seven of cups how someone sees you
A silhouetted figure stands at the foreground of the card looking deep into it. He looks like he is on a Game Show with the clock ticking away in the background. This contemplation is unfocused and un-controlled meditation.

While the upright seven of cups represents a plethora of options, the reversed seven can signify the opposite. It is important to remain focused on what you want, instead of letting the world make your choices for you.

Ten of Cups and Two of Cups: a. It is important to exercise caution when you are making your decision, as the card itself seems to show there is not only wonders and treasures that are available to you, but also monsters and shadows. Seven of Cups tells that a person can “see the pie”, yet cannot get it. When the 7 is reversed, you are beginning to make them and to move toward action. In a favorable card combination, Seven of Cups can be emotionally intoxicating, bringing inspiring creativity and bearing a sense of “drunk with joy” (but also creating a strong emotional dependence). You have a lot to do in your house, so much it almost feels.

We swallow poison, like delightful nectar, and then indulge in regrets (Eight of Cups). Turn off all the magic of the Seven of Cups – and life becomes flat and empty. “Eyes are wondering.” “I do not know what I want.” Confusion is due to a presence of several different possibilities equally undetermined. Remember, a potential path is only as good as the steps you are willing to take down it. The abundance of fresh, but vague ideas, and at the same time, nothing specific, permanent, or substantial. I use Tarot in a form of counseling. What attracts and excites your soul?…”, Seven of Cups questions what is “happiness” to us. Literary character, relevant Seven of Cups, we can assume Dorian Gray – Crowley writes, “external luster with an inner decomposition.”. Seven of Cups is a fusion of the imaginary and the real. This plurality of options is generally a good thing, but it may be important to be wary about how much time you spend dreaming about something instead of taking steps to make it happen. You should be careful of wishful thinking and be alert of the choices that you make. Snake can represent gluttony and drunkenness, and the winged dragon can represent jealousy and rage. Do people tell you that your dreams are just illusions? The shift in meaning can be subtle, and it can be intense, depending on the combination. If you're single, it means you may have a lot of people showing romantic interest in you. Compatible with the Labyrinthos Tarot App.

If you do not begin to act realistically, you run a risk of being left with nothing. It is also common for those who feel as if they realized too late that the perfect position was available to them but they failed to act in time. While the card will tempt someone to drop out of school when it is in the present position, here it will cause a greed that one can only satisfy if one is to stay in school in order to get a higher paying job. A person may be engaged in self-deception. The Chariot represents the victory of manifesting something that has long been desired. Do you have high hopes? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A person dreams of a “big pure love” being obsessed with high hopes and credulity … A person is fascinated and bewitched by love. A mind explores new possibilities and searches for a better understanding of real needs of a soul; the creation of newer happier purposes. Introduction: The 7 of Cups is a card about choices. The 7 of Cups tarot love meaning can also signal that all the choices may look tempting right now, but though they glisten with promise, they may be illusions. In another, the Seven of Cups is a reminder that although it is good to have dreams and wishes, it is even better to take action attaining those dreams. Rose-colored glasses. The energy of the Seven of Cups is inspiring, motivating a person to act, saying that a person has a choice. The main lesson of this card is to believe in oneself and escape from imaginary desires. If this card appears in relation to your career, you may be presented with many different ways you can advance at work.

The darkest side of the card can be alcoholism, drug addiction, dependence on the Internet. It will be a trap to follow it, not analyzing anything.

There can be wasted time, missed opportunities, emotional upheavals, all because one is unable to make a choice. The appearance of the Seven of Cups indicates the presence of different possibilities, but their abundance is confusing. One of the partners or both is not entirely honest.

