tello sim card

At present, we count eight phones available at Tello that cost less than $100. There are several possibilities why you are getting stuck here and these are the most common: The SIM / Phone combination is not quite right and that SIM you entered cannot be used with that phone on Tello.

Update: Over month now and loving this tello plan…best thing going! Sites such as PhoneDog and ThreeThriftyGuys do feature user reviews, and they're mostly positive. Even with these changes, you can still save some money if you don't need a lot of talk time or if you rely on Wi-Fi for most of your connectivity and don't need to pay for data over LTE. You need to either deregister that SIM from that other phone or simply buy a compatible SIM from us. That is the stepping stone of our Bring Your Own Phone process.

Founded in 2002, KeepCalling specializes in offering international calling plans a feature that Tello also emphasizes. However, when applicable, affiliate links are used within the post). MORE: A Guide to No Contract and Prepaid Phone Plans.

Great calls and data, So glad I left Republic Wireless. Tello is praised for its customer service and prices, and for delivering pretty much exactly what it says it will. The updated base phone plans have improved to be the following: All of Tello's data containing plans include unlimited data at 2G speeds once the plans high speed data allotment has been used up.

You should also be able to just pick up a SIM card for free from your local Sprint store. There are different Sprint sim model numbers based on your phone, so it's critical to get the right one.

Tello has a nice customer account dashboard. Do You Have An Interest In Prepaid Wireless?

i need help on this. I ported my Tmo number that I’ve had for about 20 years to Tello on your site.

You can check on it daily. By Joe Paonessa Last Updated: Mar 15, 2020.

If you use more than your allotted data for the month, speeds will be reduced to 64 kbps and tethering will be disabled. Please ask your Tello representative about any limitations.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unfortunately, the shipped SIM card that I received was not a 3 sizes in 1 like other providers sell.

Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. Have been using Tello for 2 years now (since ATT stopped my POTS).

You can buy the sim from Tello for $10, or you can get a Sprint sim … MORE: A Guide to No Contract and Prepaid …

Thankfully, when I called Tello's customer support to port in, the experience went quickly and efficiently.

Ping times averaged 64 ms, with one real outlier at 186 ms. During the review I used a total of about 3.5 GB of data. Welcome to wireless freedom!

During the course of the review, I logged 120 minutes worth of calls with 39 minutes incoming. My call to support was answered immediately. The correct/compatible SIM card is suggested on our website once the ESN passes the Bring your own device checks. If that's too confusing, Tello now has four standard plans, ranging from an $11 package with 500MB of data and 200 minutes of talk time to a $39 plan with unlimited talk and 5GB of data (plus that additional 5GB Tello now includes for free).

While the carrier still offers its custom plan builder, you can also choose from four ready-made plans.

If you do a lot of traveling, you'll want to check Sprint's coverage map. Required fields are marked *. SIM cards and plans must be purchased directly from Tello.

You know what they say: “better an *Ooops* than a *what if*” – yet in this case, we got you covered with extra details on why the SIM that you have is not accepted by Tello. The company is owned and operated by KeepCalling. it is a virgin pay as you go phone. Opt for 500 minutes of talk time and 1GB of data, for example, and Tello quotes you a rate of $13 a month. Specific restrictions and exclusions apply. Y not compatible. Tello provides coverage using Sprint's network. I was fortunate enough to have an adapter laying around to allow it to fit into my phone properly. No spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. It cannot be used for WiFi texting. Changing phone plans is easy too. If the phone is compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks, you'll have to make sure it has a CDMA SIM card.

Mixing and matching talk and data packages, you actually wind up with a lower monthly rate than if you just added Tello's listed fees together.

So please go to this page: and check the IMEIs of your devices on the website to find out what type of SIM you need. I could not get 4G LTE data working. I couldn’t be happier, it’s a no fuss, no muss, low cost, always on, very reliable service.

Just double-check that you have typed the exact ICCID code into the field provided. Unable to use SIM card for my iPhone XR that I bought from Tello, Your email address will not be published.

Overall I was happy with my experience on Tello and don't really have much to complain about.

iPhone selection is up-to-date and extensive: you can grab anything from an iPhone X ($999) all the way back to the iPhone 5 (a phone so old, it can't even run the latest version of iOS). i have an iphone and an android phone and the virgin mobile slider phone and i want to make sure they work before i order more sim card.

