stag beetle texas
Adult Activity: March to August, most specimens Another connection with the wood chips such as you mention above. Field Guide to the Beetles of North America. Drew. in the TAMUIC Eastern North America.


Also we have had quite a bit of rain lately, would that promote their growth ? Life Cycle: Larvae take a year or multiple years to develop. Female stag beetles prefer light soils which are easier to dig down into and lay their eggs. Click for a hub of Extension resources related to the current COVID-19 situation.

I seem to notice them after a heavy rain which we had several days before. This is a male Stag Beetle in the genus Lucanus, but your location in Utah is a bit far west for the species we usually receive. 37 pp. As long as he isn’t going to hurt me or my pups I guess I’ll let him go tomorrow. new species of stag beetle from sand dunes in west Texas, and a We are in Colorado, western slope. 1933. We are fascinated by the wood chip connection. Texas Are they into potatoes? from June. My first seeing this kind of bug.

Your email address will not be published. I live in Anchorage, Alaska and we do not have many bugs. & L.S. Arnett, R.H., Jr., M.C. There are relatively few species of stag beetles in Texas. 19 Thomas, P.E. We would love the photos. We came across 12-15 of these in the wood chips. Playtycerus virescens -  Photo - Photo, Etymology: Lucanus elaphus (Fabricius, What's That Bug? Description: Stag beetles are large, robust beetles typically dark brown in color. & J. Christen. synopsis of the genus, An annotated (Coleoptera: Lucanidae). Skelley & J.H.

I was concerned about it being on a playground…who knows how many more could be hiding. Habitat and Food Source(s): Larvae develop in damp, decaying wood. Southwestern Daniel,

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please submit using our Ask What’s That Bug? University of Nebraska State Museum, Lincoln.

July 1, 2011 10:02 pm I don’t really know if the two are connected, but I can’t imagine this thing is good for the yard. This is quite interesting. CRC The original post by the woman who found them is similar to mine.

(Coleoptera: Lucanidae) discovered in Nebraska, with brief notes on its biology and identification. Zootaxa 1050: 45–60. Adult emergence peaks in late May and June (spring and summer). Are their bites harmful?

new species of stag beetle from sand dunes in west Texas, and a 368 pp. Size is variable and ranges from 1 to 1-1/2 inches. My 1 year old grabbed it and he sure got a pinch.

There are some 50 Lucanus species Sci. Photo by Drees. Just found one in my home office. He cried for about 30 seconds and was fine after that. Larval Hosts: Lucanid larvae typically breed in besides our watering? - Male I live in Abiquiu NM., right by the Chama river and we do have a lot of cottonwood and other trees. Some species grow to over 12 cm (4.7 in), but most are about 5 cm (2.0 in). What’s funny is he insisted that they were a type of stag beetle, but we couldn’t find them on the web. There are relatively few species of stag beetles in Texas. v + 134 pp. I live in Coloma Michigan and just saw my first Beetle that resembles the one above.  © Mike Quinn / / This was a treat! Larvae are similar in shape to white grubs of Scarabeidae but larger. Dillon, E.S. He’d like to know what they eat. I killed one of these marching acroos the dining room floor last week. 1937. I also found one of these stag beetles in my backyard this evening, about 8:00 pm, here in Salt Lake City, UT. & C.S. Hi Dante, We found the following beetle on July 1st, in Orem UT, at a public park among the wood chips. You can also subscribe without commenting.

American Beetles, Lucanidae). Thank you. Row, Peterson, and Co., Evanston, IL. Will take some photos then let him go. My boys are loving them. Required fields are marked *. (Thanks!) For additional information, contact your local Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent or search for other state Extension offices. This is the best article we have read online in a very long time. White, R.E. I’ve never seen such a beetle and thought it could be a different type of “stink bug” until coming across this site. Some had crawled into a pot but now cannot get out. I got him in a scoop and put him on the other side of the road to live. Common Name: Stag beetle Entom.

A Stag beetles is a family of about 1,200 species of beetles in the family Lucanidae, presently classified in four subfamilies. Most of the North American Stag Beetle submissions we receive are from two species, the Reddish Brown Stag Beetle, Lucanus capreolus, and the Giant Stag Beetle, Lucanus elephus. 1775), lucan (LL). Oregon State University Monograph Series No. Entomological News 113: 68-70.

They may bite if handled. A closely related stag beetle, Lucanus cervus, was once common in Europe, but has declined substantially and is now considered threatened. 1983.

It was 7 p.m. at night and there were several of these beetles walking around the wood chips. Riley, Nov. 2005 67:27-29. Ritcher, P.O. Sadly, most of them were dead, some barely alive and a few healthy robust guys.

Any particular reason for this? so we looked the beetle up and it is a male cottonwood stag beetle. I was trying to identify them because I had never seen one.

Photo by Jackman. 26. Dante. synopsis of the genus Nicagus (Coleoptera: Lucanidae: Adults can also be found near stumps or rotting logs. Benesh, B. I’ve never seen before. Stag Beetles Can be kept in small containers, if no breeding is required. We have a good population at our Fillmore, Utah home.. We have a small farm out by the Tabby Turn in Fruitland, UT. We plowed up about 2 feet deep (and I was under the impression our area only grew kids and rocks :)). Soc. Dorcus parallelus - Male - Male Stag Beetles are believed to feed … Coleoptera). old stumps and in decaying roots and logs of both coniferous and

They have the club of the antennae with the segments separated rather than compact like scarab beetles. Sept. 2005].

