from you. That was the miracle, lasted only for a fraction of second. Shakila. Further, we, Bhaktas of Maha Periva, will protect you always as firewall. If you find anything wrong in this reply please bear with me.

With Indeed, you can search millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career.

Sorry Mr.Balaji, I have taken your valuable time but I have no option left. Thanks a lot. I have heard the divine miracles of others but it is very much thrilling and new experience, when it happens to me. that too you had HIS special blessings all the while. This week 9 headings have been uploaded.

and do not want to even think of the 1% crowd you are mentioning.. even if you or others do not believe it, i am sure HE will, for HE knows the truth and intention of my comment.

As you stated that Mahaperiyava always around me, I wish to go one step ahead that Mahaperiyava is embedded in each and every cell of my body. Ask God to instill in you the self-assurance you need to keep your chin up during your job search: Trust in God that he will guide you through the obstacles you encounter as you search for a new job. Five episodes (73 to 77) is about “FROM ACTION TO ACTIONLESS STATE”. with kind regards,

... Kuresa, Alavandaar, Ramanuja and others in Tamil, English.

Forget all those things. Maha Periyava was outstanding both spiritually and intellectually. Pandasala . ( Log Out /  Vijayalakshmi.

I bow to her skill. We all pray for you to Omnipotent Maha Periyava, for your peace of mind and well being. Read More. You are inspiring me.

This divine mission is like relay race. Wish you a great Periyava smarnai filled Birthday Mama!! I have heard, read about divine world of Kailayam and Sri Vaikuntam. He was a true Jnani (omniscient). Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. Mikka nanri. On that day had Mahaperiyava not responded to my call, I am afraid about my fate. More than anything else I am a true devotee of Mahaperiyava.

My sincere thanks for your birth day wishes. Hats off to you sir.

Periaval asked the Brahmin to give it to the Iyyappa devotees. Your faith in his abiding love and generosity will see you through this difficult time: Whitney Hopler is a writer and editor who has covered faith since 1994. Gayathri Rjagopal, Sri Rajagopal, Happy Birthday to you. It is important, though, that you keep up your confidence, no matter how dismal your prospects may seem. Sir you are far matured and have direct divine touch with Maha Periva. ( Log Out / 

Let Mahaperiyava bless you and your family generously. I do everything with one hand and five fingers. Believe me, not a single day, I had my diabetic problems. Though getting up at that time, is a Himalayan task for me. nicely done.


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