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NEW YORK, NY. Find your radio station SCA provides access to over 100 regional radio stations across 54 markets regionally and is one of the biggest providers of regional media. A subcarrier, known also as Subsidiary Communications Authority or SCA, is a separate audio or data channel that is transmitted along with the main audio signal over a broadcast station. 35 (D. Cal.

How to listen to SCA (sub carrier) station?

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) calls this service "Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation" (SCMO). In general, tunable subcarrier receivers are prohibited because they violate Section 605 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, which states that no one may receive, or assist in receiving, any radio communication to which they are not entitled and use that information for their own benefit. Or, to put it more accurately, ear . 89.1 WEMU Your Community NPR Station. Clear Channel Broadcasting Licenses, Inc.

So if the station's location on the dial is 99.1 (which is really 99.1 MHz, or 99,100 kHz), this means that the station can broadcast from the frequencies 99,000 to 99,200 kHz. Subcarrier channels falling under the description of SCA are usually on FM at 67 kHz and 92 kHz from the main carrier, and 67 kHz is the most common. Jazz/Blues 89.1-1.

Communications II of South Carolina, Inc. Broomfield Broadcasting of Lexington, Inc. Columbus Club of Florence, South Carolina, City of Georgetown (Georgetown City Fire Department), Norsan Media Group of South Carolina, LLC, Chapel Holy Spirit Church & Bible College, South Carolina LowCountry Gullah People's Movement, Dick Broadcasting Company, Inc. of Tennessee, Regional Baha'i Council of the Southeastern States, Friends of Independent Public Radio Northeast Ltd, Friends of Independent Public Radio Northwest, Truth Chapel World Evangelism Fellowship Church. These subcarrier channels are not receivable with a regular radio; special receivers are required. SCA, more than you'll ever need to know!

P. O. However, the broadcast licensee, not the subcarrier user, must retain control of the programming, with the right to reject any material that it deems inappropriate, undesirable or illegal. Each FM radio transmission uses only a certain amount of frequency for the broadcast of stereo (usually between 19 and 53 kHz). Antenna Structure Registration (ASRN) Records Within A Radius, Subcarriers or Subsidiary Communications Authority (SCA), Letter to Dr. Haghighi from Richard B. Engelman, Chief, Technical Standards Branch, OET.

89.9. S. ORANGE, NJ. I have a lot more information that I could give you. The agreements must be made available for inspection by any authorized representative of the FCC upon request. See 47 CFR Section 73.127(c) for AM stations or 47 CFR Section 73.295(c) for FM stations. Technical specifications for subcarriers are no longer contained in the FCC's rules. See KMLA Broadcasting Corp. v. Twentieth Century Cigarette Vendors Corp. 264 F. Supp.

This special programming can consist of anything, but it usually takes the form of readings for the blind, multicultural radio, or … It can be difficult to keep the main channel's FM stereo difference subcarrier from interfering with such SCA decoders, as the stereo signal is a much stronger signal, and distortions due to multipath can also cause problems.

WRHI radio, Rock Hill, South Carolina, 2017, This list is complete and up to date as of, South Carolina radio market navigational boxes.

Because the human ear can only hear frequencies up to 15 kHz, this leaves a lot of bandwidth left over. WSOU. 67 - Radio …

I'm interested in getting an SCA adapter from FM-Atlas, but would … The arithmetic sum of all the multiplex subcarriers may not exceed 30% modulation (22.5 kHz) (where 100% is 75 kHz deviation from the carrier (or assigned center) frequency (see 47 CFR Section 73.310, "Percentage Modulation"). However, an educational FM station is required to provide another subcarrier for any radio reading services that may request such use. Educational stations may use subcarriers for profit-making purposes. Listening to SCAs would only be interesting if non-data is being   transmitted. SCA Stations. This search tool allows you to match your desired regional location to the suitable regional radio coverage locations nationally.

89.5. Some broadcasters also use SCA as a remote metering facility.

R&B 89.1-2.

Either way, you'll be getting a superior radio at a low price.


How to listen to SCA (sub carrier) station? Los Angeles, California Radio Stations.

WHAA FM HD2. (was SCA adapters). At SCA, we produce more live content than any other broadcaster. Community Broadcasting Corp. of Beaufort, Inc. Norsan Communications and Management, Inc. Union-Carolina Broadcasting Company, Inc. L.M.

[1] The fidelity (bandwidth) of SCA channels on FM is generally quite limited compared to that of the main program material, resulting in audio quality similar to AM radio broadcasting.

Everything else is just REGULAR Radio! Stations   sometimes but their dishes at the remote tower site and let the audio ride   back to the studio on the SCA. SCMO for internal uses by the radio station, such as internal monitoring and cue control, are allowed under the normal broadcasting certificate.

When you listen to your FM radio, you often get more than meets the eye. Sections 2510 through 2521 prohibit the manufacture, assembly, possession, and sale of any device primarily useful for the surreptitious interception of such radio transmissions.