My SIM card was delivered to me 3 days after I ordered it. 99% of devices are compatible with one of the SIMs included in this kit, with no problems whatsoever.

There was a problem. (Update 5/22/18: Tello has informed me that if you already have a Sprint SIM you can port in online, and do not need to call customer service.)

Those issues aside, as long as Sprint offers good network coverage in your area, Tello is worth the try. Tello is a relatively newer entry into the increasingly crowded field of low-cost carriers, offering very flexible monthly service plans on Sprint's network.

It's 3 cents per minute for calls to and from the U.S., a penny for each text, and 2 cents per megabyte for data. Service is fine, but the real story for me is THE BEST customer service I’ve ever had, anywhere, with any service. All of Tello's data containing plan combinations include unlimited mobile hotspot with data speeds throttled once you go over your plans high speed data limit. Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi Calling. The only two things I could really find fault with were slow upload data speeds and the SIM card that they shipped to me was too small. Tello offers 27 phones on its site, most of them on the cheap side, with refurbished models bringing the cost down even further.

Do you have WiFi calling on or off? I bought this SIM card off this company and it was 4 this phone. I could see someone getting upset if they got sent a SIM card that did not fit their phone. I cannot open MMS unless I connect to mobile data. When I tested it out, it seemed a bit buggy. When I finally got up and running I ran into another problem. When I used the dialer code *22899 to try and activate my phone I was greeted with a message saying that my account was not authorized to make calls to this number followed by "message 4 switch 372."

Speeds on the PC were perceived to be a tiny bit slower than what I'm used to on WiFi. Unfortunately, I've never been a Sprint postpaid customer so I can't say how Tello compares in that department.

I used Ting and Verizon in the past but none of them had this type of issue. In all, between the activation phone call, general customer support calls, and porting in described below,  I placed a total of 4 calls to Tello's support representatives. There is an activity log that tracks every phone call, and text message that you send and to what number. When I was using Ting, I was able to read MMS without using data. (Note that all these amounts are subject to local taxes and fees.). Most MVNO providers don't offer this feature at this time anyway. All SMS and MMS text messages were sent and received without issue.

Tello sells phone plans that are structured a bit different than typical carrier phone plans.

Mis-typing the code or leaving the code a digit short is a common way of getting stuck, yet it happens to the best of us. Haven’t talked to them much since signup (no reason/need to :), but they’ve always been tip top on CS. If you use your phone primarily in one area that's served well by Sprint's network and spend most of your time connected to Wi-Fi, you can really save a bundle. Even though there's an app involved, it does just use your regular phone number for calling.

Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.

If you already have a Sprint SIM card, you can safely use that with Tello without having to purchase a new SIM card…

* Not all devices containing the Sprint trademark are eligible; please contact your Tello representative to determine eligibility.

Tello also offers pay-as-you-go options with competitive rates.

Had to call to activate my phone. Moto x4.

Subscribers pick the amount of minutes that they want their plan to have and then separately pick the amount of data that they want.

The My Tello app can also be used to manage your account, track your usage and change your phone plan. The SIM / Phone combination is not quite right and that SIM you entered cannot be used with that phone on Tello.

Tello’s plans renew automatically every 30 days, but you can cancel whenever you want for no extra charge. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that the problem may have been due to a custom ROM that I was using. You just pick the minutes, texts and data you need. When I used hotspot to connect my Le Eco Le Pro 3 to the internet, I measured data speeds that were the same as I got on the Motorola G4 Plus with hotspot disabled. Receive news and offers from our other brands?

I’ve been using Tello since RingPlus went tits up. Plan minutes can be used to call internationally to Canada, Mexico and China. Tello allows you to use any Sprint SIM card you have on hand to activate service.

Just signed up so no experience but should do fine for all I need. Congrats on making the first step towards guaranteed savings, now that you’ve decided to switch to Tello.

Now I have a new sim card, says it is not compatible. Unfortunately, nothing they or I tried seemed to work. I assumed this to be an APN settings issue and thus I had to call customer support again.

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how should i go about this? I used an unlocked 64GB Motorola G4 Plus for the review and remained a subscriber for over one month with one recharge cycle. Tello was officially launched in the USA in May of 2016. New York, The SIM card was shipped in a tiny package that did not require any signature when received. The SIM is already in use on another device.


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