thakiyudeen wahid family

"We have information that he stayed in Canada, Malaysia, USA, London and Nepal," the officer said. He left his family behind in Patiala and moved to Delhi in the late 1960s to work in a travel agency floated by Das. My fight is against Dawood. She was arrested from the airport by AEC team led by senior inspector Ajay Sawant and inspector Sachin Kadam on December 28. Yes. He was Dawoo d's financier in India. The timing of the bl o o dy campaign l a un ched by the Chhota Ra j an and Gawli gangs to break Dawood's decade-long s t ra ngle hold over the city's crime sy ndi -cates couldn't be better.

D be doing his own Musli favour by trying to touch for then all hell will brea. His men are hiding in Bombay and if we can penetrate Dubai too, which was once his unchallenged domain, then what kind of a don is he? I know where he is and we have already made one attempt on his life in Karachi.

I have a lot of Muslims wo ing with meandIconside Muslims my brothers.

In 1998 Lakdawala allegedly shot the brother of one of the accused in the Mumbai blasts case and was arrested.

Both Pandey and Lakdawala were not named in the original charge-sheet but were included only at a later stage. Yes, money means a lot in this business and can buy you anything.

We respect your privacy. Lakdawala was tech savvy, and used social media apps to make extortion calls which made it difficult for the police to trace their origin, he added. Q. During an interview with a weekly in 1996, Rajan had confirmed the words of D'souza. The Wahid family owns 60 per cent of the company but may offload some of the shareholding to overseas investors to raise funds. That is true and I knew about it. Nor do I have any political godfathers. ... Celebrations with family turned tragic. Sawant wa s Dawo od's main hitman and we got him despite all his security guards.

Th e murder of Wah id, whose a irline is a llege d to be linked to Dawood, was one among a series that have j olted Bombay in a f res h wave of i nte r-g ang wa rfare, this time with Chhota Rajan in allia nce with Arun G aw li challenging Dawood.

A proclaimed offender who went under -ground after jumping bail in a murder case in 1983, Chhota Rajan is now in hiding, of -ten shifting his place of residence to avo i d not just Dawood but also the Interp o l , which in September last year issued a red -corn er alert for him. C.P. East West Airlines is, in fa c t , owned by Dawood.

You finally parted company after the blasts and have now become his opponent. His residence was about 1km away. After falling out with Dawood Ibrahim, Lakdawala started operating with Dawood's aide-turned-foe Chhota Rajan. From selling cinema tickets in black to travelling to South-East Asia. You talk very confidently o f ca tchi ng up w ith so meo n e who was once yo u r boss. The police believe that you smuggle narcotics. Leela Palace, Bangalore has been awarded the best business hotel in Asia. No, Dawood came back with a lot of p h o t ographs of the three of them together and I remember him criticising Chandraswami saying he is no godman, he only talks of project s and money. A threat to kill S h iv Sena ch i e f Bal Th a ckeray was also made in the same interview. Joseph John D'souza was arrested in 1998, but was exonerated by the sessions court for want of sufficient evidence. “Even when we took them [eyewitnesses] to the police station, the officers concerned were reluctant to take their statements. Here’s what historians say, Spotlight On Pangong, China build-up now clear in Depsang, Bihar elections: Stones, onions hurled at CM Nitish Kumar in Madhubani, Decoding 'maskless' Bihar in poll season: Ground report, Bihar polls 2020: PM Modi addresses rally in Forbesganj, NCB to oppose anticipatory bail plea of Deepika Padukone's manager, People who don't want you to say Jai Shri Ram asking for votes in Bihar: PM Modi in Saharsa, Copyright © 2020 Living Media India Limited. He came in contact with Rajan's close aide Kashi Pashi, who was in the cable business. Rohit was killed by Dawood Ibrahim's gang in 2000. On November 13, 1995, Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid, managing director of East West Airlines, was about to go home after a regular day at work. Yes, I am a supporter of the BJP and the Shiv Sena. Q. A. Chandraswami, though con -tacted several times, did not come fo r t h with his views. Because at that time (March 1993) I was in Dubai and Dawood was in Karachi. It was the sensational murder of Thakiyudeen Wahid, the East West Air lines' man aging dire c t o r, l as t Nove m b e r that put the national spotlight on Da -wood's former lieutenant since the police b e l i eved h e had ord e red th e k i lli ng . He was killed in Mumbai when he was about to go home after a day at work. Once a close aide of gangster Dawood Ibrahim, Lakdawala was wanted in at least 27 cases in Maharashtra, including 25 in Mumbai, Barve said, adding that as many as 80 people had filed complaints against him.

Several times. He is etty much in hiding, but how long n these rats stay underground? Finally, the arrest of his daughter led to a break-through, officials said.

I don't believe in using money because the person who takes money from me can sell himself to anyone, Da-wood included. You can weaken him by surrendering and cooperating with the pol ice... A. I don't trust the Government because a lot of them are mixed up. Wahid's killers. Chandra swami: "His predictions for my future were a 11 wrong," says Chhota Rajan. Q. Chandraswami oath before the Jain C saying that he has ne Dawood. Q. Three men, one of whom was Chhota Rajan’s trusted lieutenant Bunty Pandey, allegedly broke the wind-shield of Wahid’s car and fired 30 bullets during his drive from office at Bandra to his house around 9.30pm on that fateful day. Excerpts: A. Journalist Josy Joseph in his book A feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India has written elaborately on the mystery of Wahid's murder and the turning points in the case. A. I was working with the German pha rmaceutical fi rm Hoechst whe re my father also worked as a storekeeper. A . Wahid's family has denied any connection with Dawood. All I want to say is we will provide protectio touch Thackeray saab. Not in my mind. He does travel out of Pak while but Karachi is hi the days when celebri his company. Initially just before I left Dubai, I had his telephone number there and even called him to see if I had been given the correct number. In 1987, he was held for robbery by Dongri police here and sent to a children's home. So it is true that sort of a communal di/ underworld? You were also very close to him till only two years ago... A. A.I have never touched drugs in my life.

A. He used to come to Dubai often to meet Dawood. Pandey, who was later arrested, too is now in Tihar jail in connection with another case. * Thakiyudeen Abdul Wahid - Owner of East West Airlines, One of the best private airline in India in its time.

D'souza had given a statement that the murder was on the basis of instructions from Chhota Rajan. Q. He returned two-three days after the blast and was inundated with calls congratu lating him. It was early 1994 when I had the opportunity to interview Thakiyudeen Wahid. Chhota Rajan even of -fe rs his "servic es" to the Sena and vows to p rotect Tha ck e ray. This became clear when the police failed to take the statements of eyewitnesses, he alleged. His narcotics business rep o rte d ly a l so s ubsidises t he Gaw li gang and this, put together with land and protection rackets, sees Chhota Rajan end up with as mu ch as Rs 2 00 cro re a ye a r, or so the police estimate. He is not a man wo rth talking about. He thinks he reduced my power and strength, but three people are not going to make a difference wh e n there are a thousand others with me. But only after I have taught Dawood a lesson.


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