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They needed more information. The laneways surrounding his house. She widened her search to bigger and further cities.

Saroo Brierley was born in Ganesh Talai, Khandwa, India, as Sheru Munshi Khan in 1981. Where was Saroo, Fatima thought. In the middle stood a man calling out the names of her family. He shivered, without knowing why, under the friend’s gaze. The waterfall where he used to swim. And he knew he had to find out what had happened to his family. Saroo pulled out a copy of a childhood photo his Australian parents had taken of him. His house ... he had recently used Google’s satellite feature to get a bird’s eye view of his Australian house. He had a comfortable bed, fresh clothes, plenty of food. The map of India hanging on his bedroom wall, a certain song or something learned in school could ignite a blaze of images from his old life so vivid it felt like he was still there. She insists she won't take his money unless he gives it to her in person. He was nervous and shy; they were patient and kind.

Maybe she can move to Australia, she says. She told him about her search and how she had never given up hope.

He was cleaned up, dressed up and transported to the Indian Society for Sponsorship and Adoption. This family reunion was covered by both Indian as well as international media. T he last chapter of Saroo Brierley’s life is perhaps the only portion that the general public aren’t yet privy to. Then she complains he doesn’t call enough. Saroo could feel it. The man took Saroo home, and gave him food and a place to sleep.

He showed it to the woman, tried to explain. It was like a story in a book. Over the next few days, they communicated through hand gestures. He is getting money together and is going to buy her a house. She didn’t buy herself anything.

Fatima blamed black magic. What is His Net Worth? At least, and at last, Saroo’s return has brought her “mental peace,” she says. Weeks later, a staffer told him he was moving again. In 2013, Saroo Brierley published a book which he titled “A Long Way Home”.

Fatima worried that he wouldn’t like the food she made, though he said it was fine. At the Eid festival, when she bought Shakila and Kallu new clothes, she would buy an outfit for Saroo too and donate it to charity. She doubted it. Maybe they were lost. The train reached Burhanpur; Guddu told Saroo to wait and assured to come back shortly, but he didn’t. Finally, he met a good guy who took him to the police station and reported him as a lost child. Kallu refused to pray; he blamed God for destroying his family. She couldn’t really move away from her life here to an unfamiliar place where no one can talk with her, she says. Maybe she can move to Australia, she says. Eventually, he ventured into the streets. Market data provided by Factset. Her boys were going to be fine.

His story was made into an ad for Google Earth that was recognized as Ted’s “10 Ads Worth Spreading” in 2014 and Forbes “The Most Unforgettable Ad Campaigns of 2013.”. Saroo Brierley (born May 22, 1981) is an Indian-born Australian businessman and author who, at age five, was accidentally separated from his biological mother. “The almighty has finally answered my prayers. : Not Known; Does Saroo Brierley drink alcohol? So Saroo had boarded the train and drifted off again, thinking his brother would wake him at Khandwa.

They all returned to this strange, frightening place.

Half a day had surely passed. Was she OK? Can a mother and son ripped apart, separated by decades, thousands of miles and different cultures, fit back together again? She had heard of a man wandering through a nearby neighborhood who had amnesia and couldn’t find his family. He said the names of his siblings and mother, waiting for a flicker of recognition. She visited a holy man who pointed to the horizon and said her son was there with a good Hindu family. Saroo Brierley eventually alighted from the train at Howrah railway station in Kolkata when someone opened the door to his carriage. What Is MTN Ghana Mobile Money All About and How Do I Register? They should have been back hours earlier. She still lives in her tiny concrete home with peeling whitewash and a roof of bamboo and corrugated metal, surviving on subsidized grain, near-rotten onions she buys at a discount and stale bread she softens in lentil stew. Kallu raced over on his motorcycle. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. In 2016, his book was adapted into the movie “Lion;” which was directed by Garth Davis. The film stars Rooney Mara, Nicole Kidman, and Dev Patel (as Saroo). At Australia’s 7th AACTA Awards, Lion won 12 awards. Even his name was strange. They went through his photo album, then took him to his new home. The book earned critical acclaims. In 2016, Saroos story made it into the cinemas!

Not in Australia. He hired an agent to juggle interview requests.

Then, he followed the satellite images of that station and finally found his hometown “Khandwa.”.

Later, Brierley bought his biological mother a house. In 2012, Brierley traveled to India and showed locals and residents photographs of himself as a child in Hobart and asked them if they knew of any family that had lost their son 25 years ago.

Meanwhile, his sister calls him, sometimes in the middle of work, sometimes in the middle of the night. The swerving bicycles, noisy three-wheelers and vendors' pushcarts crowding the streets of this Indian town were half a world from where he lived in Australia's tranquil island state of Tasmania. The ache for her son is clear in her voice. She went with neighbors to church to ask Jesus to bring her brother back. However, it did not win an Oscar in any of the categories for which it was nominated. After some time, he was adopted by an Australian couple John Brierley and Sue Brierley. Years had passed since that awful train ride, but Saroo hadn’t stopped searching for answers. Fatima Munshi was frantic. The movie is also one of the highest-grossing Australian films of all time, having raked in an amazing $140 million worldwide. His heart was pounding. She had little else to live for. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. But behind the weathered face, there was something unmistakable. And yet he knew that once — a lifetime ago — he had called this place home. Saroo’s heart began to pound. Because of the book’s popularity, it was eventually adapted into a major feature movie titled Lion in 2016. Neighbors stopped by to meet the boy who had miraculously returned. He was raised by white parents in Australia, a world that greatly contrasts the one into which he was born, and Lucy is there in the film to remind us of that. The movie was named ‘Lion;’ which is the English of Saroo’s birthname Sheru.

