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It timeshared channel slots with each other. CubenRocks Animation Studios • CubenRocks Channel Online • TodayCubenRocks • CubenRocks Games • CubenRocks eWatch • The Graphics Design, Youtube channels TV (Kids! 6Joint venture with TV18. Former brands until November 2019: Affiliated companies:Legacy Pictures • Ultra Limited • Virtual Entertainment • KidsCo Channel • Grupo IVT de Comunicacao • Champion Digital Broadcasting • Lavon Media (Lavon Studios) • Aberic Holdings • Nimbus Electronics (Laserium Neptune) • ZEA (Zhongwen EME Automobiles) • Fenix • GB Entertainment (Channel Z Highland) • GamerCraft • RKO Corporation, BigSpinCoaster • JuanBlox2008 • LogoDesignerGuy • Zhiguli123, Former members: KABC-TV | KFSN-TV | KGO-TV | KTRK-TV | WABC-TV | WLS-TV | WPVI-TV | WTVD | Live Well Network, International channels 2 | Spider-Man: Homecoming | Thor: Ragnarok | Black Panther | Avengers: Infinity War | Ant-Man and the Wasp | Captain Marvel | Avengers: Endgame | Spider-Man: Far From Home

According to disney there is no particular reason why the phrase xd was chosen. Blaze | Crime & Investigation | History | H2 | Lifetime, Defunct:

FTMedia InterNational | T-Plus (Europe, America, UK, International, TSN). 10Joint venture with Telefónica. On January 30, 2019, Playhouse Disney and Toon Disney closed down.

Miramax | Dimension Films | Dimension Home Entertainment | Dimension Television | Dimension Extreme Films | Miramax Family Films | Miramax Books | Miramax/Dimension Films | Anaheim Ducks | Baby Einstein | Oxygen (TV network) | E! 4Joint venture with Sky Limited. CubenRocks Channel Latin (Saluran CubenRocks (Croeya) • Livre (Brazil) • CubenRocks Latino (Peru) • Sony Cuben (Schelipoerys, co-owned with Sony Pictures Entertainment) • Pernambuco! 30 for 30 | Always Late with Katie Nolan | Around the Horn | Baseball Tonight | The Beat | College Football Final | College Football Live | College Football Scoreboard | College Basketball Live | College GameDay (Basketball) | College GameDay (Football) | College GameNight | E:60 | First Take | ESPN2 Garage | The Fantasy Show | Get Up! On January 30, 2019, Playhouse Disney and Toon Disney closed down.

Prime Radio Dice: Italy 5Relauched as Pinoy Box Office. Disney Theatrical Productions GroupDisney on Broadway | Disney on Ice | Disney Theatrical Productions | Disney Live! 2Rebranded from Star to Fox channels in 2017. 106.8 Cebu, Pay TV operators: Astral Satellite TV | FBN Digizer | StreamV, Channel 36: 36Two | 36Kids | 36News | 36Sports | 36lounge | 36 Philippines | 36Tarabiscoville | 36World | 36Nordic, ETS | Arte | ABC Spark Stevia | YTV Stevia | Teletoon Stevia | Treehouse | Panda Stevia | Disney Channel Stevia | tvN Stevia | Teletoon Max | CBS Reality Stevia | Horror Channel Stevia | ETS News: FY 1 | Comedy Central Stevia | MTV Stevia | MTV2 (Stevia) | Nickelodeon Stevia | Nick Jr. Stevia | Nicktoons Stevia | Cartoon Network Stevia | Boomerang Stevia, Defunct: Toon Disney (Philippines) | The Zwei, 1Co-owned with Fujisenkai, GBC Gau, Netflix and Media Prima. | Daredevil | Marvel's Jessica Jones | Marvel's Luke Cage | Marvel's Iron Fist | Marvel's The Punisher | Marvel's The Defenders | The Amazing Spider-Man | Japanese Spider-Man | Legion | Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, X-Men | X-Men: Evolution | Wolverine and the X-Men | Spider-Man (1967) | Spider-Man (1981) | Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends | Spider-Man (1994) | Spider-Man Unlimited | Spider-Man: The New Animated Series | The Spectacular Spider-Man | Ultimate Spider-Man | Spider-Woman | The Incredible Hulk (1982) | The Incredible Hulk (1996) | The Marvel Action Hour (Fantastic Four | Iron Man) | Iron Man: Armored Adventures | Fantastic Four (1967) | The New Fantastic Four | Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes | Avengers: United They Stand | Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes | Avengers Assemble | Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. They were run by Fox Networks Group Asia; there was no dedicated Indian feed.

