saturn in 12th house

Reality may be limiting but at the same time provides structure to our lives. They are people very willing to provide services and help others , being kind and compassionate. With that abandonment comes a loss of instinct. Saturn is a meticulous guide, and on the sail through the 12th House he demands a complete saturation in the mystic, supernal seas or the risk of drowning alone, and empty. They may become religious fanatics, spiritual guides and even junkies just because they’re looking for happiness and to escape their constant feeling of guilt. Take care not to take on too much at a time. Others around you are mostly not aware of this, you try to hide it from them.

So does Saturn. All in all, Saturn in 12th house natives deserve happiness and should be aware that self-sacrifice is never an option. The twelfth house is also about empathy and forgiveness. Venus rules relationships involving warmth and love. Your style of nurturing may come across as slightly cold and impersonal. You may feel like you are under a magnifying glass, so to speak, when it comes to the path you choose to take in your career or in the roles you take on. Saturn in 12th house unites with the energies of Jupiter-ruled Pisces. Question yourself, or talk things through with an alter ego. Then take what you want.

You are hard on yourself. From a personality standpoint, the second house reflects your attitude to real world possessions. Tell yourself and others that you can be practical in your thinking. When Saturn is well aspected it will allow you to be successful in those jobs that you do in places of seclusion , such as in laboratories, hospitals, universities.

The native feels himself alone and an unknown fear surrounds him and he himself is unable to explain the cause of his mental worries and tensions. Saturn here operates in the background, what manifests as frequent melancholy. Very attracted to always be in control, it’s also possible for them to discover that if they let others inside their inner world, they may be helped with their feeling of guilt, insecurities and the permanent anxiety that doesn’t allow them to love their life to the maximum. Saturn is the ruling planet of the sign Capricorn. Sagittarius  The third house indicates the natural way you act and communicate with people.

Eatontown, NJ 07724, Zodiac Signs Guide: Elements, Characteristics and Compatibility, Learn the difference between Master, Mentor, Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel, How to communicate with your Guardian Angel, Free Horoscope for 4th November for each zodiac sign, Today’s Horoscope for Pisces – Love, Money, and Luck, Today’s Horoscope for Aquarius – Love, Money, and Luck, Today’s Horoscope for Capricorn – Love, Money, and Luck, Today’s Horoscope for Sagittarius – Love, Money, and Luck. Understand that change is something that you don’t react to well. Share Tweet. This influence will make you simply resist transformations, change, and growth. Sometimes, their health may go downhill due to some chronic disease. Keep reading to learn more about how a Saturn in the twelfth house affects you! In astrology, the twelfth house rules places of seclusion, hospitals, asylums, prisons, far away places, charity, but also fantasy, divine inspiration, spirituality, unconditional love. Know that you might be the kind of person who takes relationships more seriously than most. They do not like to interact with the group and prefer a dividing wall that preserves their identity. Once the resistance to surrender is overcome, the great teacher here can lead to great wisdom. Address your escapism. In the context of home and family, the tenth house signifies your attitude while playing the “fathering” role. We define Saturn as reality. The idea of exposing your innermost feelings makes you feel painfully vulnerable and dependent on others. As the planet is poorly aspected, it can lead to the natives becoming sullen beings or suffer the loss of freedom when they are admitted to hospitals or even in prison. Either way, they should always pay attention to whom they’re trusting. An example of this type of position would be that of the astronomer Galileo Galilei. The comedy serial, Seinfeld, explored the quirkiness in individual actions and communication in familiar surroundings — the little things that people do and say unconsciously that make them what they are! As an individual, you might need to re-invent yourself from time to time. You might become the spiritual overachiever that gets antsy if you can’t sit on your pillow one day.

Your email address will not be published. Because you are so accepting of others, you also attract scam artists and people who want to take advantage of your good nature. This placement of Saturn suggests that you need a lot of solitude to recharge and reconnect with yourself. If you feel overloaded with responsibilities – delegate some! Prepare for change. It can be a fear of being “ordinary” or just part of the crowd that prevents you from loosening up in social situations. Normally the karma so negative is due to the great debts generated in their previous lives that it seems that they will have to pay in their current life. Make sure to share it your friends who enjoy astrology!


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