piggy chips party fowl

The PIGGY CHIPS were such a pleasant surprise. Lots of other places ~ the name says it all party fowl move on! Parking is a little hard, limited space We got:Hot chicken taco street with Nashville hot level. I would like to say that I Have a problem with spicy foods normally but I am ready and willing to  power through ..... also FUCK  those piggy chips loook   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My tongue still hurts... same type of tenders they use for tacos. Visited here for the first time to celebrate my birthday. My boyfriend had medium and he loved all the spice. Blake seriously might be the best server I've had in Nashville. They also have outdoor seating which would be great on a nice day. Great vibes received from the location, hostess, waiter and drinks! I asked the gentlemen taking my order if the chips automatically came with the white sauce. I really enjoy spicy. She said the chicken was juicy and tasty, and the vegetables were crunchy and seasoned just right. ... and dill pickle on grilled brioche bun with ranch dressing served with piggy chips or fries $ 15 $ 13 HOT CHICKEN PO' BOY. half pound ground chuck topped with homemade pimento cheese, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles and onion served with fries or piggy chips. Hot diggety!!!!!!!!! if you don't know what this is, what are you even doing at brunch? The fun pouch isn't that fun but a bucket is a great deal there! My fiancé was having a hard time but I enjoyed it. At the recommendation of T, arguably the best waitress ever, we split an order of the hot chicken with coleslaw, piggy chips, and mac and cheese. Poultrygeist is a bit too much. We thought nothing of it and paid the valet upfront. Overall decent place. Pretty hot. We got attended right away. Gotta go back. Again if you like spicy, Nashville hot may be perfect for you.

At first we thought nothing of it since he didn't have any help. Party Fowl Donelson - OPENING SOON! I wish we could have ordered more food because the menu at Party Fowl is so creative with their play on familiar flavors and comfort food.-HOT CHICKEN N' CHEDDAR (Poultrygeist): We ordered this at the spiciest level they had.

You're getting a whole 1/2 of a chicken.

check in - it’s always changing, pickers vodka (choice of original, blueberry, pineapple, blood orange), ginger beer, lime juice, served in a copper mug, an old fashioned cocktail made with old forester signature bourbon, sea salt-vanilla honey syrup, angostura bitters, orange peel, whiskey jam blackberry whiskey, ginger beer, lime, choice of vodka, ginger beer, lime juice, in a copper mug (vodka choices: deep eddy vodka / deep eddy cranberry / deep eddy ruby red / deep eddy peach), choice of whiskey/bourbon, ginger beer, lime juice in a copper mug (whiskey choices: whiskey jam blackberry whiskey / davidson reserve tennessee whiskey / jack daniels / jack daniels honey / bulleit bourbon, choice of tequila, ginger beer, lime juice in a copper mug (tequila choices: dulce vida blanco / grapefruit, pineapple, or lime dulce vida reposado / dulce vida anejo), truly sparkling hard seltzer “wild berry”, raspberry, cranberry lime, tangerine, grapefruit, original, sugar-free, orange edition, blue edition, yellow edition, red edition. Chicken liver bam bam was just eh. The food here isn't just spicy to be hot. Fries were pretty standard. He said absolutely. Also recommend the piggy chips! Tenders (poultrygeist) with fries.

Fries were pretty standard. Poultrygeist is a bit too much. 9 Gryffindor points out of 10. Yum yum yum  Hot chicken with Nashville hot level. SMALL or LARGE. Like how their water are served in mason jars which is different approach of style. I will definitely return to this location.

9 Gryffindor points out of 10. Aspen was the sweetest thang and offered great recommemdations! But, I can slather their house-made strawberry-jalapeno jam on anything from cheese to chocolate.+PRICE: Very reasonable for the quantity and quality of food received. Very juicy chicken and lots of flavor. The best thing is that the sides you get soak up some of the hot oils and spices from the hot chicken pieces.-FRIED CHEESE GRIT CAKES: These were just as fantastic eating them the next morning for breakfast. Daniel was the best server.

Yee Haw! Fried in pig oil. But I'm coming tonight! The piggy chips are good but add that white BBQ sauce and it was a spiritual experience.

I will saw the grits were kind of bland. This is the only one you need. The heat was a little much for my girlfriend, but she liked it otherwise.

Three for $11 / Four for $13 $ 15 HOT CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN. Nothing to write home about. Overall if you choose your spicy level wisely, it's a great place to eat, hang out. Ordered with a side of fries. The white bbq sauce seemed to be vinegar based with a little horseradish. My fiancé didn't glance at the check so I'm not even sure if we ended up paying for it because the waitress didn't know about the deal. He offered great suggestions and was very knowledgeable about the menu.


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