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Then Oliver discovers him, and things get even hotter. He then instructs Sada to squat like a hen and lay the egg on the floor before he eats it.

The filmDerek Cianfrance’s hipster drama gives us the the five-year marriage between Dean (Gosling) and Cindy (Williams), moving back and forth in time, seeing how the couple came together and fell apart. Enticed by her come-hither eyes (“You’re not too smart, are you? Get free Outlook email and calendar, plus Office Online apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Gable hangs a sheet between their twin beds for modesty’s sake. Séverine is in ecstasy. The sex sceneRapacious pornstar Ashley St. Ives (Williams) puts the moves on band manager Harris (Gurian), sidling up to him in a Rolls-Royce, inviting him to the back seat and shedding her panties for some shrieky, orgiastic coupling.

Burnt Money is a resounding “yes”—groundbreaking in its pursuit of honesty, however ethically compromised.—Daniel Walber, Director: Bryan BuckleyBedfellows: Melissa Rauch, Sebastian Stan. The Preachers Daughters From The Pews To The Sheets. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Why is it so groundbreaking?The sex is hot, but Rust and Bone brews an overall attraction that speaks well to the commitment of both lead actors. Why is it so groundbreaking?A classic sex scene with no actual sex in it? The sex sceneToday, the kids call it “sploshing.” Revisiting a foodie motif from earlier in the film, Rourke sits Basinger at the foot of his refrigerator and begins feeding her all sorts of squishy, gooey foods (anything that you wouldn’t want to eat in bed is fair game). One hair would be invisible to you. A yardstick for future animated naughtiness like Fritz the Cat.—Trevor Johnston, Director: Cheryl DunyeBedfellows: Dunye, Guinevere Turner. The Don’t Look Now-homaging sex scene that comes (oo-er, etc) later in the film is more celebrated, but a woman’s sexual fantasy is rarely visualised as directly and with such an unapologetically female gaze as this. The splashy floundering that ensues is a high-point of ridiculously unreasonable expectations. The teasing, slyly comic double-penetration episode with Gainsbourg and two men? In the scene’s climactic moment, Verdú falls below the frame and the two friends share a kiss. Verhoeven's mainstream riskiness—no matter how tawdry—now seems like a thing of the past.

The sex sceneHope has grown tired of watching her protégé rise up the ranks. Gerald: “I have a feeling that if I don’t watch myself, I’ll do something silly.” Next thing you know, they’re wrestling each other nude, rolling on the floor and slapping each other. The original intention was to include hard-core pornographic scenes. Preambled by a quick tour of his ripped tapestry of battle scars, the pair get hot and heavy at her apartment.

Its explicit sex has a carefree joy due to its anonymity, its risks and its gleeful filth.—Daniel Walber, Director: Ang LeeBedfellows: Joan Allen, Jamey Sheridan.

How many extras were used in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring?”. In the end, a less-explicit version was released to cash in on the gimmick.

Some of sports' greatest images have come courtesy of Michael Jordan.

The sex sceneShirtless, sweaty and still armed, El Nene (Sbaraglia) and Ángel (Noriega) find themselves immensely turned on at an incredibly inconvenient moment. The psychological warfare and emotional brutality from that point on is all one bundle of flesh and philosophy.

The sex sceneThe movie is loaded with illicit trysts but the sexiest thing in Unfaithful is Lane's flushed face as she rides Metro-North home, the memories of a sweaty afternoon playing in her head.


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