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First I’d like to say thank you for your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge and provide your opinions on authenticity. In the spring of 1913, Mario Prada and his brother Martino opened their first leather goods shops in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in Milan. Hi! I am confident that this is genuine and authentic but I want to know the reason why? We cannot do that, and will never even try We are here to share our knowledge and know-how as much as possible, helping the most to stay away from the counterfeit world, which unfortunately is a scourge for worldwide economy. Newer styles, however, will have only two lines that read “Prada Made in Italy.” Some non-leather styles feature the leather patch on the interior instead of the ceramic plaque.

Yes, Prada bags are expensive.

The topstitching on most Prada bags is slightly angled. It has two straps with four buckles where they attach to the bag (all silver hardware prada embossed). A close look at authentic Prada bags and accessories. I recently bought a preloved Prada Borsa Tessuto Nero. Many counterfitters forget to add this! Thanks so much for your help.

Open the jacket and have a look at the neck label. The font used on the dustbag print should be consistent with the Prada fonts used all throughout the bag. All Rights Reserved. Prada bags are lined in the following types of lining material: Most common is the silky canvas lining with the Prada monogram woven throughout, one line right side up, the next upside down. With no #tag or log on the inside? As we always say, we have vintage bags as main reference, for suggestions that we provide. You will be able to feel a piece of backing material underneath the plaque. Prada bags have a black lining with the logo printed with a contrasting black. Prada’s logo includes an inverted triangle, The color of the plaque should match the color of the bag’s leather. girl with purse image by Dmitri MIkitenko from, Spot Counterfits: Spotting Fake Shoes and Boots, Spot Counterfits: Recognising Fake Designer Clothing, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, How to Tell an Authentic Chanel Cambon Bag, How to Tell the Difference Between Fake GUESS Wallets & Real GUESS Wallets. I’d hate to destroy a genuine product that still has purpose and life.

We do not consider them statements, but suggestions. As always.

C. Check that the kerning or spacing is consistent and the font used is the same in all the other brand markings all over the bag. If the size appears on the care label itself, then the clothing is not authentic. Its inhabitants are called Pradéens/Pradéennes in French, and Pradencs/Pradenques in Catalan. Angela LaFollette holds a Bachelor of Arts in advertising with a minor in political science from Marshall University. Lily Allen exiting a Prada store in London on December 19, 2008. We come across many second hand accessories in mint condition, but with no tags, dustbags or shop cards. In this case, we strongly suggest our followers to ask for a certificate of authenticity, which in our opinion should be provided for further proof, especially when an item does not come with its original packaging. Find the size label next to the care label. She has more than six years of writing experience and specializes in topics in garden and pets. The bag will contain a red stripe halfway across it with word “PRADA” printed in all capital letters. Pay close attention to the colors in printed styles. or cow hide on both sides, leather trim, Prada is embossed into the fur on one side. I will email a photo and would be grateful to know what you think.

Yes, it is normal for some models to have the metal plaque on the side other than on the front, as most of the models do. Inspect the insole of the shoe.

We would be glad to offer you this service, but shipping back and forth would cost you a lot. Also, the bag’s lining showcases a pattern that displays the Prada name horizontally. (As I know she likes to buy couture pieces that I can’t find anywhere or where you need an appointment to have one made for you). Is this normal? I have a bag that is so beautifully made, with brass hardware, but doesn’t contain some of must-haves it appears it should ;( Thank you!! Not only Nylon bags, most of Prada bags have this number on a white label, which usually is inside the internal pocket.

Both tags are white, but one has the number 31 in black and the other one the number 26 in red.

Also the printed letters on the authenticity card that tells the colour and material of the bag is a little messy, is that another sign?

Can you add a picture in order to try and see if i can help? All Rights Reserved. hi, i bought a prewoned 2013 PRADA (Prada BL0796) and it only has one digit number/tag inside the internal pocket. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Do some models come without the serial number tag? Everything with the bag such as the lining, the plaques, logos and so on seems to be identical as for an authentic bag, except for the zippers. The color on the rim of the plaque (gold or silver) usually matches the color of the hardware of the purse. The logo itself have a nice thickness to it.

This way We may be able to help further. The red stream will appear high quality, will the Prada name stamped into it. Verify the typeface of the Prada logo. Interesting, Vicki.

However, not all styles have this printed lining. All authentic Prada sunglasses will include a certificate of authenticity and a warranty instead of only one of these documents. Notice that the topstitching on most of Prada’s bag styles is slightly angled.

Would you be able to authenticate if my bag is real? Used bags may not contain these materials if the previous owner lost them. Prada bags and most accessories have one or more of the below zippers: In some clutch cosmetic purses, zippers do not have Prada logo engraved, but the zipper has to have an indication of one of the brands listed above. Ask for the model number of the sunglasses.

Prada bags, known for their classic aesthetics that never go out of style, are unsurprisingly some of the most popular designer bags in the world. One of the telltale signs of a counterfeit Prada bag is messy, uneven stitching. Thank you for this helpful article.

The interior of a genuine Prada bag typically has as much detail as its exterior. That said, I would definitely authenticate this bag, or ask for authentication. Ugh~ This is frustrating. It may sound trivial, but it's exactly what I mean. Prada’s logo, which includes the inverted triangle, is one of the most distinguishable designer logos.

LaFollette found her passion for writing during an internship as a reporter for "The West Virginia Standard" in 2007. The badge inside is rectangular which I think means it’s vintage? The seaming is all good and even and I can turn the interior pocket inside out, Hello can you authenticate my prada nylon bag 1BH910 ?

Hello can you pls help me authenticate my prada nylon bag? OPHERTYCIOCCI Blog, 2019. Here is a list of the most popular materials: You may want to take a moment to look up for the title and fabric (material) of the bag you are looking at, and see if you find the same one on experienced second hand fashion websites. Thank you for your message. Look at the sleeper bag that comes with the shoes. The Prada name will appear discreet and not plastered largely across the clothing. Hardware on authentic bags is marked with the word Prada very cleanly (counterfeit hardware is quite visible, apparently Prada’s hardware is quite difficult to replicate). The neck label on counterfeits is often white with a red stripe printed on it.


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