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Vivian talks about his book, 'Black Power and the American Myth', Tape: 10 Story: 7 - Reverend Dr. C.T. 2, Tape: 6 Story: 6 - Reverend Dr. C.T.

And he and Dr. King had a very similar sense of humor. Vivian recalls preaching outside of Selma, Alabama, Tape: 7 Story: 6 - Reverend Dr. C.T. MCCAMMON: And in 1965, he confronted Sheriff Jim Clark and other officers on the steps of an Alabama courthouse, standing up for the right to vote.

Vivian talks about the Black Lives Matter movement, pt. He proudly showed off his extensive collection of black art and books, as well as mementos from the battlefield. Vivian describes the circumstances of his arrest, Tape: 6 Story: 7 - Reverend Dr. C.T.

As a young theology student at the American Baptist College in Nashville, Tenn., Vivian helped organize that city’s first sit-ins, and later participated in the Freedom Rides in Mississippi.

After an impassioned speech by Vivian, Clark struck him on the mouth, portraying Clark to the world as a racist. In 1999, Vivian turned the leadership of BASIC over to one of his sons. Vivian recalls joining the Seminary Without Walls at Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina, Tape: 10 Story: 9 - Reverend Dr. C.T. James Lawson, who was teaching Mahatma Ghandhi's nonviolent direct action strategy to the Student Central Committee.

Vivian, a civil rights veteran who worked alongside the Rev. The only child of Robert Cordie and Euzetta Tindell Vivian, young Cordy Tindell (“C.T.”) moved to Macomb, Illinois with his mother and grandmother in 1930. Many black Americans consider Vivian; Lewis; Lowery, who died in March at age 98; and other men and women on the front lines of the civil rights movement among our country’s founding mothers and fathers because they helped make our democracy more real for those who had long been excluded.

The Nashville affiliate organized the city’s first sit-ins in 1960 and led the first march of the Civil Rights Movement. Vivian continued to serve in the SCLC after King’s assassination in 1968, and became its interim president in 2012, lending renewed credibility and a tangible link to the civil rights era after the SCLC stagnated for years due to financial mismanagement and infighting. “He’s such a nice, gentle, courageous man,” Rivers said, adding that the reverend wasn’t in it for the money but, “he was always giving, giving, giving.”.

In their presence, listening to their memories, their experiences became more than stories about the march toward equality and the theoretical importance of voting. But Branch says Vivian's personality transcended that of a scholar. Vivian, civil rights giant and field general for MLK, dead at 95. C.T. It was Vivian’s bold challenge of a segregationist sheriff while trying to register Black voters in Selma, Alabama, that sparked hundreds, then thousands, to march across the Edmund Pettus bridge. Vivian talks about his early experiences of nonviolent action, Tape: 6 Story: 8 - Reverend Dr. C.T.

Vivian talks about the National Council of Churches, Tape: 9 Story: 4 - Reverend Dr. C.T. All rights reserved.

MCCAMMON: As Vivian led others in the fight for justice, he was arrested, thrown behind bars and beaten. But because of his strong religious upbringing and beliefs, he says he was called to a life in the ministry. Back then, he worked as an audio director when Vivian was the dean of the university’s divinity school. Vivian talks about Reverend Gardner Taylor, pt. As a young theology student at the American Baptist College in Nashville, Tenn., Vivian helped organize that city’s first sit-ins.

Vivian became an active member of what would become the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Stories and first hand accounts of American historical events as told by legendary African American leaders, artists, and visionaries such as B.B.

Vivian talks about his travels to Kenya, Tape: 11 Story: 4 - Reverend Dr. C.T. Vivian passed away on July 17, 2020. He met King soon after the budding civil rights leader’s victory in the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. Such conversations were the air I breathed as an Atlantan and a journalist.

Accuracy and availability may vary. Improve yourself, find your inspiration, share with friends. 1, Tape: 6 Story: 3 - Reverend Dr. C.T. Speaking with students in Tennessee 50 years after the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, he explained that the civil rights movement was effective because activists used strategies to make sure that their messages were amplified. We learned how to solve social problems without violence. On April 19, 1960, 4,000 demonstrators marched on City Hall where Vivian and Diane Nash challenged Nashville Mayor Ben West.

A month before “Bloody Sunday” in March 1965, when skirmishes in Selma, Ala., came to a head on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Vivian had a life-threatening altercation there. Welcome To C. T. Vivian Leadership Institute The Center for Civil and Human Rights in downtown Atlanta is an engaging cultural attraction that connects the American Civil Rights Movement to today's Global Human Rights Movements. 1, Tape: 11 Story: 1 - Reverend Dr. C.T.

At 87, he came out of retirement to again help lead the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Later, as a coordinator for the Coalition for United Community Action, he led a direct-action campaign against racism in trade unions and helped mediate a truce among Chicago gangs. Cordy Tindell Vivian (July 30, 1924 – July 17, 2020) was an American minister, author, and close friend and lieutenant of Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. Errin Haines is editor at large of the 19th, a nonprofit focused on the intersection of women, politics and policy.

In 1963, Martin Luther King asked Vivian to work on the Executive Staff of the SCLC as the national director of affiliates. I thought they would let us in, and we would have some sort of encounter or conversation or whatever with whoever was in charge of the voting. 2, Tape: 10 Story: 1 - Reverend Dr. C.T. Send.


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