stobe the hobo caught

He was one example of 100 proof American free spirit—not an easy ideal to define let alone live. Every time I see a train I am going to think of you and look for your KFC or Attack Of The Stobe, or wingman. His vids cured my depression. According to data maintained by the Federal Rail Administration released last week, it seems that Stobe was far from alone in 2017.

My favorite is when he hid in the bathroom of a locomotive while an inspection was underway.

I was attracted to it all, and I watched hours more, I re-watched the ones I had already seen. I remember when I was able to drink like that! I am amazed at the impact he had on me. Seattle, WA - Petty Officer 3rd Class James Stobie runs through a loss of steering drill aboard Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star, April 2, 2013. Stobie … The FRA data concluded that train deaths have grown steadily in the past 10 years, peaking in 2017.

He also would allow private access to his DPU (Distributed Power Unit) videos, which he didn’t want to be published, likely to avoid pissing off BNSF and future riders.

I have always had a yearning to do it but the terror of death and dismemberment is stronger. The federal agency said that 888 people died due to train-related incidents last year, and 575 of them were considered trespassers, like Stobe.

Stobe also created a patreon, where fans could give a little more and he offered bonus material back. Stobe was very knowledgeable about everything, from routes, types of trains to avoid by what they're hauling. The majority of those killed while trespassing were his age as well, falling between 20 and 39. He deemed himself unable to fit into society in one video.

It’s safe to say that once he returned from teaching, he started to document his train-hopping journeys fulltime. RIP Stobe the hobo, will miss you I was watching another hopping video and saw “RIP Stobe …” tagged on a hopper car. James Stobie created his now famous youtube channel Hobo Stobe on February 15th, 2012. At those moments, I'm sure I wasn't the only one to wonder whether, if I jumped onto one of the flat-bed freight wagons, I'd get to jump off at my destination ahead of schedule, and considering how easy it might be to jump aboard a slow-moving train like this one. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. Not sure why I kept watching but I guess like others have said, he has a way of drawing you in. His sense of humor, his phrasing, the cool piano and the sharing of his adventures is a welcom part of my day. Who is maintaining this site? Maybe you should ask yourself, what would Stobe do? How a man I never met and randomly found on the internet touched my soul escapes me. (0 members and 1 guests).

Will be looking for your Tag on the next passing freight train. I’m not sure what attracted me the most, the excitement of hopping on a train, the cinematography, the piano playing familiar tunes or was it the midnight meanderings and poetic commentary? Jim was defiantly doing this on his own volition, as quoted from an episode. And with their cell phones, everyone is a potential snitch, not just the foamers and yard workers. “It’s always important to know the Amtrak schedule”. That coupled with an overall paranoid culture that has an over-zealousness for incarceration makes benign freight hopping much more difficult. He would serve 3 years, finishing in June of 2013. Fell asleep with youtube on autoplay last night and woke up to a STH vid. So far that doesn’t seem to have happened. He understood filmmaking, he knew what his fans wanted to see and know. Even if he trespassed, his videos were really entertaining. He had the Cajones to say “fuck it, I ain’t doin it” and rode into the sunset doing exactly as he pleased. Some are even shooting personal fitness videos near the rails, according to Operation Lifesaver, a rail safety organization closely tied to the railroad industry. But before his channel, he also made 2 full-length Movies; Both those films are now on youtube, under Hobo Stobe Archive. "Just last year Subaru released an ad that had a couple riding in a box car, and we actually wrote them to let them know that idolizing train hopping is very detrimental and they did end up adding a disclaimer and removing the ad," Snipe said. "Hopping trains gives you this really fierce sense of independence," she said. I was deeply saddened and spent days down about it. RIP Stobe the hobo. Ya know, I never meet him, but damn the dude had charisma. Have an idea of what we should add to the site? Traveling from the pacific northwest as far south as Miami, Florida.

indicated by the rust color of the tracks. He had said he was ready to take a break and was already eyeing up a new adventure, this time in podcasting. James William Stobie gained considerable notoriety during his all too short life of thirty-three years as a filmmaker who self-produced documentary styled videos portraying life as a rail riding traveler-- AKA 'Stobe the Hobo."

Riding the rails the way he did may be a crime, but it’s a victimless one. Rest in Peace brother, I’m sure your in a place with lots of fried chicken & Entering a new stage of my life very soon as I’m moving into my first dorm and going to study at uni. Exaterated By drinking in the yard , catching From there we rode north, crossing the infamous Cantara Loop, site of the 1991 pesticide spill that sterilized the Upper Sacramento River.

His quotes about the town's he visited and his sheer lack of concern of truly getting caught. Jim Stobie was an acomplished piano player.

by IanMP » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:06 pm, Post However, I watched 4 today “in the darkest hours of the night” and now I’m typing this. They seem to be moving so slowly. Cheers my friend.

He was identified from identification he had While he was a slave to the spirits, he was a free man at heart. He was found between tracks 1 and 2, which are both passenger lines at that time of the morning.

This guy loves it. I had a friend who worked as a camera person on a documentary about some trainhoppers and that lifestyle, and they spent as much time dodging law enforcement as they did hopping trains. his life… no his life is not gone. Crown Hill Cemetery Wow! His piano playing skills and choice of songs made his videos entertaining and always interesting. I didn’t know what to make of him at first but was hooked by the third video. Why do you have to be an atomic asshole because someone wasn’t aware Stobe had passed?

Another post states that it didn't interrupt train service. He would take trips with friends, and on one trip in 2007 he met a future member of KFC, “Wing Man”. The editing of his film footage was part of the magic of Hobo Stobe.

Then I found out Stobe had passed and I have to say I have the same sentiment, mourning a man I’d never known. Another post said it was the Curtis Bay CSX yard in Balitmore. Jim was a talented musician. He didn’t deserve to die young, the world needs more people like Stobe.. and could stand to lose some heartless sociopaths.. actually you seem to be a deserving candidate bud, you feeling courageous enough to go make the world a better place today? The tracks are also locked up and tough to access anywhere near that area, so anybody walking the tracks there would draw attention because it is rarely done.


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