reputable mushroom spores

The reason why they are referred to as “magical” is because these spores are produced by mushrooms that contain the psychedelic drugs psilocin and psilocybin.

Thank you. We have even put together a discounted bundle package just for you, if you are brand new, and don’t know what to choose, which you can find below! I myself have successfully grown and harvested the Cambodian strain (not from this website though) and found them to not be as abundant or that powerfull. Mail order is pretty easy. First off excellent shipping!!! If you are looking for magic mushroom spores, you have come to the right place.They are microscopic and similar to the seeds of plants, as they are what reproduces the mushrooms that you see growing from the ground. Typically they are sold in a spore syringe, which contains sterile aqueous solution that the spores are suspended in, or a spore print. This magical mushroom of cubensis spores was originally found by Fishy growing on a coffee plan.. is one of only a few spore vendors that carry the original true AUTHENTIC Pe.. Coming to you all the way from 3500+ feet up in the Ecuador mountains is the beautiful Ecuadorian cu.. Great vendor! According to the reviews I’ve read, I should have no worries about the rest of the ordering/shipping process. This mycelia breaking down dung held reduce the smell of dung and is a blessing on a ranch or farm. Start typing to see posts you are looking for. We have been delivering top quality mushroom spores to satisfied customers for the past 23 years. *Disclaimer: As mentioned all of our products are for microscopy, taxonomy, or collection purposes only. I might have yielded more if I had dunked my cakes though. 1 per order. For microscopy use only.

To see all the magic mushroom spores that we offer for sale, please scroll all the way down the page. I saw growth in all my jars in three days! It really has to do with micro climates and the grass helps hold in moisture to make mini micro climates.

10ML spore syringe, individually packaged, with sterile needle included. Thank you guys. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With quality being our top priority, we may be a little more than some of the other discount magic mushroom spore vendors, but our years of customer feedback can't be wrong. Great customer service, great care in the preparation of the spores, complete orders magic mushroom spore classics, we have a strain for every spore collector. I am excited to introduce our newest cubensis spores, the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Cubensis. Individually packaged. Most orders are shipped within 1-2 days and sent via USPS Priority Mail. All orders from Lil' Shop of Spores are  shipped in plain packages and boxes. 10 ML spore syringe of Psilocybe Azurescens spores suspended in aqueous solution. Source of Spores has over 25 cubensis strains available, at the time of this writing, and we are always adding new ones into our inventory, as they become available. So I just ordered my first grow kit but since I’m new to this I didn’t know what are good starter spores?

I will make some time this week to use them and report back.

For more than 20 years, Lil' Shop of Spores has been a leading purveyor of exotic magic mushroom spores from around the world. Although many of these are typically for intermediate to advanced users only, if you plan on working with them in the future you should stock up now, because if they go out of stock they might not come back in for a year or more. This fungi is the most versatile cubensis ar.. Spores from the Golden Teacher mushrooms have been spread throughout the world for many ye.. I just purchased 10 more a minute ago! The Treasure Coast spores come from a nice cubensis from the east coast of Florida. Spores are suspended in a proprietary aqueous solution which prevents against freezing and insulates from heat. The reason why is because they are more difficult to use than non mutated strains. If you are a beginner it is recommended to purchase a pre-made syringe, as making them yourself does require special equipment to create a sterile environment, which can be expensive. I can’t wait to try these!!

Thanks for the advice on how to pick my first strains! What most people are confused about is what genus and species to start with. Spores are suspended in a proprietary aqueous solution which prevents against freezing and insulates from heat. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly customer service and do everything within our … So many awesome strains! Some of these species include: Magic mushrooms tend to have different strains, which are named typically after the location in which they are found, or the physical characteristics that are observed. This product is out of stock! .. I have not used them yet because I have been very busy, but they look great. Completely satisfied. Your email address will not be published. Limit They are microscopic and similar to the seeds of plants, as they are what reproduces the mushrooms that you see growing from the ground.

This process is simple and requires a properly made spore syringe, either pre-made or from a spore print, that is contaminant free, as spores from other mushrooms, or mold, can cause issues in determining which spores you want to look at, if you don’t know. I ordered spores from here a few weeks ago. They especially thrive in grassy pastures with plenty of dung. Our goal at is to provide the highest quality Mushrooms Spores possible, we take every step necessary to assure you are satisfied. Includes sterile needle. I love your website, it is spot on. Your privacy is important to us. And I’m no expert and this is no way meant as negative but around half of them weren’t dark at all? 10ml spore syringe of Panaeolus cyanescens Jamaican strain spores. 5 star rating so far. And good quality syringe, My experience with other sport companies that they sell very weak spores. Psilocybe cubensis is the species most people start with. We do not have that information and will not provide it. The Red Boy cubensis spores is a new addition to released during Passover of 2020. Scroll down a little to see our magic mushroom spores products! repeat customer. Within a few years there were plenty of wild cubensis growing in the spring time. Please see. The website is so informative and ordering was simple. All of the strains of Psilocybe cubensis that we sell in our online store will be fine for the beginner. Because your website is new, I was a little skeptical at first, but I purchased one spore syringe to give you guys a shot. A common question that we receive is which spore strain is the best for a beginner. Not sure but if so that’s fine

I would like to order spores from your company, how does the payment work through mail? This fungi can quickly turn aging livestock dung into composted rich soil, which in turn feeds the grass, which feeds the livestock. All orders totalling $50.00 or more receive Free Shipping.

In our humble opinion we think .. Magic Mushroom spores!

I am really interested in these kinds of mushroom spores and I have to say, your website has the most detail out of all of them I have been on. They are typically found around farms or ranches where there is livestock such as horses,cattle, buffalo or even elephant dung.

Another reason this mushroom is so common around ranches is because it grows on any cereal straw and just about any grain. Spores are suspended in liquid gel aqueous solution for even dispersion. And it’s been only a few days and there’s already growth!!!

Our.. I'll say it again, you rock!! 10ML spore syringe of premium Psilocybe galindoi spores.


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