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|, Don't let them get away with it!® Let the truth be known!™, Executive Management LLC or whatever they changed their name to this month. I was at their Tempe, Arizona location and they do the same routine all around the country. Stop letting those doubts, fears and naysayers hold you back. If you’re just starting out, you’re likely trying to write your copy on your own…and it’s sucking you dry. Changing direction over and over not only kills results, if you do get results, you won’t know how they occurred. File your review. Without an annual strategy to guide you, you’re just taking wild stabs in the dark.

READ: Foreign websites steal our content, Click Here to read other Ripoff Reports on Executive Management LLC or whatever they changed their name to this month. If you’re just starting out, take a look at what other successful businesses that are similar to your model have done. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. Didn’t write one back in November so 2016 could get off on the right foot? It’s time to get an expert to get you on the right path—because there is nothing more deadly than no action—followed by, only one step back, taking too many actions. And the rock stars who had your back get burned out. Can’t for the life of you get your marketing department to get the ball moving and get the money rolling in? Check out our clients’ results. Marketing is not just how you get new clients…it’s tied into how you hold onto your clients, how your brand appears to the world, and really, how you appear to the world. New York, NY. Sarah Long - Sales Volume Marketing Machine. And that is copy that just sucks your bank account dry. Ever. ❤️ Executive Management LLC or whatever they changed their name to this month Sarah long, Neal Johnston, Dan long, Duke. Whenever I start working with a new client, they want to know… “What is the quickest path to 4x my sales volume?” Usually, they ask it in a roundabout way, but once we cut through Read more…, How would you like to skyrocket your sales volume? Miserably. And I hate to say it, but you’re likely failing. So finding what works best and amplifying those practices in your business brings that top 20% into higher and higher levels of success—and means you are more fresh for your work, rather than being dragged down into things that are not the highest and best use of your time. If their company is so succesfull, why do they change their name? Print this Report. Consumers educating consumers.™, Complaints Reviews Scams Lawsuits Frauds Reported.™. What are the metrics for your last campaign? There is a HUGE movement in real estate right now that has most coaches and managing brokers split…, Either it’s complicated, convoluted, 19-step funnels that give you “leads” who don’t even know why you’re contacting them and require a huge team of ISAs to bully people into working with you…. Marketing is about making money. See others named Sarah Long Add new skills with these courses. 6.

So you want to be done with people who push you to discount your commission, or who bully you into working 24/7. Then click below to watch our latest training about the EXACT steps we use to help our clients 4x their sales volume, 8x their sales volume, even 12x+ their sales volume, in as little as 8 weeks…without working around the clock, door-knocking, cold-calling anyone, or being sucked into time-wasting funnels, social media or videos. We teach our clients scalable marketing strategies that actually work, measured by the metric that matters—sales. Don’t know what your unique selling propositions are? Why Ripoff Report will not release author information! Patients made into prostitutes and sex slaves, bilking insurance companies out of millions, Sac_County Iowa Prosecutor Ben Smith pays $750,000 to settle Ripoff Report 1983 civil rights lawsuit.. Federal Judge stops prosecutors abuse of power against ED Magedson Founder of Ripoff Report. Sarah Long Customized Digital Marketing.

You can read more about targeting that works here. He had a team of absolute rock star employees, ready and willing to help him helm this company to greatness. Here are the top 13 reasons your marketing isn’t working, collected from my clients’ storied experiences in building their businesses….

It’s time to cut out these 13 business-killing marketing missteps. Without a duplicable success model, success starts to ebb away. Marketing is not top priority in your business. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year.

It’s pretty simple. Sarah Catherine Creative. Sarah is a brand marketer’s marketer and a force of nature. Don’t click on those slick Ads! Christopher Newport University.

Cheers to all these years!!! Sarah … Struggling to get your business off the ground? Sarah Long Vice President of Sales Oncology Genomics. 12. How can the same people, Sara, Dan, and Neil get away with the same act in different states and under different company names?? Who is ED Magedson - Founder, Ripoff Report. In each state they change their company name. 1.4K likes. Double Digits of Agents Ranked on The Thousand as advertised in The Wall Street Journal Marketing ROI ️4x+ Sales Volume It’s impossible to create more successes when you don’t even know what worked in the first place. Sarah Long Chief Marketing Officer at Mars Wrigley North America. Email this Report.

Her aspiring attitude has the ability to motivate success. The 80/20 rule is dying inside your business. I worked there for 2 days and never signed one sheet of paper saying i was actually an employee. There’s a saying…”Jack of all trades, master of none.”. You’ve tried grinding it out, but it’s not going fast enough. In high-ticket sales, the most important ingredient is pretty simple… Trust. This is not the time to get creative. More often than not, it’s because you’re not sure which path to take. You dont give them any money or anything like that, but unless you love selling knockoff cologne out of your car, STAY AWAY.