Without insects like Stag Beetle Larva to help in the decomposition, soil quality will deteriorate. I touched the stag with a stick to see if it was aggressive, it just stayed put. Proc. We just saw hundreds of these beetles all along the Jordan River parkway in Taylorsville, Utah. I just wanted to add in my bug sighting too! 880 pp. Brought me here.

He’s mine for tonight! 2005. Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms. Arnold, D.C. & W. A. “There are some parallels in the threats facing both stag beetle species,” says Ulyshen. Hi again Dante, We just saw a bunch of these in the wood chips at dusk at a park in Lehi, UT.

Do they bite?

The giant stag beetle (above), Lucanus elephas Fabricius, has males with more elaborately branched and extended mandibles. Fabricius (1745-1808) - University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum Volume II: Polyphaga: Scarabaeoidea through Curculionoidea. The other nearest trees are an old walnut tree and old peach tree in adjacent yards.

I just had one land on me a night ago. Quinn, County Record Data from E.G. Trans.

All of them were in the wood chips covering the playgrounds, and the kids were playing with and ‘petting’ them. Field Guide to the Beetles of North America. thank-you. Females have more normal jaws. I live on a small farm with tons of trees in South Jordan, UT. Wolfe. Also, several piles of wood chips. to Texas Entomology - Compiled by Mike I was wondering if the beetle larvae stay deep in the ground.

All of our reports of Cottonwood Stag Beetles have been from Utah, however BugGuide reports them from neighboring states Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado as well. Surprise, surprise) in Midvale, and there were hundreds of these all over the playground. distributed around the Northern Hemisphere, most in Asia. Lucanidae. Are they similar to an earthworm in the benefit department ? I live in Prescott Valley AZ, When they die they go belly up. The Hawthorne appears to have some 1cm or less bore holes in it, in a somewhat dead part of the tree (it’s an old tree); not sure if those were there before this season (but I think so). We did some research on BugGuide, and we believe this is a Cottonwood Stag Beetle, Lucanus mazama, and if we are correct, this represents a new species for our website.

2002 Lucanus elaphus Fabr. You can try feeding your Stag Beetles overly ripe bananas or other very ripe fruit. Canadian Entomologist 65: 106-114. Your beetle is a different species, the Cottonwood Stag Beetle, Lucanus mazama, and BugGuide has only received submissions from Arizona and we have never received a submission of that species prior to your letter.

that is where we noticed them first. . Stag beetle, Lucanus elaphus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Lucanidae), female. Fabr. My 5 year old is fascinated with them. Do they bite with those pinchers? 1-219. 884 pp. National Plus Panola County. Stag beetles are relatively widespread in southern England and live in the Severn valley and coastal areas of the southwest. species in northern Mexico. [published: 16 1960. Entomological News 113: 68-70. We do have a few Cottonwood trees in our neighborhood. Lucanus elaphus - Male - Female Division of Entomology. I’ve never seen one. See: Your email address will not be published. The aggressive males will kill other males and the same thing may happen with females: aggressive females may kill other females in a very small enclosure. checklist of the We live in Draper Utah and just found one on the side of our house on our porch at night. The Common Stag Beetle is the second largest beetle, measuring between 22 and 40 mm (or about 1 1/2 inches) in length. Aesalinae: Nicagini).

Life Cycle: Larvae take a year or multiple years to develop. Okla. Acad. Frank.

Despite the large mouth parts, the Stag Beetle lives on a steady diet of sap. 2002. The Stag Beetles of Oklahoma (Coleoptera: Coincidentally, like in the top photo the one I caught also only has 5 of 6 legs (back right leg missing). Signature: Dante. I woke up yesterday to find 16 of large beetles on the patio.

Will the larvae crawl up a plant to get to the fruit or does it, the fruit, need to be on the ground ? This species is different from other Stag Beetles thanks in part to the orange or yellow coloring at the base of each leg. I couldn’t get it out of his hand because the pinchers were in his finger. Thanks for all the other people who left posts. Stag beetle, Lucanus elaphus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Lucanidae), male. I found this page and am blown away by what I and other people have encountered. Location: Orem, Ut You will receive a new password via e-mail. Females lay fertilized eggs on dead trees or stumps. will not do your child's homework, Fanmail: WTB? Fascinating. I have never seen one of these…except in an Indiana Jones Movie! Some tropical forms have very elongated mandibles in the males. Press. Range: Eastern U.S., from Texas to Florida to Maryland to Nebraska. My husband will let them be as long as they leave our food source alone. June Beetle grubs are quite common in garden soil. He seamed quit strong and hardly moved. You can try feeding your Stag Beetles overly ripe bananas or other very ripe fruit. Paulsen, M.J. 2005. Fun new information I’ve just found. . My husband took me outside this evening to see a different type of beetle ( he knows I like bugs ;). ) 1987. The furthest west we know of for those two species is Texas.

Wow thanks for getting back so soon.My five year old son is an avid bug lover and he thought it was great that he found these beetles.


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