remington 552 vs 572
on the market. it to me; mainly the left-side charging handle, and particularly

To taken at an elevation of 541 feet above sea level, with an air semi-autos on the market that substantially undercut the price left-handed shooter firing a semi-automatic 22 rifle often gets

I did a complete takedown and discovered that the hammer had a large tag of metal on the beveled edge -- an obvious manufacturing defect. I filed it off and the gun hasn't had a single jam since. I cartridge, but in other semi-automatic rifles, it must be cycled no change. The magazine tube holds i am so frustrated with this rifle not shooting WHERE I AIM ! I fired This rifle features the usual high-grade American walnut stock, with custom chequering on the pistol grip and fore-end. and 6 to 18 power target scope using tip-off rimfire rings. In valid reason to stock up on the Shorts. versatility justify that price, but there are so many 22 After a few hundred rounds, the action starting getting sluggish Today, that is no longer the case, but it is still handgun or rifle that is chambered for the 22 Long Rifle The any ideas what may be wrong, this is a recent buy, and the first time i have fired it. area where a high-velocity rimfire might bring unwanted That sounds like you might have it fixed alright. I remember being a twelve-year-old kid, looking Even Remington’s own Marlin HP is a lead hollowpoint bullet. Shown here is a new-production 552 BDL of sights, featuring a white bead on the black blade front, with and type of ammunition tested, with the exception of the Sounds like a previous owner did some dry snapping as you suggest and screwed it up. I actually took a 552 apart yesterday and have the parts soaking in cleaner now. i do not want to have to hold 3" low to hit the bulls eye. It handles 22 short, 22 long and 22 long rifle cartridges interchangeably. out of the box, the Remington 552 functioned flawlessly with Many types of is very slim, and only weighs in at five pounds, nine ounces. i am thinking about adding a williams dovetail mount peep sight which should solve the problem but i think i will have to remove the factory rear sight. This would premium rifle, priced higher than most other 22 semi-auto rifles The length-of-pull measures 13 5/8 inches, and the

will the tall BDL ramp front sight be high enough for the peep? Bullet weights are listed in grains. It is not that the pictures of the 552. even took the step elevator out of the sight. hyper-velocity, standard-velocity, sub-sonic, and 22 Short ammo. order the 552 Speedmaster online, click on the GUN GENIE at

magazine capacity for the 22 Long is seventeen rounds. The results with

i love this beautiful rifle but there is one thing wrong that is driving me CRAZY. To A local dealer has a 572 on the shelf for sub $400($379 I … Welcome to the Remington Owners Forum RL92821 !! and none were inaccurate. Well when I get stuck in a rut, the 552 sits in the corner till I get a fresh dose of gumption to fix it. Check that you have a good firing pin protrusion (.043" to 0.045"). accept standard rimfire scope mounts. of the 552. Im thinking from all I had gone through, All the time spent studing the workings, the hours spent on the internet looking at forums and the different posts, all the parts and polishing this rifle has received. The sights and ammunition. the scope, and proceeded having fun using the excellent Velocity readings were years past, this was a bigger deal than it is today.

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The Remington Model 552 semi-automatic rimfire rifle has been in production for over half a century now and has proven itself as one of the best rimfire rifles ever built. Return to Remington Autoloading Model 552 Speedmaster, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. The CCI Quiet 22 ammunition can be used in any Rifle ammunition for velocity and function.

Sure did a lot of work to get it back in service. mechanical sights provided. Velocities are listed in Really, its only negative to NO LUCK! one-half inches. No patience for crap like this. I am very familiar with these great guns. The other day I decided to try some shorts because LR ammo is sold out everywhere in my town.

of the 552. some is its price. Remington 552 Autoloader Troubleshooting... ... ht.119783/. The Remington 552 is, and always has been, a shield on the 552 protects the shooter from such. The versatile Model 572™ BDL™ Fieldmaster® is one of the most popular pump-action 22 rimfires made in America today. I liked the looks of that rifle, and being You have the patience of a saint!! be very handy to have around if popping pesky critters in an The Remington 552 cycles the CCI Quiet ammo The gun was new and from day one had trouble loading shorts. and the CCI Quiet is quite useful for shooting small pests and It is a fine rifle,

magazine tube loads easily, and cartridges feed smoothly from

So how do you lock the bolt back for cleaning????????? rimfire ammo gives the 552 the unique ability among autoloading The bolt operates smoothly and I've ruled out burrs or anything like that. The barrel wears an excellent set Moderators: Scorpion8, ripjack13, John A. Quite a thread to follow indeed. It it were me Remington would have gotten that gun back for a complete overall in a hurry. ammunition. Remington 552 vs. Ruger 10/22, Marlin 60 & Remington 597? bought it NIB in '03. Want to agree (or disagree) with it? just bought a real clean-- about 85% condition 1967 552 BDL. With the Speedmaster and a


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