5Joint venture between Star and Viacom. 5Joint venture with Hearst Communications, which owns 20% of ESPN and 50% of A&E Networks. Star Sports Select: Star Sports Select 1 HD, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Upcoming channels: Bangla: Jalsha Josh | English: Star Movies Select SD | Sports: Star Sports 3 HD, Star Sports 1 Malayalam and Star Sports 1 Gujarati, International channels:Africa: Star Life (HD in South Africa, SD elsewhere), Other assets:

Television production/distribution: TCA Studios • TCA Comedy • TCA (YouTube) Pogobon Media & Entertainment: Pogobon (TV channel) • Pogobon Jr. • Pogobon Extreme WarnerMedia: HBO Plus (El Kadsre) • Cartoon Network Piramca (French • Boomerang • Cartoonito • Adult Swim)12 • CNN Piramca12 Lou Scheimer Productions • Amazin' Productions • Lexington Animation Studios B.V. • Trickster Animation • Adnan Company • Mental Men Productions, North America: PPV Studios Los Angeles • PPV Studios New York • PPV Studios Miami • PPV Heart of Texas Studios • Martin Berger Recording • PPV Studios B.C. Hotel Ba-Zing • Parques Wágner • Carwardine Parks • Buwalda's Restaurant, Other properties: TV1 • Airpink • SEGA, Sonic Team, SEGA Sports, • Atresmedia Events, Atresmedia Advertising, Atresmedia Foundation and Trace Foundation • Greenyworld Studios (acquired in 2020 by Qube Communications) • Burnstreet Films • Walden Pond Press, Telegael Teoranta, Rat Pack Filmproduktion and Walden Media • TNT & Cartoon Network (T&C HD) • Technic Drinks, Inc. • Cherry Hill Mall • Springfield Mall • Forts-Cola Inc • SpaceToon Animation College • InquisiCharta nv • Vyond Pictures • NDTV Good Times • Destiny Publications • WJRT • KPLR • Ginx TV • Globalshi • Warner Channel (Toonami) • Lifetime (Australia) • Trace Partners • Atresmedia Cine & Digital • El Kadsreian Melody (used to own 52%) • Warner News, Warner Ananda, Warner Majha (Sold in 2012 to Warner Bros. Entertainment) • Ene (sold in 2018 to Mediaset) • RandomTV (acquired by the Randomian government) • Qualis Music Group (List of labels) • Screen Cold Pictures (Sold in 2020 to Qube Communications) Divested: News network3 (Star News | Star Ananda | Star Majha) | Star CJ Alive4 | MTV5 Manmade: Europe • Italy