The energy of the Seven of Cups is inspiring, motivating a person to act, saying that a person has a choice. Seven of Cups can be defined as “a dream of a soul” in which a person accumulates powers, indulging in dreams. The Magician is a card associated with illusions and if it appears in a reading with the Seven of Cups, you might be the person who is tempting others by manipulating their desires. Are you greedy but not willing to work for what you most desire? It's. The Seven of Cups tempts you from so far off that the illusions it provides you actually may build your character. Dreams and fantasies could provide short-term comfort, yet do not give enough willpower for personal spiritual development. Having enchantment dreams and strong feelings is vital. Take your time and consider things carefully; only diligent communication and evaluation will give you what you desire. You are not easily distracted and are thus able to focus on what you need. Filadoro writes: “Wild wind of imagination turns the mind like a weather vane, pointing it to dreams, temptations and frivolous plans. The Seven of Cups: While it is not a reconciliation card as such the Seven of Cups can indicate that your ex just needs some time apart to figure out what they want. I have read this post and if I could I desire to Are you after the material gains represented by the castle, the beauty represented by the jewelry or the power of life and death itself, as represented by the raised body? Sometimes Seven of Cups can bring tears if a person cannot take dreams of unattained ideals. Ancient interpreters believed that the Seven of Cups symbolizes success in love, attractiveness, and personal charm. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. There are numerous fantasies that are appearing from the cups, which are representative of the many visions that one sees while dreaming. A person is to overcome temptations. The Seven of Cups refers to works of the imagination, the use of dream and vision to invent a future different from the life one is currently living. Often things that sound too good to be true are. If either of these cards appears in a reading with the Seven of Cups, the desire and inspiration are intensified while the negativity associated with pleasure-seeking is lessened. Are you working to get where you want to be by sitting around on the couch?

For example, a gold crown could symbolize attraction of fame and vanity sin; a castle high on a cliff could symbolize self-love and arrogance. This applies in the upright meaning and also the Seven of Cups reversal meaning.

A person thinks he or she knows all the possible options, and he or she needs to choose one of them. You need to harmonize what you want and what is possible now. They may even be motivators of something good coming your way somewhere on down the road.

Seven of Cups tells that a person can “see the pie”, yet cannot get it. It can be an indication that you have so many choices or so many things going on at once that you may be overwhelmed or unable to focus properly.

A person needs to restore the relationship with reality, starting with the simplest of its foundations. But none will get you what you desire if you don’t choose one path and commit to it. You have something you have to do, which makes you feel heavy.

There is nothing definite and substantial. All rights reserved, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Eight of Cups – Ruler of Rejected Prosperity & Lost Success. Another interpretation of a snake is jealousy and suspicion, and of a figure covered in a veil is unconscious spiritual aspirations, thought a person frozen in confusion before an important choice. A person can review his desires and start creating a realistic and feasible plan for success. Use these skills to honestly assess your position and where you have fallen short.

In short, everything which replaces one reality with the other. If next to the Seven of Cups in a spread we can see the Moon or the Devil – a person completely crazy about his or her partner – and goes over a hormonal hurricane. Seven of Swords can show a person with psychic powers. Living in a dream is not the worst place in the universe. In fact, the Seven of Cups with all its illusions and waking dreams poses the questions – “What is happiness to you? Seven of Cups is a card of fog and mirages. Do you lust deeply as represented by the woman or do you seek the glory only a laurel wreath can indicate? This could be a nice place of having been satisfied, but it is usually an indicator that you are not where you should be in life and that you have nobody to blame but yourself. The strength of this card in this position is that you are tempted to continue on a current path out of self-interest. A new romance (or romances) may blossom soon.

Your determination is awe inspiring. But, on the contrary, in this case, a person must find another option, completely different and yet unknown. In a general context, the Seven of Cups Tarot card represents having lots of options to choose from or multiple possibilities open to you. Trust your gut; you've probably already realized that you have to start somewhere. Allow yourself to imagine a truly positive outcome any situation.

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Search for meditative and transcendental experience becomes just an escape from everything: reality, responsibilities, duties.

Each holds an item of value and worth. A person experiences some mystical (or, at least, quite subtle and unusual) experience; a person finds an interest in the esoteric arts; a person is in a search for a meaning of his life. Click the magic button to start your initiation ritual. Looking beyond disappointments, a person is ready to correct errors and able to make a right choice. The Seven of Cups is also linked with temptation.


It’s the best time to make some plans for the future The seven of cups suggests that there are a number of ways you can better your financial standing.


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