These types of transmission usually are called "SCA transmissions," which stands for Subsidiary Communications Authority, the name of the governing branch of the FCC. In the big city, there is a problem with microwave interference. "Subsidiary Communications Authorization" is the United States Federal Communications Commission's official designation for this type of service.

Callsign. WKCR. 67 - EIES of NJ (Reading for the Blind) SETON HALL UNIVERSITY.

The best place for you to get a subcarrier radio is through Radio SCA. Instantaneous sidebands are permitted up to 99 kHz. SCA--a legal term that stands for "Subsidiary Communications Authorization"--uses this extra space for special programming between the frequencies of 67 and 92 kHz.

Communications of South Carolina, Inc. Classical Music for Modern Life. For additional information regarding radio reading services, see the Commission's Policy Statement, Docket 87-9, 3 FCC Rcd 6323, released 10/28/1988. The arithmetic sum of all multiplex subcarriers may not exceed 20% modulation (15 kHz) (where 100% is 75 kHz deviation from the carrier). This guide is a helpful tool for an overall summary of TV and Radio coverage across Regional Australia. Regional Radio is Live and Local. See 47 CFR Section 73.593. 3. A broadcast station may transmit more than one subcarrier signal.

There is a Greek SCA for the Vancouver BC area on one of the Bellingham, Wa. WHAA FM HD1.

So if the station's location on the dial is 99.1 (which is really 99.1 MHz, or 99,100 kHz), this means that the station can broadcast from the frequencies 99,000 to 99,200 kHz. WSKQ. Click here for more information on how we can help you. Modulation levels up to 110% (82.5 kHz peak deviation) are permitted for FM stations using subcarriers (75 kHz deviation = 100%). I find the most interesting one to be WQCD-FM (formerly WPIX-FM) on 101.9.


[citation needed], Companies in the past such as Norver, ComPol, Mani National Corporation, McMartin, & Dayton Industrial; and current companies such as Metrosonix make radios and adapters for receiving SCA/SCMO channels. See 47 CFR Section 73.1226(c). If the subcarrier signal is used for non-broadcast purposes, the subcarrier user may require Commission authorization, as follows: Private systems and common carrier systems operating over a subcarrier channel may be exempt from state and local regulation. It is then received and retransmitted when   needed on the main channel. Subsidiary Communications Authorization (SCA) in the United States, and Subsidiary Communications Multiplex Operation (SCMO) in Canada, is a subcarrier on a radio station, allowing the station to broadcast additional services as part of its signal. See 47 CFR Section 73.319(c)(1), (c)(3), (d)(1). (was SCA adapters). In addition, 18 U.S.C.

In a world of multiplatform radio, with DAB, FM, HD Radio and radio online, there are many different ways to tune in, whether you want to listen in the car, on the bus or at home. This page was last edited on 28 August 2020, at 16:05.

See 47 CFR Section 73.319(c)(2) and (d)(2). When FM stations broadcast, they are allotted a channel width of 200 kHz. If you   have any other questions, e-mail me at the address below. See 47 CFR Section 73.127(e) for AM stations or 47 CFR Section 73.295(e) for FM stations. To do this, you need a special type of receiver.

Or, to put it more accurately, ear.

The arithmetic sum of all subcarriers above 75 kHz may not exceed 10% (7.5 kHz).

12. For your convenience, you can purchase these radios directly through us using your credit card, or you can visit our store on eBay. With an easy way to view and analyse Commercial Radio Australia Regional Radio ratings within minutes.

The educational station is limited to charging the radio reading service for the fixed or operating costs, but may not charge on a for-profit basis. Subcarrier use is secondary to the transmission of the main audio channel and must not interfere with the main audio channel. With the introduction of Commercial Radio Australia Regional Gold Standard Surveys, SCA can now provide our clients with quantifiable market data and audience profiles.

SCA was deregulated in 1983; since then, both AM and FM licensed broadcast stations have been allowed to use subcarriers in the United States in general without requiring separate authority; authorization is only required for some uses which are still otherwise regulated, such as common carrier or Land Mobile Radio Service transmissions.

SCA provides the ability for Regional Australia to access the hottest talent through nationally broadcast content. The Commission does not regulate the programming content of subcarriers. NEW YORK, NY. Box 101612, Denver, CO 80250, USA ---------------------------------------.

Scala Radio. Rock 89.1-2. How to listen to "free" FM SCA (sub carrier) station? These subcarrier channels are not receivable with a regular radio; special receivers are required.

7. OR the otherway around, so that the station can have at least a one-way communication with a remote transmitter location, such as at a ball game or parade.

Everyday. by M_HAY.. » Tue, 14 Apr 1992 18:54:00 .


Providing Local and National News bulletins, Promotions and Football Programming. Although the subcarrier user may seek the necessary authorization for use, the broadcast station remains responsible for the technical operation, including the subcarriers.


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