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Van Allen: It was uncomfortable, because he was coaching you and telling you everything to do. GROSS: Which is why I want to say to our listeners this is a very disturbing video. You had sex with him in the trailer that same day? Did the two of you discuss his wife after that? Other family members and associates include Brandon Landfair, Crystal Johnson, Ruby Landfair, Valerie Edwards and Gregory Landfair. Kelly’s collaborators include Snoop Dogg and Ludacris, but the only entertainer who showed was Eric Lane—Twan, the ex-con from “Trapped in the Closet.”. I’m not expecting you to feel the same way I do. Stephanie Edwards’ stage name is Sparkle – she had worked with Robert Kelly. I was 17, and he was 31. Yeah. And at this time, it was like a year after we had already done what we had done. I'm Terry Gross. That was the first of three times we all had sex together. We will find out. They wanted him to think they’d talk to the press, and they wanted him to know they had our attention. Reshona, age 12, is introduced to Robert Kelly, age 29, by Stephanie Edwards, Reshona’s aunt by blood.

Along with that, I didn’t want to share him. After one day of deliberations, Kelly is found not guilty on all counts. They were inviting us in and saying, no one has ever wanted to listen to us. I was 18 when I met her. You guys get into a cab and follow me.”. What the hell were you thinking? Robert Kelly refers to Reshona as his “goddaughter” in the liner notes of and thanks her parents Greg and Valerie. Did you know how old she was? You had never suspected she was younger than 16? DeRogatis began investigating the allegations in the fax and, in December 2000, he and his writing partner, Abdon Pallasch, published a story in the Sun-Times alleging that Kelly had engaged in sex with teenage girls.

But I think even with all of the discussion that's following "Surviving R. Kelly," you interviewed Dream Hampton, you know, we are not realizing that this behavior of pursuing young girls and, you know, sexually assaulting them begins in 1991 and is continuing right now as you and I are talking. 1 - December 21, 2000's the first story - two weeks later, I got a videotape Fed-Exed to me at the Sun-Times. She’s not sophisticated enough to know what her kinks are.”. Kelly's arrest was stolen from his gym bag four years ago in Chicago. 18 ⚠ 2016 Van Allen and Sparkle were the ladies in red at R. Kelly’s trial—an ex-lover and a one-time protégée who rolled over on their old friend. A guy (working for Robert Kelly) pulls “FL” from the crowd to go onstage. It tore that family apart. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rotund and bombastic, Sam Jr. performed like a man who supplemented his legal studies by watching Al Pacino in … And Justice for All. ... We didn't waste a lot of time talking about it. The girl’s father had been given a spot as Kelly’s guitarist. He's still following it. And one time the dad got a credit as a bass player on an R. Kelly album. “You have Reshona Landfair. 31 ⚖ ⚠ 2005 A bald spectator clenched his arms, reddening to the crown. She wanted him to get help for his teenage-girl fixation. The case is classified as a simple battery and nobody has been arrested, according to the report, which said the investigation was initially suspended until a detective could contact the victim. “I set up everything with my family, in hopes that R. Kelly would help us musically,” Sparkle said. And she was saying that when she turned 16 she wanted to get a PT Cruiser. DeRogatis has been investigating Kelly for two decades. There's an extraordinary columnist, and she's still hard at it at what's left of the Chicago Sun-Times, Mary Mitchell. Yeah, we got a lot of hate mail. Also coaches, best friend’s parents, pastor, et al. I spoke to Dominique Gardner and, you know, the world wanted to know what happened to her after she split from Kelly. Did you have a job? to you, Joycelyn Savage, for when you are ready to leave Robert Kelly. He bellowed, he whispered, he quoted the Bible like a preacher and waved the flag like the grand marshal of a Fourth of July parade. ", On copies of the video being sold to the public. This was a variation on the Little Man defense, trotted out the day before: Sam Jr. had suggested that a special-effects wizard might have morphed Kelly’s head into the tape, in the same fashion that Marlon Wayans’s head was grafted onto a midget. That same year she states she had threesomes with Robert Kelly and 14 year old Reshona Edwards Landfair. Kelly and men in his entourage allegedly got involved in an altercation with the older sister when she tried to take her younger sister away, said the parents, who claimed the star and the other men pushed, shoved, and hit the older sister. (MTV’s Sway was there. I think this is truly a predator who happened to be using the guise of pop-music superstar the way some priests have, the way some teachers have. I go back into the office, and I really looked at this fax. We'd had this conversation in January 2001. You would think it was a mini apartment. A heartfelt shout out to our loyal viewers in clearing up this factoid. How did you meet R. Kelly? DEROGATIS: That is the worst thing I've ever had to witness in my life. And she broke her silence and spoke to me for the first time in The New Yorker. And they said, oh, we don't have anybody by that name.

Shortly after we wrote about that tape, those began to be sold on the streets.

