sig p226 mk25 trigger
I’ve been waiting for a review of this gun. Statistically speaking the vast majority of handgun involved shootings are within close range. I carried it and three mags until 1996 when I retired.
  • It is sort of an updated, modernized P226 you could say – and for a gun born in the 1980’s I like that part of it. There is a reason why this gun was the official sidearm for the Navy SEALs for more than 20 years. I have a West German P226 9mm that I purchased on my 21st birthday in 1987.

    And especially given that it’s only $100 – $200 more than a brand new P226, there really isn’t any reason not to go with a MK25.

    Unfortunately after a few cleanings it starts to easily peel off. the way i judge a handgun that i’ve never owned is to go to a rental range and try it. Weapon lights are well worth it. It just feel the best in my hand. I have a mk25, purchased new in July 2014. Ditto here. – A rail for a light mount. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I went to the range with the little mrs. for my birthday, brought my XDm and rented a MK25… We shot them both and I bought a MK25 a few weeks later!

    I had the P226 Legion for 2 years and it was a dream. They fixed it and I sold it. Lost all credibility with me…and does he REALLY have a 3D scanner to keep “inventory” of all the guns in his safe? I sent it back to SIG for their service package and install of the SRT. I own Sig Sauer P226 MK 25 and It was nearly impossible to find a holster for it. Relevant only to the .05% of shooters who would ever put the volume of fire through a P226 to wear out the barrel.

    Some states have legal restrictions for the purchase of items so we need to ask for your location. I don’t shoot my XDm much anymore. On the MK25, though, there are some cutouts in the back of the trigger. I heard about Garrett Industries, LLC from a friend and I decided to check them out. Loud and blinding! I could barely see the targets in the gloaming and a handgun light would have made everything much better. Specifications: Crossbreed Supertuck fits MK25 just fine. To be honest, the review gun might be a better route to go. I have one of the original P226 Navy models without the rail. Select from one or more online firearms distributors then click "continue offsite" where you can begin the process of purchasing your firearm.

    Its a functional gun that shoots well and is amazingly reliable — except when you use the crappy jam-tastic ProMag 30 round magazines. Same gun was still shooting strong… Right until the slide flew forward. I have many holsters for my MK25, yes there are some that won’t fit due to the chunky rail – but there are tons that do. For DA/SA models only. It’s certainly worth the effort. What is the difference with the sights?

    You can watch them with no problem while they’re really not able to do much in the way of answering back. Does it come with a bipod so you can put even more junk on it? Just went back to the range a few weeks ago. Put over 300 rounds through it and it shot great!!!

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