sugar glider seizure
There has never been a single documented case of a Glider ever passing Giardia along to humans.

Chronic malnutrition can lead to increased liver and kidney values, hypoproteinemia, and anemia. 2 0 obj Local lidocaine blocks may aid in surgical removal of infected teeth.

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The simple fact is that most of us can’t keep the room where our baby’s play and sleep at above 75 degrees, so if at all possible, you’ll want to make sure and get a good, quality heat lamp (along with a fleece cage cover) – to go along WITH their heat rock – for at least the first few weeks they are in their new home. Sugar gliders have specific nutritional requirements that predispose them to the development of nutrient deficiency in captivity. More recently, however, the word stressor has been used for the stimulus that provokes a stress response. This most often occurs in sugar gliders when a foreign body is present in the intestines (such as wood, seeds, or millet), blocking the bowel. This condition is fatal if not treated, but, in many cases, reversible. The information in this article is a compilation from many GC members' input to a thread titled "Body Language of a Sick Glider".

Sugar gliders are known for their odd noises, sweet loving appetites, and plush fur but a disease (or more appropriately a syndrome) has been popping up in these marsupials more and more often. Vertical mattress sutures may be placed next to the vent to help prevent recurrence, and the glider should be given postoperative analgesics, antibiotics, and NSAIDs.

As we have mentioned in previous emails, the ASGV™ is a “vets-only” association that is free to all licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. Fractured and decayed teeth must be extracted, and tooth root abscesses must be debrided and cultured (both aerobic and anaerobic). Suz' Sugar Gliders. :-) ***** DISCLAIMER ***** All the information provided to our customers and published on the For example, every year we get FAR TOO MANY frantic emails and calls from new parents, saying things like: “Help, my baby is throwing up”…or “has severe diarrhea” ..etc..etc.. 4 0 obj Now having said that, if your baby is exhibiting any of the symptoms outlined above, in most cases your Vet can quickly determine the source of the problem by simply doing a quick fecal check (or “float”). In other words, if you give them sweet, FUN stuff all day to eat – they’ll definitely eat it. Temporary stay sutures should be placed until infection and inflammation have resolved. The Most Common Signs Your Sugar Glider Might Be Sick Since the topic of the day is related to health, by law it’s important to stop for a second and remind you of the following. Sugar gliders still have "wild instincts". Sugar gliders move from tree to tree using their gliding membrane that extends from their forepaws to their ankles. Sugar gliders live in colonies in the wild and are very social. Sugar gliders with renal failure may show weakness, polyuria, and polydypsia and should be given standard treatment used for renal disease in other mammals. From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, we are committed to improving health and well-being around the world.

For example, the typical dosage for administering Flagyl is 25 mg/kg orally, twice a day for 7-10 days. An abscess is simply an infection (usually caused by getting a small cut inside their mouth) that is under the skin – and while it is rare – with sugar bears it usually first appears as some sort of “bump” on their face. For example, as we state in several other reports, unfortunately many Vets who don’t see Sugar Bears/Gliders on a regular basis are still relying on very outdated dietary information that has not been updated for many years. We will try to lay out some of the most common health related issues to look out for. Constipation is passage of small amounts of hard, dry bowel movements.

Keep refrigerated or frozen until served. Remove any uneaten food as soon as possible from the cage, Carefully monitor stools when offering gliders a new food item. When stress was first studied in the 1950s, the term was used to denote both the causes and the experienced effects of these pressures. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors.

