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Given the nature of her views, many people find Maya and those who support Maya transphobic. The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”. Then, when I finally plucked up the courage, people would shout at me in the street to tell me I wasn't a "real" woman, making me afraid to go outside for years. Maya Forstater was a tax expert working at the Centre for Global Development, a charitable organization.

No. Agree or disagree with what she actually says, we all should agree, first, before other sub-debates begin, that she has this basic human right. For the people that are inevitably going to say “this doesn’t happen lol” It does. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. lol come on. While I may chose to use alternative pronouns as a courtesy, no one has the right to compel others to make statements they do not believe. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. You don’t see me screaming about it every single day. I want to be pain free. No. I was a tomboy (a term which I was told was transphobic :/) and I like short hair, trucks and bikes and dirt. When I was little, my dream was to one day ask you how people like me would have been accomodated for in hogwarts..I'm afraid that my dreams might have been crushed if I ever got that chance.

Absolutely. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TrueOffMyChest community, Press J to jump to the feed. She added in a blog post: "I am perfectly happy to use preferred pronouns and accept everyone's humanity and right to free expression. Like the fact she wasn't even fired, just didn't have a contract renewed. ", Charity worker @MForstater was sacked for stating publicly that transgender women cannot change their biological sex (surely an indisputable statement of scientific fact). BIGGER HEARTS. Friendly reminder that all top level comments must: start with "answer:" (or "question:" if you have an on-topic follow up question to ask). JK Rowling found herself at the center of a fiery Twitter debate on gender identification on Thursday. Caster has PAIS (partial androgen insensitivity syndrome). The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society. In reality Murray is a man. Tweet in question? she draws the line at trans. She took her case to an employment tribunal, which ruled against her on Thursday, prompting the controversial post from Rowling. I think people ideas and beliefs are okay if they separate those views from work and doesn't affect coworkers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,, J.K. Rowling, as you noted, is publicly supporting Maya. Does anyone actually have any links to the original tweets that got Maya in hot water? It isn’t. Why are transgender woman’s feelings more important than both biological woman’s safety AND feelings? Can't believe I'm defending you but you're right. Ms Forstater's position is that even if a trans woman has a GRC, she cannot honestly describe herself as a woman. Simply, you can identify as a woman, but having not experienced the same trials and tribulations due to being born a man, you are inherently missing out on interactions that form the modern female experience. The Human Rights Campaign specifically called out Rowling with its Twitter response. It is very frustrating. J.K. Rowling, as you noted, is publicly supporting Maya. Also, not wanting to date a trans person is not transphobic. Please review Rule 4 and this post before making a top level comment: I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. She's XY, has internal testicles and produces male levels of testosterone. You can get the hormones, the surgery, but you will never be full the gender you want.

That isn't equality. I’m sorry but that’s the cold hard truth. That's great.

'", Judge Tayler also pointed out she said: "I reserve the right to use the pronouns 'he' and 'him' to refer to male people. Another thing that really drives me up the wall is athletics. Honestly the death of the tomboy is such an un talked about subject, it saddens me.

"Rather than seeking to accommodate Gregor Murray's legitimate wishes she stated: 'I had simply forgotten that this man demands to be referred to by the plural pronouns 'they' and 'them', Murray also calls it 'transphobic' that I recognize a man when I see one. Hell I don't want children but if I wanted them or if I change my mind then I want my couple to be able of doing it. It is physically and scientifically impossible. Get Toofab breaking news sent right to your browser! Live your best life in peace and security," wrote Rowling. The notion that she was fired merely for 'her belief' is incredibly reductionist and the fact that people such as JK Rowling are arguing this is the case is part of the entire 'controversy'. All because I “might have a miracle happen and get pregnant” no.

There’s still some people out there who believed I should be barefoot and pregnant and subservient to a man, but nah. In his ruling, he said that Forstater had been involved in a "very bitter" dispute with a transgender co-worker, Gregor Murray, who had accused her of misgendering them. © 2020 EHM Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.

Stop saying you get “phantom periods”. What I am so surprised at is that smart people who I admire, who are absolutely pro-science in other areas, and champion human rights & womens rights are tying themselves in knots to avoid saying the truth that men cannot change into women (because that might hurt mens feelings). ETC. You can't fire someone for believing in simple biology.

If someone toes the line of their gender, then suddenly it’s brought into question.

She lost her employment tribunal. I’m just gonna explain my reasoning though. It’s not fair. Biological women are getting pushed out of their own sports for people who suffer from a mental disorder.


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