scrapp deleon brother shot in the head
I told her to chill because I didn’t want her coming up there.

It was song by song, beat by beat, by the time we got to, like, four or five songs, he was like 'Man, you might as well do the whole joint.'

On the time they spent working with Snoop Dogg: That was an incredible moment. We were supposed to go through a major, but whatever behind the scenes stuff transpired that didn't allow for it to happen so we still put it out indie. I just began to pray, I said, "Lord, I need timely words for what we need now." Chill out. And of course, we went in the studio...[but] He did the music, he produced the music, and he said, "Mom, I'm sending over this track to you. All Rights Reserved. I felt like that made all of the difference. You see, they needed a juicy storyline and since Scrapp had a baby momma that was willing to go along with the plot of fighting over Scrapp, they switched her over to Scrapp instead.

I be forgetting to call people back and I lose my keys.

How have you juggled the weight of this along with your music, your family, and your other businesses? Allegedly, doctors say Sas could have been paralyzed (or killed) if the bullet wound was just three millimeters lower.

When I’m on it, you know, I could be talking to you and start knodding off and going to sleep. In addition to overseeing the album, you've also been promoting it heavily on social media and interacting with the fans. Take it for what it’s worth.

His latest album, Rebellion Rises opens with a song entitled "See Them Fake Leaders," leaving no doubt about his views on the institutions of government. Sas From Love And Hip Hop Shot In Head According to Vibe, the rapper was in Phoenix at the time […] Now I gotta write everything down. Scrapp Deleon had to surrender himself for a five year sentence due to an alleged marijuana trafficking charge and his prison intake photo looks nothing like … It's kinda both, but it definitely was calculated. There’s no telling what it was. I’ll just make sure that whatever I’m doing, I’m protected.

And thank God for what we need in this day and time of what's happening, we certainly need a victory. I was like, 'Check this shit out if you get a minute, what do you think of this arrangement?' My head be throbbing throughout the day so they got me on medication; they got me on these pills. What has the feedback been like? But "Racks in the Middle," that was just a moment where we connected. The rapper (real name: Lyndon Akhil Smith) was rushed to the hospital Saturday night (Jul 2) after suffering a bullet wound to the head. God's keeping us in good health, and that we may prosper in the middle of it.

In 2009 by 23-year-old Aubrey Louis Berry. Because I’m like, d**n, that’s crazy. So you gotta have that perfect meeting place in the middle and have that match-up and be perfect.


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