You continue staying there, son. She adds sternly that she would ban all girlfriends from his house. It’s like a crank call. She sat on her doorstep, watching life go by along the alley. “This is your mother,” the man said, gesturing toward the woman in the center. He began to walk, following twisty pathways etched into his brain as a child. Unforgettable. “I am going to take you to your mother.”. She asked, in hybrid Hindi-English, if he needed help. One Sunday, a desperate Fatima, with her baby girl on her hip, confronted him. Fatima struggled to take her usual nap after returning from her morning routine of cleaning neighbors’ homes and washing their dishes. “My Saroo is back,” she said. They don't speak the same language, so what's the point in calling, he says. The mighty Ganges river that snaked through the city reminded Saroo of his favorite waterfall back home, where he had spent so many happy days watching the local fishermen catch their dinners. Fatima and Shakila beg a visitor to call Saroo for them. They grabbed each other and hugged tightly. It was Feb. 12, 2012, and he hadn’t been here in nearly 25 years, since that nightmarish day when his brother vanished and a train whisked him away from everything he knew. Through his now-adult eyes, everything seemed much smaller than in his memory. He stood still, drinking it all in.

Brierley was born on May 22, 1981, in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India. She told him about her search and how she had never given up hope. For him, it has been a miracle punctuated by a happy ending. He said about his first meeting with his biological mother in more than 2 decades: “She saw my face, after 25 years of separation. And he had returned home. But what was he going back to? His memory was guiding him home.

He said goodbye, then walked inside to check in. The boy had either fallen off the train or been pushed.

More neighbors were gathering. Saroo broke away to call his girlfriend. His girlfriend, Lisa Williams, watched him hunch over his computer night after night, scrolling and searching.

Tears slid down his face. “There are no longer two flowers,” he said. “For the moment,” she says, “it’s enough for me that I went to him. But Guddu was not there. His adoptive parents are John and Sue Brierley. He was in Calcutta, nearly 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) from home. © Copyright 2020 FAMOUS PEOPLE TODAY. "When I come back, whether it's sooner or later, then we can start building our relationship again.". She never speaks, he says, frustrated.

Their first problem: They couldn’t communicate. Only the relentless hum of the train answered his cries. It took them hours to find a neighbor to translate. He wants to revel in the joy of their remarkable reunion. A few minutes later she softens. She would cry and beg for mercy, she was just a mother looking for her missing son, take pity. Had he lost them forever? She doesn’t want him to move back here, where there is nothing. Saroo doesn’t want to overthink it. She began to dance around the room. One, because it was the place he’d called home so long ago.

She began to dance around the room. Their story was the basis of the 2017 Oscar-nominated film "Lion." When the plane landed, he was escorted to a VIP area and spotted his adoptive parents. Publishing houses battled over the book rights. He randomly zoomed in on a train track and followed it, scrutinizing stations he passed, searching for something familiar. When he does call, he has trouble getting through. Fatima was illiterate and knew no English. Williams shot out of bed. He has other responsibilities, other family and a whole other life in Tasmania. About 25 years later, Saroo was able to locate and reunite with his birth mom, solely from utilizing the newly developed Google Earth and his childhood memories of his village. At the Eid festival, when she bought Shakila and Kallu new clothes, she would buy an outfit for Saroo too and donate it to charity. She didn’t believe him. He wanted to know whether Fatima had looked for him. But Saroo was small and quick. Lisa Williams, who had spent endless nights watching him hunt online for his hometown, was still asleep when the phone rang. “I’m not able to talk to them all the time, it’s just hard for me,” he says. They moved to the town of Khandwa and found a home in Ganesh Talai, a neighborhood of tiny buildings subdivided into tinier apartments filled with day laborers, vegetable vendors and the cheap domestic workers who kept the town running. She frets that her poverty might embarrass Saroo or his Australian parents. Atop his bed sat a stuffed koala he dubbed “Koala Dundee.” It became his favorite toy. I was crying for my mom and my brother and my sister.”. Often, he prayed: If there is anything magical in the world, he pleaded silently, could you help me find my family? Kallu raced over on his motorcycle. “There is none,” she’d answer in shame. Fatima worried that he wouldn't like the food she made, though he said it was fine. "Instead of going to bed at night and thinking, 'How is my family? He drank bottled water so he wouldn’t get sick from the hose everyone else drank from outside. Mr Brierley was just five … i havent seen or been back to the place for 24 years. Her rage is incomprehensible to her perplexed son. He couldn’t find words, so he just held her.

Since he had ended up an orphan in distant Calcutta, before an Australian couple adopted him and gave him a second chance at family.


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