seattle city council elections 2019 results

24,211 7 Stormy (Lea) Rigtrup

48.1% 10,494

61.7% - D 1,024 645

#Election2020: Democrat Joe Biden leads in many swing-state polls but President Trump's support is within the margin of error.


Bethel School District No.



Eric Halvorson 64.1% Jennifer (Jen) Cole

City of Redmond Mayor

401 Director Dist.

1 Commissioner District 2 King County Council, District No.



Jenna Nand 52.1%




Vic Kave


Seattle City Council District 4

Property-tax levy 61.1%

41.6% Jeremy Toponce*


5,308 City of University Place Council Position 2


Sean G. Palermo

Jon Hanlon

The Secretary of State's Office will release updated counts daily, as additional votes are tallied.




Alex Pedersen Rick Payne 33.1%

3 King County Director of Elections

Heather Jordan Cartwright




The eighth round of ballots dropped Thursday, Nov. 14. 62.2%

15,568 Lake Stevens School District 4 Director District 2

936 Tammy Morales Luisa Bangs* Read story 77.4%

The states’ online portals won’t invalidate your original paper ballot — even if malicious actors try to do so from afar.

David Chen 2,582


Jennifer Jones 38% Advisory Vote No.

City of Fircrest Council Position 4

Seattle City Council District 7 City of Buckley Council Position 5 3 1,513

Rejected 1,784

Dennis Litwin Rejected


Elizabeth Larsen John Hines Business and occupation tax on international investment management services 53.5%


Fire Protection District No. Port of Tacoma Commissioner Position 5


Debbie Bertlin* 267

45% 18,336 31

Mary Tompkins*


Puyallup School District No. 15,568

Mike Courts* Yes

402 Director District 1 Curt Gimmestad

Steven L. Larner 1,776 6,633 Darren Glazier Races that cross county borders include vote totals from all jurisdictions. 20.9%

David B. Lewis 5 Phil Tavel 53.2%

2,657 43.7%

52% 2,802



City of Kenmore Council Position No. Christie Malchow*

Robyn Mulenga*

City of Maple Valley Council Position No.

3,896 Change funding method for fire district David Iseminger*


All three incumbents won re-election. Yes Sofia Aragon Tahoma School District No. But many medical professionals aren't taking any chances.

Is it enough? 12,047 49.9% 49.7% 5 Jamie Fairbanks 32.8%


City of Kirkland Council Position No.

Girmay Zahilay 6,856

Snohomish County Council District 3

Referendum 88 51.2% 3,036 41.5%

John Seehuus* 23.2% 63.9% Due to a technical problem, a previous version of this results page labeled vote totals on statewide advisory measures as “yes” and “no” instead of “repealed” and “maintained.”, Reinstates affirmative action in Washington in public contracting, employment and education, Business and occupation tax extended in timber industry, Business and occupation tax on certain financial institutions, Applies state tax to out-of-state sellers, Business and occupation tax on certain travel agents and tour operators, Business and occupation tax on international investment management services, Property-tax increase for paramedic services, Supplemental property-tax levy for programs, services, Approve Lake Stevens annexation of 37.5 acres known as South East Annexation, Bonds for new aquatic and community center, park improvements, Form new hospital district for Vashon-Maury Island, Due to a technical problem, a previous version of this results page labeled vote totals on statewide advisory measures as “yes” and “no” instead of “repealed” and “maintained.”, † Passage requires 60% approval and specific voter turnout requirement, ‡ Passage requires a simple majority plus a turnout requirement.


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