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" часа, посетителей за 24 часа и за сегодня' "+ This is where your actually counter numbers will go. Usually is used as a stream announcement. , Get premium access and support the project, Countdown with auto date function (repeatable timer), Top donations - shows 3 last Streamlabs donators, random viewers from chat or just text. You can have different stats for each type of viewer. //-->. © 2020 | Terms of use | Privacy policy | Contacts Lastly, you can make the boss fight your own by adding unique messages. Run a system check to verify the APIs and click Next. Streamsquad .

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You can change language of your countdown. "": From here, you can choose the display interval for timers (minutes or minimum chatlines) and whether or not to link your timers to commands. The bot will automatically calculate your chances of victory. This is probably what I'll use. Youtube counter - likes; Youtube counter - subs ; Youtube counter - viewers; Youtube counters - 3 in1; Youtube counters - likes and viewers; Like goal with dynamic target; Chaturbate . Fire-up the application once it is installed and choose the platform that you want to use the bot for (YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer). ), make sure you remember your account for 30 days. Countdown to any date. Fill in the details for your timers: name, whether or not it is active, usage, and response. " часа, посетителей за 24 часа и за сегодня' "+ We will be using Twitch. Then click the Refresh Button (you will need to confirm the popup in the top left corner) Re-add your new widget links back into your streaming software.