stellaris planetary modifiers
Modifies the influence cost to construct starbases. These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. A size 25 Gaia world called Zannam will occasionally spawn in a galaxy. Modifies the hyperlane visibility range of planets. Guilli’s Planet Modifiers For version 1.6+ of the game. If when terraformed the planet contains organic Pops that don't have the Cybernetic trait they are killed and the machine world gains an Organic Slurry planetary feature. Cannot be removed by Terravore empires Habitability: -10%. Hello, I wanted to add planetary modifiers for celestial bodies in star systems that I've created. They can be cleared by spending resources and time and some of them may have rewards when cleared. Example: effect change_government = { civics = { civic = civic_efficient_bureaucracy civic = civic_environmentalist civic = civic_functional_architecture civic = civic_mining_guilds } }. Modifies the opinion modifier gained through border friction between countries. Can be added by Lost to Bureaucracy event. All of them have either very high or zero Habitability and most of them feature fixed Habitability, meaning that Habitability cannot be reduced by effects such as traits. Adds to the amount of damage done to a planet by orbital bombardment (this includes garrison damage, building damage, and killing pops). Crumbling Mining Tunnels 1000 270 Abandoned Mining Tunnels planetary feature

When any owned ship enters a system or passes within its sensor range, any habitable planets in the system will be revealed along with their world type. Relic Worlds can be found in the First League precursors home system or in various systems added in the, Relic Worlds contain unique Planetary Features that grant bonuses to. Only those that are defined for weapon type actually have an effect, but the game auto generates modifiers for all component tags. They each the same number of resource Districts as the regular planetary features do. Modifies the build speed of megastructures. Planets can have various sizes but habitable ones will always be within the following margins: A habitable world is any celestial body that can harbor advanced organic life. They can be referenced when executing console commands, editing savegames or creating custom events or starting systems. amenities, amenities_no_happiness, building_cost, crime, crime_no_happiness, emigration_push, housing, immigration_pull, sensor_range.

Also appears on all worlds colonized by a Meteorite Colony Ship.If this planet is NOT empire homeworld, instead it costs 300 and rewards 300. Adding modifiers to your custom system is a bit tricky. Where X is the ID of the modifier. Modifies organic pops' happiness (excludes lithoids and machines), betharian_power_plant, crystal_mines, gas_extractors, mote_harvesters xeno_zoo.

Special uninhabitable planets can only be created in unique systems or as a result of events. If a planet is selected the modifier is added as a planet modifier. These features can be exclusively found on certain planets in the galaxy or are they related with certain empire origins. They are defined at "common/notification_modifiers/xxx.txt". Reduces the research costs of modifying a species. Modifies the leader pool size (the number of leaders among which you can choose). Stellaris Desync Planet Modifiers Empire Outlets is New York City’s premier outdoor shopping and dining center.


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