Dusting with pyrethrin or carbaryl powder (50 g/kg) has controlled fleas and mites. Dietary modification to provide softer, more easily chewed foods may be necessary after surgery. They enjoy grooming and interacting with each other. Suz' Sugar Gliders - Symptoms - Information on Sugar Gliders, their joeys and how to care for them ~ by a former Sugar Glider Breeder. a) Using a blender, thoroughly mix the warm water, honey, and Glid-A-Mins. Therefore, in addition to getting them to a Vet ASAP, the most important thing is to get them eating and drinking IMMEDIATELY. Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA is a global healthcare leader working to help the world be well. To be safe, get them all tested for the presence of trichonomas. Paracloacal gland carcinoma was diagnosed in a male sugar glider that was self-mutilating its cloacal region, and a 9-year-old female sugar glider was found to have mammary adenocarcinoma that metastasized to sublumbar, axillary, and pouch lymph nodes, as well as to the lungs. Advanced periodontal disease or traumatic tooth fracture may lead to tooth decay and exposed roots, and in severe cases, tooth root abscessation, osteomyelitis of the mandible or maxilla, and occasional extension of the abscess into the retrobulbar space. If your glider is exhibiting ANY abnormal behaviors. It will probably take a few days to see a change, and it may turn a milky white before it starts to get better – but it should take care of the problem if you just keep it up… Again, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to take them to a Vet. While this “Emergency Rescue Mix” is GREAT for nursing a potentially-sick baby back to health, if it becomes a main part of their diet for more than 30 days, they WILL probably start to develop a very musky odor that is extremely hard to get rid of. Just put it in their cage (or dining room assuming that you’ve already made one) every night just before you go to bed – and take whatever is left out of the cage first thing in the morning. When it comes to this topic, the thing we always tell customers is to always ASSUME your sugar glider baby is dehydrated for the first few weeks you have them (even though they’re not). Most illnesses are treatable, but left untreated, something simple can become life threatening once it becomes systemic. It was developed by a Vet specifically to counteract the above symptoms (pretty much regardless of the cause) and we’ve seen near-miraculous turnarounds even in cases dehydration when it is caught early enough – and given often. Potential causes of diarrhea in sugar gliders include: bacterial infection by Escherichia coli, Clostridium sp, and others, metabolic disease, such as liver or kidney disorders. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information:

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Remember, vet care is needed ASAP when the behavior or look of your glider has changes. 1) Giving the baby a quick “Hydro” shot (to push much-needed liquids into their system). This is true for almost any animal, but it is especially important for young baby sugar gliders, whose tiny digestive systems are very delicate at this young age. If it does, (or the eye is already blueish or milky white in color), just put a TINY bit of triple-antibiotic directly on the problem eye twice a day. This covers a wide range of other, less-common health issues that can happen to these little darlings. The information on this page and in the correlating articles is for general educational purposes and is not intended to replace proper vet care. They will almost always eat this mix before anything else, (which should be about 50% of their overall diet while they are sick), but this way they will have PLENTY of other nourishment to heal their little body.

Sugar gliders move from tree to tree using their gliding membrane that extends from their forepaws to their ankles.

You’ll find that the “yogurt” trick is especially rewarding when they start licking it off your fingers and you begin to notice how much more quickly they are bonding – so HAVE FUN with all this! This stress extends all the way down to the cellular level – causing every system in the baby’s body to effectively go into “crisis mode”. Also see pet health content regarding disorders and diseases of sugar gliders. Remember, as little babies, their tummies don’t have all the necessary digestive enzymes yet that they need to eat other foods – so it’s best to play it SAFE for the FIRST SIX WEEKS – and stick religiously to the diet we lay out for you.

That’s why it’s so important to always keep a close eye out for any sort of puffiness in your little buddy’s face so (in the rare case you should happen to notice something) you can get it taken care of right away. Pocket Pets is the nation's leading resource for Sugar Glider products & information. Hepatocellular tumors and lymphoid neoplasia are common, as is mammary gland adenocarcinoma. This is simply because the process for treating diarrhea, dehydration or intestinal bacteria/parasites is identical to virtually any other small mammal. The two major and potentially fatal complications gliders experience from eating cat food are “Lumpy Jaw” and Intestinal Blockage. Under everyday circumstances, they normally don’t cause any significant harm to the animal, and don’t require treatment. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

If you do happen to notice a “bump” or “lump” ANYWHERE on your sugar bear’s face (not on the eye itself) – take it to your Vet immediately. This is why we are giving you all this information. The link you have selected will take you to a third-party website. In addition to all the other Special Reports and Instructional Video Clips – you will also find a VERY helpful publication entitled: “Quick Medical Reference Guide: A-Z”! Now, having said that, it’s important to point out that there is a BIG difference between having a simple eye “infection” or a much more serious problem called an “abscess”. Gliders are prone to neoplastic disease in old age.

Even if the pouch/cage is old or dirty, keep at least one item that is familiar and change slowly, Ingesting food or water contaminated with the trichonomas organism, Provide fresh, BOTTLED water at all times for your gliders, Always wash raw foods thoroughly before offering it to your gliders, Always wash your hands before you prepare food for your gliders and before handling your gliders, University of Missouri College of Veternary Medicine: Trichonomas, Diagnostics of Veterinary Endoparasitic Disease, Change in fecal matter: feces may be golden in color, undigested food may be passed with feces, mucus may be present in feces, Quarantine the infected animal, and clean and wash the cage, toys, and anything with which the glider may have come in contact.


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