All Content Copyright © 2008-2020, Edward McClelland. The jury bell rang at half-past one. How did R kelly and Miss Landfair even end up in the same room together engaging in adult affairs? “He left [the Florida woman] on the [tour] bus for, like, three days and she was not allowed to come out,” McGee said. 4:11—Alleged Teen Girl stands on hot-tub cover, grinding hips to Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” “Dance faster, then, baby,” Alleged Kelly moans. Out of all the girls at the video shoot, he picked me out of everybody to talk to. GROSS: And he copied them, and you had that as background. That same year she states she had threesomes with Robert Kelly and 14 year old Reshona Edwards Landfair. He liked to go to Hoops, a basketball gym, every night. So she asked Sam Jr. for the brand. “She would say to me, ‘He would never do anything like that. When you love somebody, you don’t want somebody else to be with him. Brown pulled his BMW into the emergency lane. You are talking about destroying the lives of many underage girls. The defense hadn’t been necessary—which may be why its case lasted only two days, as opposed to the prosecution’s seven.

And her story's in depth in the book. She's Jerhonda Pace now - a very brave, young woman, mother of three.

Sparkle, who duetted with Kelly on the 1998 hit “Be Careful,” had testified out of remorse. Theresa thinks this is the end of it, not knowing that Robert Kelly continues speaking with Azriel on the phone in secret.

Reshona’s family was entrenched in Robert Kelly’s world: In 2000, Reshona, her father Greg, and her mother Valerie are all thanked in R. Kelly’s liner notes in TP-2.COM album. Not to say anything bad about her, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Van Allen: I stayed at the studio the majority of the time, but I also had a hotel room. Reshona is called his “goddaughter.” Greg is credited several times as a guitarist on that album, and once as a bassist, though reporter DeRogatis points out that he did not play bass, perhaps implying that the Greg was already being “taken care of” by Robert Kelly in an effort to hide Robert Kelly’s indiscretions with Reshona. Along with three cousins, Reshona was a member of 4 the Cause, which had a hit in Germany with a cover of “Stand by Me.” Sparkle had sung backup on Aaliyah’s Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Sad x 8; Jan 13, 2020 #493.

I mean, they all have told me, I am at a backyard barbecue, I am in church, I am at a relative's high school graduation, and I hear this music, and it makes me physically ill. So you met the aunt of the girl described in the fax as the girl that Kelly called his goddaughter, but he was really having sex with her. Currently, Reshona is married and has no kids. How did your relationship with R. Kelly evolve from there? Or, choose to be anonymous. He assaulted some of them. It was waiting in a van across the street. She was supposed to have already been 16. We’d get a bite to eat, he’d record a little, then we’d go to Hoops.

Many of these women - almost all of them wanted to be singers. "It all happened as everybody watched and nobody did anything.". I'm Terry Gross, and this is FRESH AIR. I didn’t look at it as, “I’m 18, I’m a grown woman.” I saw her as being my age. I'd like to know how Clive Calder, the president of [one of Kelly's former labels], Jive Records, how Ed Genson, the leader of the defense team, how the managers and concert industry promoters who worked with Kelly, how they look at themselves in the mirror. I wanted more for myself instead of just sitting around a studio with this married man, doing all the things he wants to do and nothing that I want to do. Van Allen: No. Van Allen: I actually didn’t call him for about a month, because I didn’t know what to say to him. September 2005: Andrea files for an order of protection explaining to the court that when she told her husband she wanted a divorce, he became angry and hit her. Kelly’s black Escalade glided to the curb. After a break, we'll talk about how Kelly silenced his victims and why many of them spoke with DeRogatis.

Kelly." To see more, visit, For assistance accessing our public files, please contact or call 413-781-2801. Like, you weren't knocking randomly on doors. He checks the - I mean, he's directing this scene.

Women wagged their index fingers, declaring victory for Kelly and scolding his haters. [Vonecia Adams? And then I think about having this long conversation with Roger Ebert in the middle of all this, about "Triumph Of The Will" and how there is no way to watch that film by Leni Riefenstahl and just talk about the incredible cinematography, without talking about hundreds of thousands of young men who were about to set Europe on fire and try to wipe out populations of people. But I don't - I think what's unique, Terry, about Kelly is, even as an ardent student of musical history, there is not a body count of 48 women whose names I know for anyone else we can name, not Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin or Jerry Lee Lewis or anyone. An Atlanta songwriter who began her relationship with Kelly around 2009, when she was 19. Kelly was 26th and Cal’s most famous visitor since John Wayne Gacy was sentenced to death there in 1980. I was still young and trying to understand what love is and how I should feel. One relative who did cooperate was Sparkle.

Before his trial, Kelly had always been able to buy his way out of teenage-sex lawsuits, at up to $250,000 a girl, according to press reports.

One night, according to Van Allen, Kelly drove her from Trax, where she lived in a second-floor apartment, to his house on Chicago’s North Side. And she said sometimes people say - who knew - you know, that was R. Kelly's money that you have a nice house, that you have a car. Terry, I feel guilty that when I began reporting this story with Abdon Pallasch, my colleague at the Sun-Times, in November 2000, we were already more than nine years late. Because a lot of people would say you're a journalist, it's your job to cover the story, not to become involved in the investigation and give evidence to the police.


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