tarot 6 card spread

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Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and drop into your body.

Lindsay Mack of Wild Soul Tarot shares her 6-card spread for illumination, clarity, and ultimately transformation during uncertain times. Once you are finished, bow to yourself, thank your counsel, and see how the energies play out in your days and weeks! Tarot Card One – The High Priestess Are you ignoring the rich pool of knowledge that … Air is associated with communication, inspiration and intuition. Enroll today to join our upcoming live office hours.

Suddenly, we’re sitting in a 7 of Cups moment with options, illusions, and clouded vision throwing us all out of sync. Below you can find an example of what the spread might look like in practice. They are chapters in a book, but this card is the last page and shows how will things be resolved if the Querent remains on his present path?

Fire can both create and destroy, and asks is the Querent subconsciously sabotaging their own goals? This card may indicate that making any decision is going to be more beneficial than making no decision at all. Sometimes, the intuition feels hazy and suddenly nothing is clear. Gently invite in anyone or anything that you pray to or that makes you feel like you are in the presence of wisdom and love (i.e., your higher self, nature, Quan Yin, Source, The Goddess, etc.). F or those learning how to read Tarot, it is also a great learning tool as it is a simple and easy Tarot spread that you can practice with. Recipe Ideas For This Week, Why Astrologers Have Been Dreading This November All Year Long, How This MD Takes An Ayurvedic Approach To Election Stress Disorder, Lectin Foods: Avoid Lectins & Heal Your Gut, Magnesium Deficiency, Benefits & Magnesium Supplement Types, THC vs. CBD & Beyond: Differences Between Cannabinoids & Other Products, Are You Tired All Of The Time? Moon phases, seasons, and other current happenings. What colors do you see? And don’t worry: whatever it is you choose, Tarot will be there to support you time and time again! you may contact us anytime to book appointment, event, reading or with enquiries.

Look at the previous four cards, representing the four elements, and see what they tell you. ), Why We All Need To Take A Spiritual Approach To Aging & Longevity, Your Election Anxiety Is Valid: Here's How You Can Plan For What Happens Next.


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