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She says that she became used to the portrayal and loved "Ryuk’s gleeful chuckles and fish-faced grins. Ryuk wrote the words "Death Note" on the cover of his own notebook, and when he took possession of Sidoh's book he wrote the same words on the front cover. "What we did was basically cut out the on-set creature's face and had Jason wear these red LED glasses, so at least we could see a representation of his glowing eyes, knowing we were going to replace that later with some CGI, and then voice it over with Willem." He said that he was "asking for too much" and that he wanted audiences to see the film Ryuk as more than "a product of the latest CG technology." 13 135. Previous Next. He deliberately writes the instructions inside the front cover (in English, which he assumed to be the most popular language in the human realm) so people would understand its purpose. When designing Ryuk's Death Note Obata thought about the appearance of Ryuk's handwriting. In the American live-action film adaptation Jason Liles played the character in costume while Willem Dafoe provided the voice acting and facial motion capture. "[7], "Takeshi Obata Production Note: Characters. He enjoys seeing Light overcome the various challenges put to him, and often waits until the worst possible moment to inform him of a certain aspect of the Death Note just to get a laugh. Light describes Ryuk as a "crazy-looking, supernatural creature with these wicked eyes" who becomes ("surprisingly") a "moral compass" for Light in the film version of Death Note. "[4], Digital Frontier, a computer graphics company, animated Ryuk. [9], As Ryuk explains when he first meets Light, he is bound to take Light's life when his time comes. is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games such as Osu! Teru Mikami, his guardian who raised him gets insane and kills him by writing his name in the notebook.

Then he returns to shinigami realm with Rem. When L refuses and proceeds to burn it, Ryuk complains that L is boring and disappears, returning to the Shinigami realm. The leader of Death Note task force, Tsukuru Mishima witnesses the whole thing and kills Mikami and takes his notebook. "[23], The sfist describes Ryuk as the sole "(potential) cheeseball factor" of the first film and that he may be "difficult to get used to"; the article stated that Ryuk "adds" to the film if the viewers "let go enough to accept Ryuk's presence. on his Twitch channel, BeasttrollMC. Kaneko ordered the graphics team to design the graphics as if it were an actor "inside a rubber suit. Cancer. Tatakae! 5 056. Obata said that he liked the "monster"-like appearance and added that, with his face, "you can never really tell what he is thinking." Shūsuke Kaneko, director of the live-action films, said that he chose to create Ryuk with computer graphics as it would make the aspect of Ryuk only appearing to people who have touched the Death Note "believable" and that the audience could "tell instinctually" that Ryuk is a Shinigami with "no real presence." Ryuk has a fairly humanoid appearance. Only one guy my age in the top 20 could mean I have no chance. vaxei and whitecat are born 2003 but not their birthday yet so yea they're currently 16 and mathi is same age as RyuK,18 years old Obata said that he decided to erase the previous design and use the final design in which Ryuk has an reptile-like appearance when his editor told that Ryuk did not have to appear human. streams and much more right here. » player info » RyuK. When Ryuk returns to the Shinigami Realm before delivering the Death Note, the Shinigami King, berating him, adds a rule forbidding the sale of Death Notes, causing the U.S. President to reject the Death Note out of fear for his own life and merely tell the world he has it, while the human dies when he accepts his ¥1 billion. He is a bored Shinigami that drops a Death Note, a notebook that allows the user to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face, into the human world in order to have relief from his boredom.

The second film ends in much the same manner as the manga, except Ryuk's silence leads Light to believe that he is willing to help. Ryuk is characterized by his constant amusement by, and apathy in regards to, Light's problems as well as his interest in humans. Obata said that during serialization he became "so used" to the underlying structure that he could visualize it. [2], Obata said that he encountered difficulty in designing Ryuk. [5], The director of the American adaptation, Adam Wingard, wanted to do the opposite of the Japanese films and have an actor on set portraying Ryuk as much as possible. He said that his original idea of Ryuk consisted of Ryuk looking like a "young man similar to Light" with black hair and wings. Selyu v2.3.

[17], Tsugumi Ohba, story writer of Death Note, said that Ryuk is his favorite Shinigami and that "If I didn't say Ryuk here, his whole character would be in vain. Karthy v4.1 (RyuK Mix) 2 423.

[8] He claims to go through a type of withdrawal if he goes for too long without them. again" which earned more than 1 million views after it was released in July 2015.

In the spin-off L: Change the World, Ryuk offers L the Death Note. "[19] His colleague Briana Lawrence felt that despite being a previously vital character, Ryuk faded into the background and became "unimportant" as the series went on, only to become vital once again in the final chapter.