Remainder of library controlled by bristol myers squibb. 5Joint venture between Star and Viacom. 12Joint venture with Sky Network Television. Another version of the logo with the word "CHANNEL" below "Disney", used as a full-time logo in the United States from 2002 until 2003. Europe: PPV Prime • PPV Studios Madrid • PPV Studios Barcelona • PPV Magia • PPV Magia León • PPV Studios Portugal • PPV Studios Rome • PPV Studios Milan • PPV Studios Bologna • PPV Studios Berlin • PPV Studios Munich • PPV Studios France • PPV Studios Brussels • PPV Studios Netherlands • PPV Studios Antwerp • PPV Studios Moscow • PPV Studios Odessa • PPV Studios Sofia • PPV Studios Prague • PPV Radiotrak • PPV Studios Bratislava • PPV Studios Ljubljana • PPV Studios Bucharest • PPV Studios Latvia 4Sold to Visi Media Asia, which had owned 80% of the channel (Star formerly owned 20%). • PPV Studios Montreal • PPV Studios Mexico City • PPV Studios Monterrey The Disney Wiki is a free, public, and collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to Walt Disney and the Disney corporation: theme parks, film companies, television networks, films, characters, and more.The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for Disney fans. Ganador: Middle East & Africa Metro TV (other), Quest Broadcasting Television • Quest Radio • Quest News North • Quest News South, Pira TV (Ikenkan feed) • Nickelodeon/Cheddar (Nick Jr. • Nicktoons • TeenNick • NickRewind • Noggin) • Varek • Universal Channel • NBC • Syfy • 13th Street Universal • Studio Universal • E! Indonesia: antv4 | Film Indonesia Other holdings: ESPN Radio/Deportes stations:KESN6 | KSPN | WEEI1 | WEPN | WEPN-FM2 | WMVP, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Laserium Premium • Aaarne • RKO Clothing Africa | Asia | India | Latin America | Spain, Fox Movies/Premium 7 Co-owned with ITV plc, Television channels:

5Joint venture between Star and Viacom. 17Joint venture with Televisión Nacional de Chile. Notes: Dream Logos Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. ESPN+ | | ESPN | ESPN Broadband | ESPN Events | ESPN Films | ESPN Home Entertainment | ESPN Deportes La Revista | ESPN Books | ESPY Awards | ESPN Integration | The Undefeated | WatchESPN, Defunct ventures:

7 Joint venture with the Hearst Corporation, which owns 20% of ESPN and 50% of A&E Networks. Entertainment channels: Tamil: Star Vijay HD | Telugu: Star Maa HD | Kannada: Star Suvarna HD | Malayalam: Asianet HD and Asianet Plus | Bengali: Star Jalsha HD | Marathi: Star Pravah HD

Schedule is very similar to the main feed, with the exclusions of movies. Previously in 2011, the text " On Disney Channel " was colored black, but later in 2014, …

19Co-owned with ViacomCBS Freeform: Cloak & Dagger Notes Asia | Africa | Canada12 | France | Germany | India | Israel | Latin America | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Spain, Disney XD Suddenly, a blue banner (a la the WB logo) flies up underneath the company name, reading \"OrIGInaL\" in the same … TMK (cable) | Driver (DIntCom) | Zabrus Global Media5 (television stations) | RKO Movies | RKO Action | RKO Comedy | RKO Classic Movies | RKO Family | RKO Love | RKO Soap | RKO Game Shows | ShopRKO | RKO Music | RKO Documentary (RKO Animals | RKO Nature | RKO Ecology | RKO Education) | RKO Adult | RKO Adult Soft | RKO Adult Pride | Globo America | RKO Cable (NTL) | RKO International Africa (South Africa) | RKO Electronics | RKO Digital/RKO Licensing, Defunct Walt Disney Records | Hollywood Records | Disney Music Publishing | Marvel Music | Fox Music, Home EntertainmentWalt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (Others) | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Laserium Networks: Screen International (El Kadsre | Philippines | Eastern Europe, Liechenstein, Albania and Adria), zme: Asia | Africa | Balkans | Belgium | Bulgaria | Estonia | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Italy | Japan | Latin America | Moldova | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Spain | Taiwan | Turkey | UK and Ireland, Fox Life Home Entertainment: Ultra Video and Ultra Home Entertainment • CNP Studios Global Entertainment, Quest Media&Entertainment Private Networks: 2Joint venture with Tata Group. Blaze (HD) | Historia (HD) | Crimen & Investigación/Crime & Investigação, India:6

The Entertainment Channel | Alpha Repertory Television Service | The History Channel India | The Biography Channel UK and Ireland | The Biography Channel Latin America | Lifetime Moms | FYI (Southeast Asia).


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