shumard oak pros and cons

The pipes are directly behind the root ball on the edge of the hole. I'm going to leave it alone and see what happens. try googling Black leaf scorch and see if that fits. Yes, indeed - insufficiently caffeinated, apologies. Around the first week of June it sprouted from the stump. and the limbs and stems are still green. Never trust the health of your trees to whomever planted it in the pot. It appears healthy but is starting to get root bound. jcalhoun wrote:"If the tree dies I will have to put something else there. The only fertilizer was put on the grass during the spring. I'm inclined to think it just wasn't enough water or not getting to the right place. It has been dry for a few days now. When I noticed none of the leaf buds were turning color I did some investigating and found chewed through channels inside the trunk and the bark was peeling away in large patches. I'm inclined to think it's probably the latter tho. As I said on the other site I still think it is planted too deeply.Between that and the lack of drainage it is suffocating. We've been in a hot dry spell lately. It was still moist today when I got home from work. The trees get mid day to late evening sun. What has your watering regimen been like and have you used any fertilizer, root stimulator, or miracle gro? The hole is still moist but not holding water. Your trees even though struggling are certainly doing better than the potted Shumards I have attempted to plant during the growing season. Our priority is to keep you happy and your trees healthy. If there is mulch around the tree and you find the soil wet or gooey, pull the mulch back to the outside of the planting ring. Amen. Mehr erfahren. Should not consider planting in smaller yards. After doing some reasearch I discovered that the teddy bear is a dwarf magnolia. Then after the last freeze of the following winter, I pull them out, removed them from the pots and planted them while they were still dormant. I had to pull it up today. These trees for me have grown agressivly. Mix the fertilizer into the top 3 inches of soil. mine didn't get the little spots on the back but all the leaves are now brown. How wide was teh pots the trees came in and how wide was your planting hole?

Good luck! Once again for all your tree care professional needs contact your local Tree Service Fort Worth company to have one of our license arborists come visit you at your property. That is the variety (cultivar). I guess that's a good sign. Shumards and Red Oaks are a good balance of faster growing and a stronger wooded tree.

Keep the mulch at least 10 inches away from the trunk to prevent disease. i've been thinking that the guy that cut my grass sprayed roundup around the base to kill the grass growing around it, but maybe i'm wrong and there's something going on with shumards? Shumard does not present chlorosis (yellowing) as some varieties like the Pin Oak. Shumard oak has a grayish bark, smooth on the young trees but gradually developing slight furrows and ridges as the tree gets older. Plenty of time to dig out your root flare and see out this one does. Wanted to know the pros and cons of planting oak trees in my garden. Here's some pics I put in my Photobucket: Here's the diagram the BH includes on her tag with every tree she plants, and includes on her instruction page: Today about 90% of the leaves are brown. The other tree still looks the same. Dig the hole only as deep as the rootball. Should not consider planting in smaller yards. For more on horror stories on Lumber Liquidator floors, search them on I planted two 12ft tall Shumard oaks in my front yard in April.

A local nursery delivered and planted them for me in the late fall part of our growing season that year. The power lines are about 30ft west of the tree.

I would provide suggestions, but I'm not at all familiar with the Alabama climate and flora!!!!!!!!!!! Any chance of a quality pic of the bole where it meets the ground?

Do not prune Shumard oaks in late spring or early summer as this is the time the insects that spread oak wilt disease are active.

Almost double what was there yesterday. Anyway, for future reference, how should I go about making a hole to plant a tree or shrub in without creating a bathtub? Would it hurt anything if I dug down next to the edge of the hole and checked the soil? The limbs and stems are still green. Without additional pix, and with the info provided, the tree is suffering from decreased vigor from environmental stress and possibly improper planting, which is allowing pathogens to attack. Shumards are an overall better tree. Prefers well-drained soil. The other shumard got infected by a worm or borer. As long as they are adapted to your area(seed provenance), they are not root bound and planted correctly. I don't remember the exact size of the pots but I think they were 40" wide and 30" deep.

And don't be fooled into thinking you can save money buying from the likes of Lumber Liquidators! another post from someone in TX reported a dying young shumard recently too. Dying Tree These are just some of the mony reasons why most people choose these wonderful Red Oak trees. If the tree survives the summer, it'll look nice all butchered up to keep off the overhead wires. Northern red oak is cold hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 4. Any transplanted tree I have seen go in shock and that is not able to push off the dried leaves, has usually produced such a situation for that tree, which results in proving that the tree is either well in the process toward death or already dead. And gained great trunk strength and good canopy structure with just small amounts of needed pruning each dormant season. The ground is thick clay and we have had a very wet May and June.


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