He is occasionally helpful if it serves his own interests, such as obtaining apples or furthering his own amusement, but for the most part will jokingly ask Light what his next move will be or have Light explain to him the point of a certain action. Popularity. In addition to apples, Ryuk is fond of video games, first shown in the omake eight-panel comic series, where he asks for a Silver Game Boy Advance SP, originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump Volume 4-5 (double issue) in 2005. [12] Many years later, a graying Ryuk, having lost his Shinigami's Eyes,is asked by a new shinigami to recount his time on Earth as they prepare to go there themselves, Ryuk ambiguously addressing the shinigami as life as they leave before his has finished recounting his tale.

Ohba said that he always mentioned apples in the thumbnails because he wished to use "the dying message that Shinigami only eat apples" and therefore he needed Ryuk to hold apples and that "There's no other reason." Previous Next-+Hey+DT+Purple. In the musical, Ryuk was portrayed by Kōtarō Yoshida. Obata describes Ryuk's face as appearing different between the pilot chapter and the actual Death Note series. Ryuk is a Shinigami bored with the activities (or lack thereof) of the Shinigami realm, so he decides to obtain a second Death Note and drop it in the human world for someone to find, hoping to relieve his boredom. Gamer most well known for broadcasting the rhythm game osu! Both actors reprise their roles for voicing the computer-generated version of the character in the live-action films, with Jun Fukushima voicing the CG version in the live-action television drama. Light passed away unhappily, with an apparition of L standing over him - mirroring Light standing over L on his death. Later Tsukuru dispossesses his Death Note and asks Ryuk to give the Death Note and Light's message to the cyberterrorist, Yuki Shien. One of his most popular YouTube videos is "And some say he never played osu! He succeeds in tricking the Shinigami King out of a second Death Note. In the fourth film, Death Note: Light Up the New World, Nakamura Shidō reprises his role as the voice and motion capture of Ryuk. He tells Light in the first volume he doesn't always look at what Light writes because he finds it more amusing. Ryuk (Japanese: リューク, Hepburn: Ryūku) is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/6231778 Ryuk osu! Ryuk has a fairly humanoid appearance. At the end of the series, Light begs Ryuk's help but Ryuk lets Light burn in the fire. Ryuk (Japanese: リューク, Hepburn: Ryūku) is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.He is a bored Shinigami that drops a Death Note, a notebook that allows the user to kill anyone simply by knowing their name and face, into the human world in order to have relief from his boredom. gameplay, much like Shigetora and HappyStick. The production initially created a large prototype, animatronic puppet of Ryuk to use, but it was eventually abandoned.[6]. Top player in osu! He transitioned to osu! "[22], Kitty Sensei of OtakuZone had her opinions of the film portrayal of Ryuk published in The Star, a Malaysian newspaper. His real name is Edward Ling, and he hails from Virginia. [1] When Obata informed Ohba that apples held religious and psychological significance and that a person could "read a lot" into the inclusion of apples and that he assumed that was the reason why Ohba included the apples, Ohba said that he did not "think about that at all" and that he believes that "apples are cool... that's it. Ohba also said that he specifically chose apples as the red "goes well" with Ryuk's black body and that the apples "fit well" with Ryuk's "big" mouth. Birthday. you say recently but hasn't it always been like this, not as young as they are now it was like only vaxei, karthys like 27 and lifeline turned 14 today, the leaderboards always been dominated by teens, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the current generation of top players is a couple years older on average, I'd guess under the age of 150 and over the age of 5, I dont know for the others but I googled it to see if I still stand a chance to be good at this game. Freddie Benson - pretty sure 19, could be 18? [20], On the actor's voicework in the English dub of the anime, Tom S. Pepirium of IGN said that "Brian Drummond IS Ryuk. © FamousBirthdays.com - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Ive noticed alot more teens climbing lately, someone mind listing known ages for the high ranked players these days? Akolibed - idk hes eastern european he could be 15 or 28, vaxei and whitecat are born 2003 but not their birthday yet so yea they're currently 16 and mathi is same age as RyuK,18 years old. In the film series, Ryuk is voiced by Nakamura Shidō.

I'm turning 27 in a couple of months. Unlike the source material, Ryuk does not possess multiple Death Notes, and has passed the Death Note to various people throughout the decades, with each one of them using the notebook for different purposes. is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial … The police burn Miura's book, not knowing of the existence of the first book. [10] In the manga, Ryuk does this after Light is shot several times by Matsuda.


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