There are no blocks on your calendar for marketing. For many agents, going from a “good” agent to a “superstar” agent doesn’t have to be that much of a stretch. Now they have a website, pretty pathetice looking, and it says it is web hosted by yahoo. There are a million and one options staring you in the face, with the growing info-marketing and social media fields over the past few years. All business will get complaints. We all have our talents…and maybe yours is in real estate, or designing shoes, or running a consulting firm, or doing interior design, or investing. Sarah Long is a talented entrepreneur to collaborate with on issues concerning marketing and the management of real estate. Sarah Long Marketing Specialist | Content Creator, Writer, Editor Raleigh, North Carolina 500+ connections. Join to Connect. That said, sometimes it’s an employee or contractor who needs a nudge of one degree or another. Who's crazy enough to start this website? Marketing is not about making pretty things. And you know that you want to—even need to—increase your sales volume to get your business to the level it should be. This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Fail to make time for marketing, fail to make money. You’re better at your business than you are at marketing. If you’re not going after getting more of your best customers, you are wasting your money. I wanna start off by saying, everything that people are complaining about are true. When I first met Sarah, she was joining our senior team, moving from client-side to industry. This is not a surprise. We can tweak as we go, but trying to reinvent the wheel as you drive the bus is how you get the good eggs to crack and jump off. And the campaign before that? Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report.

When you let go of the reigns completely, you are running a major risk. Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements. This is the time to focus on what works. Don’t have your elevator pitch down to a T? Marketing and sales need to be fully integrated. That said, stick your fingers too far into the pie before you know the recipe or the technique, and you’ll have an angry baker and an ugly pie. Maybe you’re even ready to make it to the top of your market. Or the top of all agents. New York, NY. Why do they  drive POS cars and make 6 figures? dirtbags, This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 02/09/2010 06:17 PM and is a permanent record located here: Where did you find your best clients? More often than not, the master procrastinator is looking you right in the mirror. 11. 7. Washington D.C. Metro Area. Include every major milestone—the big rocks—that anchor your business’s success. Unfortunately, when you have a million great ideas, you can’t act them out all at once.

when you go to sell perfume for them they say there is a $2 tax on everything. Can’t for the life of you get your marketing department to get the ball moving and get the money rolling in? One of the least favorite stories I have to tell is of the CEO who could not make up his mind. Sarah Long DeRose | Greater Philadelphia Area | Marketing Manager, Acquisition at Independence Blue Cross | 500+ connections | See Sarah's complete profile on Linkedin and connect Now, I am a firm believer that every business owner, CEO and entrepreneur should develop a basic understanding of every aspect of the business. Measuring a campaign’s success hasn’t really happened. 5. But without a strategic vision and the right target market, this copy is not going to sell, no matter its prophecy or poetry. Sarah Long. Published by Sarah Long on May 2, 2016 May 2, 2016.

When I quit to go out on my own, I was so excited for what the future held. Of course, there is a Read more…, (…And How to Build Your Know/Like/Trust) Wondering how to create a sustainable system to convert more prospects into paying clients? Or washed-up, dinosaur tactics from the ’80s, like door-knocking, cold-calling, pop-bys and silly referral “gifts” that can leave you feeling salesy…and exhausted. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Go figure. All rights reserved. Today is the anniversary of my last official day as the marketing manager for the #1 real estate agent in the country. Exactly NONE!!! Biggest liars ever tempe, Arizona.

Sales and marketing are not integrated. What the BBB has done to consumers for over 100 years is one of the many reasons why Ripoff Report was created. look they don't scam anything out of you except you morals. How long was it from first contact to close? Sarah Long Chief Marketing Officer at Mars Wrigley North America. Have a look around. That’s why double digits of agents ranked on The Thousand top list as advertised in The Wall Street Journal have chosen to work with me, with billions and billions in sales volume. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Which is illegal there is a state tax and if you dont charge that the IRS will be hunting them and you down. Ask a successful, entrepreneurial CEO which department is the most important in her business, and she will undoubtedly tell you it’s marketing. In high-ticket sales—whether that’s Read more…, The Most Powerful Trick for 4x Sales Growth, Hitting Your Goals Is Easy (If You Do This), © 2014-2020 Sarah Long Marketing Strategies, LLC. Dallas/Fort Worth Area. It just makes no sense. You have ten seconds to tell me why I should go with you over the competition. That means no surprise marketing campaigns with promises the sales team doesn’t know about (or worse, can’t deliver on).


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