purple eyes real
Suppose a person has naturally dark blue eyes and he had an injury that injured the blood vessels within her eye area so she may develop purple eyes due to red blood vessels. Despite endless reasoning for existence of people afflicted with Purple Eyes, there have been extreme denials of the claims.

John Deacon’s sons Robert, Michael, and Luke have naturally violet eyes like their mom.

To bolster their claims, they argue that there are mutations which lead to the fact that some children age very quickly, causing those afflicted to have very short lives. All the latest health updates you need to know about. Therefore, the notion that there are extremely pale-skinned people in existence somewhere, who are also immune to sun-burn, is a fallacy. Instead, a myth is a story of something that allegedly happened, that is passed on from one generation to the next. My whole family always talks about it but now i have like a dark brown eye color. People afflicted with Purple Eyes are said to live for an entire year, sometimes even 150. They rarely fall ill, and are immune to most diseases. The only hair they have are from when they were born, like on their heads, eyebrows, inside of nose, and ears. Her name was Alexandria, and she later gave birth to two children who both lived well past 100 years old. Inter-racial individuals can be afflicted with this mutation, but it’s mostly evident with Caucasians. Sure, Kelly… if calling yourself a demi-god makes you feel a little more special and appreciated, go for it… it’s hurting no one, except for your potential, of course… They were known as spirit people, who eventually disappeared. But she even didn’t see me, and she didn’t want me around her, or maybe I didn’t meet her needs. What is the normal range of pus cells in the urine of children? John Deacon has not one but three children with naturally violet eyes. Kelly you are so a demi god.. don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is said that there was a mysterious light flashing in the sky, which caused many people with pale skin and purple eyes. Other features of this disorder allegedly include the skin’s immunity to tanning or burning, despite its extra-ordinarily pale hue.

A covert light on a moonless night arrived and some people were observed coming through that light that had white skin and purple eyes. Excess use of screens without any precaution can lead to poor vision. She was named Alexandria and she went to give birth to 2 children, both of who lived for more than 100 years. However, all the evidence, so far, seem to point to the latter!

There are children of color with purple eye color and a case of twin girls that extremely beautiful when the camera hit there eye they both sparkle a light in there beautiful purple eyes I was amazed and did gaze at the children of color with a smooth dark skin.


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