questions to ask potential new members sorority

Do you really see yourself there? The questions below are suggested by former and current sorority actives. Talking about topics you are uninterested in will leave you bored and not making connections. At Saddleback, our system is composed of two parts.

The second question allows you to learn more about the primary motives, which are usually social, academic, service or professional. Most potential new members are going to say the cliche answer… “I am looking for a home away from home. 16 Questions For Any Potential New Member To Ask During Sorority Recruitment 1.

No one cares how amazing your boyfriend Bobby is. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University. On this day you can expect to meet between 2 – 3 members. It can get boring real fast.

The sororities members are asking you these questions because they want to find a connection with you.

Sisters may downplay any potential weaknesses or drawbacks, but you might get some genuine responses in the same categories. Sororities also have direct costs for fees and materials. Wouldn't it be good to know a potential new member's experiences with charity work?

What are your 3 must have qualities in a sorority?

I am looking for a strong sisterhood.”. They are preparing for the next question they are going to ask you. No one is looking to join a sorority with members they hate. Questions to ask on this day are: Why do you love being in (XYZ chapter)? They are going to sell you on the chapter and in return you need to have an elevator speech about yourself. Your question could be: What type of events does the sorority hold throughout the year? During recruitment conversations are ideally supposed to get progressively deeper. Here’s an example of how to answer these questions. All sororities have some social elements, though they range from indirect to a main priority.

QUESTIONS TO ASK/POINTS TO MAKE TO SORORITY MEMBERS 1) Tell me about your new member program. Maybe you went to her rival high school or maybe she knows someone from your town. Indirect costs are also common for clothes and supplies used in fun activities. What's your go to sorority recruitment question? You will not be confused with which sorority is the best. The sorority members also want you to be involved in other things on campus. The sorority members already know you want to join a sorority…. It’s like one question after another. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We have to get her!” or like, “She was great, but she is not the right fit.” It’s their job to find the perfect pnms. It’s going to be like you are in algebra class. Therefore, you really know what the sorority is all about.

Come up with a list of the top things you did in high school or your freshmen year in college. Like, English is definitely your first language, but you look like you just learned it.

You know? education period. They want to see all you have to offer. What has been your favorite part of the week (which needs to be something along the lines of “coming to this house has made this campus feel like a home and I am so impressed by the incredible women that you call sisters.

One of the major changes is that some colleges are not having the members talk to potential new members during the first round of sorority recruitment. The main idea of your questions starts with your list.

Do you hold any leadership positions in the sorority? What's your go to sorority recruitment question?

What are you looking for in a sorority? I am breaking down the top asked questions for sorority recruitment,  A N D  I am giving you tips on how to answer them! Regardless of the group's objectives, typical recruits want to find a good fit. Why are the sorority members asking you this?

O R , When you picture your dream sorority, what do you see? Sorority recruitment is right around the corner and summer is the best time to get yourself prepared. The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment, 3 Steps to getting ahead during virtual sorority recruitment. These topics are not appropriate for sorority recruitment.

After you sign up, you will automatically be directed to the free video!

What questions can i ask a potential new member to my sorority?

Terms and Conditions. Personal details – where are you from, what dorm are you living in, what brought you to college. Now, let’s talk about how to structure your questions.

Wouldn't it be good to know a potential new member's experiences with charity work? My name is Gina Fox and I am the author/owner of American Made Mama.

Ask about the costs ahead of time. When crafting your round 1 answers you need to focus on being memorable. You have about 5 minutes to win over the person you are talking to. You are at sorority recruitment. Sorority members get to learn about prospective new sisters. The sororities members are asking you these questions because they want to find a connection with you.

This question is probably going to be one of the first questions they ask you.

However, it may also lead to a lot of uncertainty and questions for many recruits.

This question is basically let’s see if the sorority's offers you the college experience you want.

1. Know what dorm you are living in or area of campus if you are living off campus. Um, no.

What Qualifications Are Needed to Be in a Sorority in College. If you are relatively conservative and you hear a sorority's members are "on the wild side," the fit might not be right.

How are you supposed to know if these girls will find their home with your sorority if you know next to nothing about them? You don't actually have to join this club. Don’t over think your answers. * Answer Save.

Personally, I loved my school, pledged, and loved it even more.

They don’t want to give out a bid to a potential new member that is going to drop immediately because she did not realize she has to go to chapter every week.

The whole point of your list is to visualize your dream sorority.

