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And going further, would Shoko want to become friends with such a person, and even further, would she want said person to begin dating her ? He never directly bullied Shouko like how Shouya was. Their friendship began when Shouya jumped when she fell on the bridge by trying to catch her old notebook she used to communicate, that slipped out of her hand. She was always seen as neat and clean, thereby making her an easy target for other students to bully her by disheveling or soiling her clothes. Years later, he … Shouko is an extremely smart girl as she is the top student of her year (Yuuji Sakamoto once said when she remembers something, she will not forget it for the rest of her life), but she is hopeless with electronic gadgets and will spoil any of it that fell into her hands (except for tasers).

As Shouya's friend, Nagatsuka considered Shouko his friend and he supported Shouya with his relationship with Shouko. When the group goes to the pool Yoshii tricks Shouko into playing Water Devil* with Yuuji.[8]. Shoko wears a pretty necklace now. Nevertheless, Shoko and Shoya continue to date, even going to an amusement park together with friends. She has pale, evenly toned skin. She is shown to have light brownish-pink wavy hair which reaches her chest and her bangs reach the bridge of her nose. She liked how he didn't treat anybody differently, he treated everyone the same no matter who they were, and since she is from a well known family, everyone treated her differently, but not Yuuji. First off, learn sign language, so that she could talk to Shoko without the slow process of using her notebook. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! She promised Yuuji's mother that she'll marry Yuuji when she gets older. Nishimiya Shouko: Shouko Nishimiya (西宮 硝子, Nishimiya Shōko) is a character introduced in Koe no Katachi. It has been clearly stated that Shouko hates herself and fears that she is useless. Later that day in the school hallway, Shoko and Miyoko are seen walking together. Shoko noted that Miyoko was the only student that put her hand up when called upon to help learn sign language. The next day of class, Miyoko was absent. All through this time, Shoko bears no animosity or ill will towards him, many times offering the olive branch of peace to him with the offer to be friends. Shoya is called upon to try and look beyond Shoko as 'damaged goods', supposedly because of her disability, and to see himself as the 'damaged goods' and her as having the good qualities of endurance, long-suffering, and Agape Love. Even with the social and emotional abuse that she was subjected to as a child, young Shoko was always friendly and composed, and would offer to communicate with people by means of writing in her ever present notebook and pencil. Here are all of Shouko's english speaking lines in A Silent Voice/Koe no Katachi It gets to the point where she transfers to another school and as a result, Shou ya is ostracized and bullied himself, with no friends to speak of and no plans for the future. The bullying worsened after Shouko either lost or broke eight of her hearing aids, pushing her mother to consult the principal regarding the matter. Her school uniform consists of a navy blue blazer, a blue ribbon, a white blouse, a light brown sweater (vest), a pale blue skirt with light blue details, navy socks and brown shoes. Shouko was a transfer student in the class of Ishida Shouya. She never faulted from her personal understanding of 'return evil for evil to no one', and to 'do to others the same that you want them to do to you'. When Shoko has grown into a mature, mildly confident teenage girl, another dilemma was presented to her---instead of being on the receiving end of the nasty, vile, debased actions of a bully, could she forgive the nasty, vile, debased actions of a former bully, namely Shoya. However, neither the movie, nor the manga, give any indication as to how or where Shoko learned the spiritual traits that would govern her actions, and guide herself through the hell-hole of that public school, and the valley of deep shadow that would be her childhood and teen/tween experience. Expected of her very feminine personality, she prefers to wear nice dresses that emphasize her female attributes. Her face is somewhat rounded out, with her anime girl 'big eyes' dominating her face. For the summer festival, Shoko decided to wear a traditional yukata, much to Shoya's delight. Her father's supposed personal pride and status in life was stronger than his love for his special daughter and pregnant wife. Even at this younger age, Miyoko already had strong empathy and compassion. During the festival, and with Shoko next to him, as they are again on a date together, Shoya makes good on his redemption to a new life, for all the bad things that he did earlier in his life. Shouya helped Shouko find Sahara during High School as she felt responsible for Sahara getting bullied.

Join the community. After months of this unbearably cruel and wicked treatment, the bullying now escalates to hardcore physical violence. This wrong perception grows in her to the point that she decides to commit suicide for (supposedly) his and her own good. Shoko Makinohara (牧之原 翔子, Makinohara Shōko) is one of the main characters of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai series. At the end of the manga series, after having studied hair styling in Tokyo for a year on a scholarship, Shoko returns to her hometown and reunites with Shoya for the Coming of Age Day Celebrations, the year that they both turn twenty years old. She was more surprised when Shouya used sign language as he talked to her. When they met again, thanks to Shouya's efforts, they became friends and they always meet up with each other every Tuesday on the bridge. She is somewhat clueless and doesn't see herself as a special individual that needs to be pitied. Water devil is when one person drags another under the water till they lose consciousness and then drag them up to the shore and give them mouth to mouth. , Shoko must have thought. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Shouko is also hard to anger and slow to cry, as she has endured a long, painful life; with her mother aside leaving her grandmother to take care of the Nishimiya sisters. Later, it was speculated that mom had an adverse reaction to something that ended up affecting the fetus, such that the developing child was born deaf. Shouko is a very beautiful (Yamato Nadeshiko type) [3] girl that many boys ask her out with waist-length flowing violet hair (referred as black in the novels) that is styled in a hime cut give which she's an ojou (Japanese term for a rich female) with two small ribbons on each side of her hair and huge raven-blue eyes. Also as stated in Chapter 21, Nishimiya is observed to only wear one hearing aid. He did not think much of her, the new transfer student, either. When Shoko began to be on the receiving end of Shoya's bullying, it was Naoko who also was working 'behind the scenes' to generate dislike of Shoko among the other girls. However, a few undesirable traits still remain, which lead to her first considering, and then implementing suicide. Nishimiya is the grandmother of both Shouko and Yuzuru is very close and more motherly to the both of them and still, shows extreme support for her own daughter who has locked herself away from the family. Shouko Kirishima (霧島 翔子 Kirishima Shouko) is a supporting character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. When Shouya fell from her apartment, He was the one who helped him get to the hospital and told Shouko not to tell him what he did.


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