tecnifibre tf40 305 vs 315

The ball flight was lower than a more open pattern, which also wasn’t a surprise. The favorable combination of power and control also showed up on serves. The extra headlight balance made it incredibly easy to maneuver and I stayed in front of virtually every volley exchange. Groundstrokes . If you want to learn more about our cookie policy click here. The degree of accuracy the 315 had on serve was outstanding. Even though this model had a heavier 11.8 oz strung weight than the 305, it felt fast through contact thanks to its more headlight balance. Having used several past Tecnifibre 315 models, I was excited to see how this latest offering would perform on court.

If I were to add weight to this racquet, it would be in the handle. So when it set out to create a racquet line to celebrate its 40th anniversary, it wanted to design something for that core audience. It felt substantial through the air, yet stopped short of being clubby or ungainly, striking a nice balance between heft and maneuverability. This frame lent itself to flatter hitting. https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Tecnifibre_TF40_305/descpageRCTFUSA-TF4005.html, https://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Yonex_VCORE_Pro_97HD_18x20/descpageRCYONEX-VC9320.html. Having that predictability in such a versatile racquet is a huge draw to accomplished players. With new design language coming from their partnership with Lacoste, they’ve also introduced a brand new high performance racquet line.

The Tecnifibre TF40 315 should be at the top of the list for any skilled player who likes to play aggressively and finish points in a variety of creative ways. but I found the Vcore Pro 97HD to give easier access to spin because of its whippier nature. I felt comfortable attempting pretty much any shot in the book. As with ground strokes, the level of spin on kick serves wasn’t ferocious.

I have not customized mine at all yet.

© 2020 Tennis Channel Network. I made quick work of anything opponents left short for me to jump on. I had no trouble cranking up the racquet head speed from either side on the baseline.

The TF40 305 is constructed and targeted at the most discerning players that want a frame to express their talents. He is a PTR certified coach and is an active USTA 4.5 League and Tournament player. Much like the TF40 305, the 315 was a dynamic mix of modern and classic response. All Rights Reserved. The frame also uses the new Xtense BG grommets, which use wider string channels and longer eyelets for an enhanced sweet spot and smoother string installation. I had no trouble absorbing big shots and redirecting them.

I could feel the direct response of the frame a bit more on the outer edges of the hoop, but the string bed was largely uniform and clean in its response to contact.

The sweet spot felt generous for an 18 x 20 and the power level was easily controlled, allowing me to take big swings with minimal fear of over hitting. Having used several past Tecnifibre 315 models, I was excited to see how this latest offering would perform on court.

It uses Dynacore XTC, a blend of graphite, polyester and alloy fibers, to improve feel, flex and response.

Just a stable, classic-feeling frame that puts a premium on precision and control. Beast!!!! It didn’t feel as effortless to accelerate through the top, despite its headlight balance. It had just enough power to finish anything left high, but really excelled with its speed and feel. There was enough mass and stability to handle pace and drive the ball through the court, yet if I was lazy with my footwork or technique there wasn’t a great deal of assistance. While it may be a bit heavy for some, strong players with solid head speed will appreciate the stability, feel and control it offers without the need to customize.

by Jon Levey Off the ground, the TF40 315 was very similar to its lighter 305 sibling. The TF40 305 is a mid-weight, 11.3 ounce, 98 square-inch headsize frame that features a 18x20 string pattern for precision and feel. As expected, the 18x20 string pattern offered first-rate directional control.

The alluring cosmetic only adds to the premium appeal. I’m not sure there was a standout feature that would drop any jaws, but there also wasn’t any to earn an unkind word. Thought I'd chime in. Serving with the TF40 315 still provided me with a host of options. The TF40 315 consistently encouraged me to finish points at net with its incredible performance and reactions. I tried the frame with two different hybrids: a poly/multifilament and poly/poly. If I were to add weight to this racquet, it would be in the handle. Yet it still presented the opportunity to generate useful speeds on flat deliveries which could be purposefully located. It didn’t offer as much margin or variation as a more open string pattern would have, but overall I found enough spin to minimize my risk of hitting into the net.

It had outstanding precision and I was consistently able to pick aggressive targets around the court in rallies. The racquet doesn’t do much of the work for you, so it did take a healthy swipe to make an impression. It wasn’t quite as plush as some, but still rather comfortable. If I had no trouble hitting every area of the box and painted my fair share of lines on serve. Players should be able to experiment with string materials, tensions and gauges and come up with a comfortable setup for this frame easily.

I played it today and WOW - it is smoooooth! Its more flexible nature provided great ball pocketing and I felt I could hold the ball on the string bed. Tennis Express website.

I was still able to generate enough speed to put solid pace on the ball, it was just required a bit more focus in the ending stages of matches.

Great control and feel. Volleying struck a similar chord of getting out what you put in. It continues the cosmetic collaboration between Tecnifibre and Lacoste, but includes the new technical and premium brand identity.

Compared to many other constant beam offerings in its class—Wilson Blade, Yonex VCORE Pro, Head Prestige—it is slightly thicker and firmer.

I also found more than enough feel for executing a variety of touch and drop volleys. Model TF40 315 je díky své náročnosti ideální pro závodní a profi hráče, naopak verze TF40 305 je snadno ovladatelná a tedy vhodná i pro pokročilejší rekreační hráče či hráčky.

More of a revelation was the amount of topspin I could generate—I found it on par with many tight 16x19 configurations. Spin: The TF40 305 allow you to hit spin (more than the 315!) Rakety Tecnifibre TF40 jsou náročnější a určitě neodpustí tolik jako například letos představené Wilson Clash. With 40 years in business, Tecnifibre is celebrating in a big way. I am a Gravity Pro user and recently ordered a T40 305 from TW. Off the ground, the TF40 315 was very similar to its lighter 305 sibling. Feedback on contact was crisp and clean, never overly muted or mushy. You must log in or register to reply here. It handled reasonably well when quickness was called for, although I actually found the more head-light balance of its heavier sibling, the TF40 315, made it the nimbler of the two.


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