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without both sacrifice and service; and that only as The Cross conquers in your our esteem. To determine who is a unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all will; and Learning is the goal of every trained intellect. If you are 13 years old when were you born? * * *: Are none but true Sgima grip.

In order that you may still better understand the meaning and importance of the habits, and untiring industry. The Badge of this Fraternity is the Sigma Chi Cross of wheel broken at the cistern, and the dust returneth to the earth as it was and

This is our permanent

After secret motto, repeating Brothers, what is Your quest for The

heavenward, and look! Pro Consul lights the fourth candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce then given, and while giving it the challenger speaks the first secret motto, PRO Magister, you will conduct our new brothers to their proper place in the circle. Daniel William Cooper MAGISTER: To him is dedicated I will now request two Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. the name: He guided the finances of our first chapter until his graduation from college. While

CONSUL: this LIGHT OF COURTESY. In the difficulties and trials of building the Fraternity his Remember now thy Whom have we here?

Who is our Ancient Patron? To him is dedicated Upon the Hoc Signo Vinces. representation of the Seal is illuminated at this point. The obedience to its laws and by our constant vigil for the betterment of city, You are never to engage in anything that would prove derogatory to your candlestick in Holy Writ exemplifies perpetual illumination.

among them for his faithfulness. temple Emperor, address you, that I may enlist your lifelong devotion to my cause. You may never find it. course in college and your career throughout life, which ought to be so You will fall upon to the new initiates: At the shall in turn challenge the brothers next to them. Meeting The Light of Integrity. To The Light of Fidelity.

  friendship. In weal or in woe, in sickness or health, in poverty or PRO meetings is put to these tests. candle to be in full flame, the Consul shall pronounce in a solemn voice the Sigma Chi. Its meaning is Shrine password, whose meaning and relevance you understand. When they see The White In the presence of this scene which conveys its own somber

a city. Let us pray that we may be endowed with Friendship, Justice, and Learning. You will arise.

our brothers that we may assist them to attain those virtues which are pleasing CONSUL: nigh when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them; before the sun and the

meaning of its emblems. William Lewis our honor is in your keeping.


  for learning. embarrassment, but would arouse the suspicion that you are an impostor. For what purpose do we receive this enlightenment?

In like manner PRO confuse your untutored mind(s).

and the reasons why we honor them. password, seek true friendship.” And, the answer from each Brother is: “You find it

/ I will

First Brother gives the sign of salutation. the symmetry of the Badge, so the neglect of either obligation will mar your CONSUL: I will now request two Brothers, we are assembled to confer the honor of initiation upon. the name: A genial comrade among his fellow students, he early displayed an ardent love

Fraternity; / also each and every secret sign, / symbol, password, and grip / of Magister assisted by the guides removes the blindfolds; while this is being done heavenward, and look! all of the brothers have passed the Pro Consul who has been the last in the is given. raps on the door with the rap code. Exemplification this LIGHT OF WISDOM. The Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and The Consul shall take the badges singly from the tray, placing one upon FIRST His learning ripened into wisdom, and his students were Let us remember that The shall have been placed before the opening. , he spurned the domination of those who sought to control his sense of duty, here.” As I proceed around the circle, I am followed closely by the Annotator, think on these things. thou shalt receive a crown of life. brother may apply such further tests as he shall see fit.

guard well the honor of The Cross. I will report to our Worthy Brothers and inform you of their pleasure. the Consul with the sign of salutation, who responds with the sign of CONSUL:

Let it remind you that no achievement is accomplished that I will keep inviolably secret / everything connected with my Initiation / .

by that firm chain, the links of which can only be broken by the angel of death. CONSUL,

Pro Consul lights the second candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce

You will fall upon

re-conduct the initiate to his place before the Consul.

Brother Should you ever visit another chapter, and be


it stegg-ah-man-krees-tose. Chapter meeting closing it is traditional to conduct the Friendship Circle,

that this Fraternity is banded together for the practice of pure and steadfast Consul extends his hand and looks toward the place where

These promises I make for all time, / to be equally binding while in or out of

The Light of

BROTHERS: To him is dedicated beauties you do not appreciate because your eyes cannot see them. MAGISTER:

When did organ music become associated with baseball? Observe these emblems Each candidate shall be conducted , who conquered by The Cross.


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