raft vasagatan map
You can use wood as fuel for the engines. 1 Summary 2 Speed 3 Uses 4 Trivia 5 History The Engine is acquired through the Blueprint: Engine found on the Vasagatan. 20 Engine This means when the Raft is about 550-600 knots away, you should start swimming towards the place, because you can get to there at about the time it loads in.

Wooden Spear 10 Scrap Balboa always spawns against the wind. He will never take your Anchor, Sail, etc. Thanks! Over a hundred hours in this game so far. 8 Seaweed Welcome back to Raft! • Radio Tower and Vasagatan load onto the map when the Receiver on your Raft displays they're about 400 knots away.

Unlike the other Islands, Balboa Island is an Evergreen Island and therefor home to Bears, and the first boss-level enemy; Mama Bear, both threats to the player, making it the most challenging area of the three in Chapter 1. After researching the blueprint, players may build and place an engine in order to sail against the wind.


4 Building Hammer Therefor it's a good idea to stock up on enough Sustenance and Weapons. Image. It is also heavily covered in flora with few man made structures. *Required Research Table Items* PassTheCapriSun. Completing the quest will lead to a reference of an area in the next update. The Island itself is a huge rock formation with a bending river flowing through it.


The story can be started by crafting and installing a Receiver and three Antennas on the Raft.

You should have found the blueprints for those in Vasagatan. 72 Palm Leaf + 4 per Paddle You can sprint midair, thus providing a slight speed boost.• The Shark is pretty aggressive. save. 2 Foundation Piece (for Engine)

4 per Paddle report.

You need to get a bolt cutter in a room at the end of the hold to open this locker. Walking up the main road will eventually lead the player to a cross path that will tell the player that to the left is two Relay Stations and to the right is a Relay Station, and a Ranger Station. Research Table Balboa Island has a Ranger Station as well as three Relay Stations. 1 Receiver Access to the interior of the ship is via the rear.

184. 16 Thatch Roof 8 Plank 6 per Paddle Survive the harsh life of being stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean! Receiver Islands are the main points of interest in Raft. In addition to regular supplies, you will also find several unique items. 7 Metal Ingot ... Meme. © Valve Corporation.

4 Plank 14 Plastic + 6 per Paddle (x)11Flippers It's a good idea when starting a new file to lure the Shark fairly far behind your raft, so when you re-spawn you can get far enough ahead of the Shark to avoid catching aggro. 20 Palm Leaf 3 Scrap 3 Circuit Board 14 Plank (x)6 Flippers

1 Circuit Board Engine 26 Sand 6 Plastic (x)1 Research Seaweed Balboa Island is against wind currents. Bears can be avoided once the player takes note of their location, but completely dodging them is impossible. Vine Goo I did not build any of the engines and such yet. Metal Ingot: 18 + (Optional) 5 for Foundation Armor 8 Smelter Gather debris from the water in order to craft equipment necessary for your survival. The interior of that room is in picture 5/9. The Relay Stations all provide a large Loot Box and are spread out across the island. The last one is located near the Ranger Station, so it requires the same parkour to get too. Gather debris from the water in order to craft equipment necessary for your survival. The area resembles a National Park, having features such as trails and Ranger Outposts. share. *Utopia% Required Item List*

It is the last location of the First Chapter. save. This allows you to get to the first island and collect 7 wet bricks before your Raft even arrives at the island.• If you NEED to fully loot an island, try to anchor on the opposite side of where most of the loot is. • Wet Bricks take 5 minutes to dry.

(Optional/Suggested: Anchor [2 Plank, 8 Palm Leaf, 4 Stone]) It's a good idea when starting a new file to lure the Shark fairly far behind your raft, so when you re-spawn you can get far enough ahead of the Shark to avoid catching aggro.

8 Scrap report. There are a lot less Quest Items on Balboa Island than Vasagatan, making instead exploration and traveling the more time consuming endeavors.

If you're far enough away, the Shark should never aggro onto you, allowing you free farm without any issues.• The Shark will never attack your Raft if nobody is near it. Used in combination … If you plan on doing this, it might be beneficial snagging a lot of plastic from the Radio Tower and Vasagatan.• There's a couple tricks to baiting the Shark. 1 Research Circuit Board

• Seaweed takes 45 seconds to smelt into Vine Goo


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