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He came out of the hole and tore across the hill faster than any creature in the world. “I've always said that Watership Down is not a book for children.

― Richard Adams, quote from Watership Down, “Black Rabbit: Hazel... Hazel... you know me, don't you? He was confident and ready for adventure. The rabbits of Strawberry’s warren know and accept this, and have welcomed the newcomers because they believe that if Fiver, Bigwig, Hazel and their friends are caught by the snares, the remaining rabbits will live longer. ''Absolutely,' Newel affirmed. Blackberry on top of Watership Down. We followed it down into a big wood; and that night, while we were still in the wood, Toadflax died. He could not have appeared more openly and completely at a loss if Hazel and his companions had flown away over the trees. "They'd altered what rabbits do naturally because they You can help us out by revising, improving and updating But all— bucks and does alike—realized that Woundwort and his followers had vanished. Shall we mate with whom we choose and dig our own burrows and bear our litters alive?”, “You shall: and tell stories in the Honeycomb and silflay whenever you feel like it. For ordinary rabbits, the punishments were more severe.

― Jennifer Echols, quote from Going Too Far, “Pizza, pizza,Fill up your face,The thicker the pastry,The better the base!”

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― Richard Adams, quote from Watership Down, “Before such people can act together, a kind of telepathic feeling has to flow through them and ripen to the point when they all know that they are ready to begin. "TheBestNotes on Watership Down". Our, LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by

They live on the earth and they need food.

GradeSaver, 8 February 2017 Web. (13) The chief rabbit. "The rabbits became strange in many ways, different from other rabbits. he may think otherwise himself." It does not reveal but changes what it covers.

Woundwort believes that leaders are big, imposing, and fearsome because that’s the kind of leader he is himself.