solipsism vs narcissism

Yet I don’t really like this word for several reasons. Similar/related concepts include ethnocentrism, “racism”, clannishness, folkishness, etc. Typical double-think. “You could fill the pages of TOO with examples of hostile Jewish strategies designed to advance the cause of White dispossession”. They’re just conservative sites run by semi-racially-aware cultural commentators. The comment was made on my post, Fred Reed – Not Naming the Jew, []. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of, Who We Are #22 — The Age of Exploration and Colonialism. Trump’s running mate is a ra…, Mark Collett and his group are suggested as an equivalent to National Alliance?…. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone argue that Jews don’t conspire, this seems to be a deliberate twisting of words to counter the argument that some make, including myself, that Jewish behavior isn’t a result of a vast conspiracy. – If we’re talented, we shouldn’t have to pretend to be something we’re not. He, in turn, encourages her false hope for as long as he desires to string her along. Another term comes to mind that came up in the discussion of gaslighting, but which reflects an ancient European archetype, originating in a European myth. Exaggeratedly sincere reply from Matthew Perry: Our enemies are exactly the same. – And you’re an openly gay firm? Go along to get along. 2 Responses

Their own writings tell us that somewhat openly. The Jewish holocaust cla…, I should like to contextualize this  item, as it was written by the founder…. But the book was prompted by a profound sense of grievance. The AltRight is sowing the seeds of its own demise by not defining the enemy. A positive byproduct of this dynamic is that the identification of a set of anti-White beliefs directly with an obvious “Other” is a much more powerfully motivating psychological force for the promotion of racial awareness than an amorphous mass of people that simply hold anti-White beliefs. In that sense a parasite doesn’t compete with its host. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, learned of this story and decided to punish Narcissus. It even has to do with “suicide”. No. Who cares if we’re gay or straight? —————-. In particular, that it is a relationship, and that it is an asymmetic, abusive parasitic relationship in which jews benefit and Whites are harmed. “Of course they do, but it’s unlikely that there is anything like an overarching Protocolian-type conspiracy going on, is mine and others argument, and it’s usually taken out of context. In criticizing the rhetoric of “White altruism” I’ve argued against what I’ve described, grasping for the proper language, as a form of racial solipsism: Solipsism (Listeni/ˈsɒlɨpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning “alone”, and ipse, meaning “self”)[1] is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. Clear presentation of present day reality. The AltRight can either accept this struggle and build an actual movement, or it can ignore the struggle and decay the way libertarianism, NRX, and the other lukewarm movements did. And this in spite of the jews’ relentless expressions of alienation and hostility, made most plain in the victim narrative jews never tire of recounting. Those who really believe are dupes, not leaders.

Hey, i am looking for an online sexual partner ;) Click on my boobs if you are interested (. In particular, that it is a relationship, and that it is an asymmetric, abusive parasitic relationship in which Jews benefit and Whites are harmed. they can control the direction of the herd, us! She was heartbroken and spent the rest of her life in lonely glens until nothing but an echo sound remained of her. Relationships with them are always about control, never about mutual love. Hang the traitors. Maybe the conspiring is the inborn tendency? I’m just sick and tired of these people continually ignoring the 6 million pound elephant in the room. The key point I return to, again and again, is that there is a pathogen, an Other, an enemy. Matthew Perry: Narcissus sensed he was being followed and shouted “Who’s there?”. Oliver Platt whispering in Matthew Perry’s ear: So my question is: Can it be determined how much of what the jews do is inborn and what is not? A victim of Stockholm Syndrome irrationally clings to the notion that if only she tries hard enough and loves him unconditionally, the abuser will eventually see the light. Can it be summed up to what I pondered, that the jews conspiring is their inborn trait? The only people who have problems with Jews are people who cannot compete with them. 4.

The zealous, true-believing Whites that totally embrace the Jewish program are relatively small and could hypothetically be readily neutralized once they are widely seen as traitorous collaborators. I see what Ben and Tan are saying. Even if something could be known about it, knowledge about it can’t be communicated to others. The Jewish community accurately perceived these ideologies as beneficial to their interests and so they promoted them to victory over the social order. Here’s an insightful article by Don Logan at Aryan Skynet, In Defense of David Duke. I like them because they are witty, smart and present a good position. They cannot compete on a first principles basis. William Pierce used the same joke to make a similar point in his 1978 piece: “The Trouble With Conservatism”. Narcissism vs solipsism. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act. Right stuff does get a lot of comments but most are the same few who have conversations in the comments. 1. Any person/group that doesn’t identify jews as main root of our major social problems is either a deceiver or too dull to listen to. Sighetu Marmat…, Everyone in France should stand up and say that they hate the jews and don…, Same excuse is used in Eastern Europe by the Gypsy minority. It enervates. Anti Semites resent Jews because of the superior intelligence of Jews, and the prosperity it earns them. Our goals are exactly the same. I don’t really make a distinction.” Otherwise, the herd mentality would play in our favor. I’ve argued that it should really just be called jewish deception. Yes. “Whites are doing it to ‘themselves’; Jews are White; but Jews aren’t doing it to us.”. Jews obviously conspire on a vast scale but how much of that is an inborn trait or a necessity to win against Whites? A victim of Stockholm Syndrome irrationally clings to the notion that if only she tries hard enough and loves him unconditionally, the abuser will eventually see the light. The other “leaders” who side step or down play the jew or who flat out will not name them are a waste of time. Here’s a bit more about these kinds of relationships, specifically to the point of anyone who says what I’m presenting is an argument that Whites are blameless. Seeing that he can sometimes behave well, the victim blames herself for the times when he mistreats her. The policeman asks why he is searching here, and the drunk replies, “this is where the light is.”. Although he intimidates and brainwashes her, generally the victim cooperates. With good humor. I’ll emphasize again right here that I’m drawing an analogy. I think the easiest and most direct answer to our behavior is ‘herd instinct’. We’ll know we’re finally getting serious when the likes of Taylor are hanging from lamp posts. The second involves the concealment of the ethnic dimension of grooming gangs which targeted White girls.

The average AltRight article is lucky to get 20, and if it’s a Nowicki article he’s lucky to get five. Jews are hyper-conscious of the eternal and implacable power struggle between them and us while our race has been rendered pretty much clueless about it, or we would (and should) be just as conspiratorial and ruthless right back. The issue he addressed was not White Nationalists who won’t name the Jew, but conservatives who won’t acknowledge the centrality of race. Consequently, the more psychopaths get from their partners, the more they demand from them. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, learned of this story and decided to punish Narcissus. All the energy of the pro-White movement is found where there’s the most willingness to directly confront Jews.

The negative connotation of conspiracy comes from the association with hostility, and that the word is generally used from an adversarial point of view. I don’t really make a distinction. Metaphysical solipsism is the “strongest” variety of solipsism. No secrecy required. It’s a funny scene, but it’s difficult to explain why if you don’t see it for yourself. It makes me think of the movie Three to tango (dialog transcript), where Matthew Perry plays an architect working for a tycoon called Newman. The fact that a comment is permitted in no way constitutes an endorsement of any view expressed, fact alleged, or link provided in that comment by the administrator of this site. Such behavior inspires revulsion, not envy. If millions of Whites were to decide that National Socialism is beneficial to our interests and then promote it to victory over the social order, would that be an “Aryan conspiracy.”, Jewish behavior does correspond nicely to the etymology of the word conspiracy though: have other people affirm this superiority, and as a result they engage It is basically an argument against the tactic of mainstreaming (which should be called jew-streaming).


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