I work with high school aged women to coach them and get them ready to go through the sorority recruitment process. To meet new people, to have the opportunity to grow, and to have a social calendar. If the reason a PNM is hating school is that it doesn't offer their major, you might want to move on.

How to Leave a Good Impression During a Sorority Rush, UC Merced: Questions to Ask Before/During Recruitment, Johns Hopkins University: Sorority Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions, How to Leave the Fraternity Pledge Process, How to Write a College Scholarship Application & Resume. I moved into my dorm yesterday.”. That is a very short overview of what to prepare for sorority recruitment. Questions to ask on this day: What are your favorite parts of your chapter’s philanthropy?

What’s your hometown?

If the reason a PNM is hating school is that it doesn't offer their major, you might want to move on. … Have you done any  philanthropic work? If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? 7. What are some of the qualities that you like about your sisters?

BUT… I have to be honest, it is not going to be THAT different.

Why did you decide to come out for recruitment? Just an FYI: Chapter is what the sorority members refer to as their weekly meeting. Why you would add value to this chapter and 3. It's always good to have a well rounded sorority. It’s so important to ask questions about your make or breaks. Okay, so a PNM who is only interested in partying … or "What qualities are common among the members?" Are you looking into any other clubs or other extra-curricular organizations? If you are going in not knowing your major, that’s okay.

5 Answers.

Your answer does not have to be perfect. You will likely only talk to one sister this round and it will most likely be someone you have previously met. This is where the sell happens. If you are asked this question, you can ask so many different follow up questions. Plus, I am going to let you in on a secret. Sorority recruitment is going to be different this year. %PDF-1.5 The goal of asking reflection questions is to help them identify qualities, experiences, and values that they possess which sorority women might ask them about.

You know what you want and what you don’t want. Questions for Students to Ask Prior to Joining This is a list of questions that potential student members should ask the fraternity or sorority that they are looking at joining. Have you heard amazing things from friends or family about the sorority? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Disclosure: American Made Mama is a professional company that receives compensation from the  products reviewed. They are not going to be the basic, boring question every other pnm (potential new member) is asking. Well, it’s simple. I hate to break it to you…. question, but chances are you'll learn exactly what this rush does in her spare time. 4) What is your academic program like? or "What are the main priorities of the group?" These are prompts to start a conversation with you. Why I Purchased Tailwind and Am Loving It! It’s a great way to show off your personality. 4 0 obj Great social experiences, bonding, high academic standards, community reputation, professional networking opportunities, an active alumni base and a great house are some of the potential strengths you might hear. Every chapter you meet will have a different philanthropy and it is likely that all potential new members have done at least some volunteering or community service.

If a chapter is planning recruitment right you will meet 3 or 4 people in the first party. WHAT TO ASK SORORITY MEMBERS DURING SORORITY RECRUITMENT?

Do you have so much in common you are basically the same person? They are looking for a well rounded potential new member. For example, when they ask you where you are from, don’t just answer the question and stop there. Then when it feels right, ask a question. Ask Gina: What are the most important things to teach my kids before they go to college. Is there a way to connect sisters with the same major? Sorority recruitment is hard, but it is also a lot of fun. GUARANTEED QUESTIONS SORORITY MEMBERS WILL ASK YOU, The Ultimate Guide to Sorority Recruitment, 3 Steps to getting ahead during virtual sorority recruitment. sorority recruitment questions down, but those just skim the surface. How are you supposed to know if these girls will find their home with your sorority if you know next to nothing about them? Let your questions come out naturally. 4) What is your academic program like?

I tell women that this is the hardest round to prepare for. It’s how you find your people. Let’s say one of your qualities is sisterhood. Then, just read up on a few.

One minute you are having an amazing conversation.

Gina Fox and American Made Mama, 2017-2021. sorority recruitment questions down, but those just skim the surface. It’s not a big deal.

Your guide will be emailed to you soon!

It’s a good way to really get to know a potential new member. CLICK HERE TO BUILD A STRATEGY TO STAND OUT.

BUT… you need a strategy!

It starts with making connections through your answers A N D asking the right questions.

Let’s say one of your qualities is philanthropy.

Explain your situation.

Personally, I loved my school, pledged, and loved it even more. It’s because they want sorority members to stay as long as possible. Depending on how many formal recruitment rounds your college or university has, I have provided an overview of conversations to be had during each round. Talk about a topic Y O U are interested in.


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