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Sasha is among the Survey Corps to lead an Expedition beyond Wall Maria, and finds a Titan whose limbs were so small that it could only crawl. [49] She is present with the squad, Reeves and Reeves' son when Levi and Nifa reveal that the Reiss family is the true royal family. 850 Sasha was a young woman with light gold eyes and brunette hair kept in a ponytail that reached the base of her neck. Dark fur covers the large majority of his body, with the exception of his face, hands, feet, and torso. They also produce a high amount of heat and emit steam to control their body temperature. It has been noted that Zeke is the "strongest" Warrior, but only in his own abilities and power: his titan form with another holder would be different. [17], Sasha is seen arguing with her father, telling her not to eat the meat from the winter from the ground. Also known as Founder, Progenitor Titan, The Power of the Titans and the Scream. All Titans originate from Eldia.

Furthemore, it can use different equipment as the circumstances require, and can be used in a broad range of operations. She and Connie stand guard as Levi interrogates him for the whereabouts of Eren and Historia. When not on missions, she wore a simple long sleeved blouse with a skirt that slightly covered her bo…

Copyright All rights reserved Theme: News Base by, The Handmaid’s Tale: A Woman’s Place Recap, Armed Individual at Phoenix Comicon Raises Concerns Over Convention Safety. On the way, she is attacked by a Titan, which was unassumingly hiding behind a building.


Marley's best candidate to inherit it is the girl warrior Gabi, but Reiner wants to give it to Falco Grice. Professional Information [63], Sasha and the squad arrive and Eren is freed, but the squad is pushed back against the Wall due to the heat and force of the steam emitted by Rod Reiss' Titan. Solo: 0In team: 0Total: 0 For Pure Titans:Keep eating humans until they find a Shifter and can regain their lost humanity (their curse).For the WarriorsDefend Marley from its enemies and enforce its power.Show the world that the Eldians are now good and don't need to be exterminated.Bring Eren Yeager to Marley and eat him.Destroy the Survey Corps (Bertolt and Reiner's goal, partially succeeded).Retake the stolen Titan powers for Marley.Serve the Kingdom of Marley and steal the coordinate.Eradicate all Eldians within the Walls of Paradis. [9] Originating from Dauper Village, she had a local accent, but actively hid it out of embarrassment by using formal speech, even when conversing with her fellow trainees. Members: Argana Kalif | Bache Kalif | Tione Hiryute | Tiona Hiryute | Seldas | Belnas | Elnea, Ikelos Familia [32], She is later assigned to guard the middle of Trost from incoming Titans,[33] and is among the trainees that are left stranded and unable to retreat to from battle due to running out of gas for their vertical maneuvering equipment. Before she matured and entered the military, Sasha was shown to be rather intolerant and close-minded. [15] Despite her gluttonous tendencies, Sasha was a capable soldier and could not stand by when others are in trouble. Also simply known as the Jaws, this form grants the holder rather long arms, powerful jaws and sharp claws. Pure Titans (Eldians drugged and mutated by Marleyans)Eldians from Marley:Dina Yeager/Smiling Titan (Eldia Restorationist punished by Marleyans; deceased)Peering Titan (Eldia Restorationist punished by Marleyans; deceased)Bigmouth Titan (Eldia Restorationist punished by Marleyans; deceased)Bearded Titan (Eldia Restorationist punished by Marleyans; deceased)Sawney (deceased)Bean (deceased)Eldians from Paradis (island that includes the Walls):Mr. Springer (from Ragako, if not the abnormal who attacked Sasha, deceased)Martin Springer (from Ragako, deceased)Sunny Springer (from Ragako, deceased)Gluttonous Titan (from Ragako, Connie's village; deceased)Ragako inhabitantsDot PixisNile DawkRoegKeith Shadis (presumably)Others (from both places):All Titan Shifters (have to become mindless before gaining their powers)Abnormal TitansEldians from Marley:Talking Titan (young Eldian cultist of Ymir banished to Paradis by Marleyans; the first speaking titan encountered in the story, first met by Ilse Langner; deceased)Jumping Titan (Eldia Restorationist punished by Marleyans; deceased)Eldians from Paradis:Rod Reiss (from Wall Maria; the true king of the Walls and Historia's father; turned intro a 120 meters abnormal titan; deceased)Ms. Springer (from Ragako)Mr. Springer (from Ragako, suspected to the abnormal who almost killed Sasha Braus, due to strong resemblance; deceased)Wall TitansTitans in the three Walls (Phantom-like Titans; Eldian creators of the Paradis Walls to protect their fleeing people from Marleyans and rebel Eldians)The Nine Titans (Titan Shifters who posses the split powers of the goddess queen Ymir Fritz; powers, holders, and factions)Colossal Titan/Colossus Titan (formerly for Marley, currently Eldia allegiance):Bertolt Hoover (Marley warrior, officially listed as missing in action; deceased)Armin Arlert (Paradis soldier; current holder; 9 years of life left)Armored Titan (Marley allegiance):Reiner Braun (Marley warrior, now promoted as second-in-command; 2 years of life at most left; power to be given to one of the elite Marley soldiers)Attack Titan (Eldia allegiance):Eren Krueger (Marley officer who posed as a spy of the Eldia Restorationists; deceased)Grisha Yeager (Eldia Restorationist; deceased)Eren Yeager (Paradis soldier; current holder along with the Founding Titan's "coordinate" powers and the War Hammer Titan; 4 years of life left)Female Titan (Marley allegiance, unusable):Annie Leonhart (Marley warrior; current holder; still comatose since 4 years; 2 years of life at most left)Beast Titan (Marley allegiance):Zeke Yeager (Marley Warrior under direct service of its rulers; current holder; half a year of life left)Jaw Titan/The Jaws (Marley allegiance):Marcel Galliard (Marley soldier and Porco's brother; deceased)Ymir (neutral; former homeless Eldian of Marley, later taken to be worshipped by an Eldian Cult, then banished to Paradis by Marley; deceased)Porco Galliard (Marley warrior and Marcel's brother; current holder; 9 years of life left)Founding Titan/Progenitor Titan (Eldia allegiance):Ymir Fritz (the very first Titan and founder of Eldia; deceased)First King (also known as King Reiss and King Fritz; creator of the Walls; deceased)Mr. Reiss (Paradis; Rod's father; deceased)Uri Reiss (Paradis; Rod's younger brother and Kenny Ackerman's best friend; deceased)Frieda Reiss (Paradis; Rod's eldest daughter and last holder; deceased; power stolen by Grisha)Cart Titan (Marley allegiance):Pieck (Marley warrior; current holder; 2 years of life at most left)War Hammer Titan (Eldia allegiance):Ms. Tybur (Younger sister of Willy Tybur, member of the Tybur royal family; deceased; power stolen by Eren Yeager)


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