that was a pretty boy i like pretty boys

The other looks like a girl who shaved her hair. It took me 23 years to identify that my big eyes, angular jaw, long eyelashes and full lips gave me a "pretty" appearance. A complete music video was also released alongside the album.

But basically it doesn’t fix my problem.

But as I got taller and thinner in high school, things started to change.

So we invent a bunch of bullshit to cope with how we really feel. Good luck to you and maybe try lifting with roids like trenbolone till you’re huge is my only suggestion and last thing I didn’t try. Nah, my husband has facial hair (that's the manly part) :p. I'm not a girl so I didn't know which pictures to choose. The sad thing is, my son who is now 14(nearly 15)too has been blessed or cursed more accurately- with soft, beautiful face.

I HATE IT! Oh my pretty pretty boy I do Click for more.

I got to know them quite well, and do recognise some of the things you mention, that I observed with him. We bar hoped and found a laid-back low profile bar in a busy boorklyn area. I always have been. I’m used to it. And what makes it worse, these men up here openly display their hate and jealousy when hot guys are around. Everybody always looking looking looking. He’s really slim. Her breasts heave against his chest and he gets a massive boner. Lots of things you can't say or do. Guys like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, or George Clooney or something like that, or whoever is rated the world’s sexiest man alive right now.

Women also tend to want guys who can do the things they are not as good at doing, so having more muscle, more courage, more "manliness" and less uncontrolled emotions helps too. That's like saying a puppy is cuter if it looks more like a kitten, but that's not the case; a really cute puppy doesn't look more like a kitten, but like a really cute puppy.

As u are very smart and we may not match you... Say good bye and leave! Johnny Depp is a pretty boy, and he isn't aging well. I will have you know, that I too am considered an attractive male in my late 20's. It is just reality I think for me. I digress, but all of the attractive people I've ever run into have certain problems with people paying attention. It's so bad that I went and bought a wedding ban (to pretend like I am engaged) just to keep them at bay. 1 | 0. I see women looking at me but I never really had the motivation to walk up to a girl randomly and pull numbers. Pretty boys are treated differently in asia because being a pretty boy is the ideal look in Korea/China. Appearance isn't the most important thing. but people dont hate me, usually people are very good and kind to me.

My motto is "a man reaps what he sows." might aswell be when you have the rich unattractive guys hating the good looking guys and the woman only dating the rich guys but probably cheating on them with the attractive guys ha. If that guy they’re with has money, possessions, and status, then that’s why they’re with him. While individually these factors don't make you a pretty boy, a hefty combination might warrant some concern. But I know about these things, because I’ve encountered them in my life, and experienced them - on both ends. Template Created By Quite a few people (women) like this guy.

One afternoon, a day or two later, she called me aside. But again the confidence is always challenged when getting random hatred from some stranger who doesn't even now you and for no apparent reason..... Well we know the reason. At least 10 younger.I have no friends because women give me dirty looks & men have ulterior motives. Not the american type. Let me just state that if I call you a "pretty boy" it's not exactly a compliment. LOL, Stuff like this still happens to this day (I'm 45 now), but not as much as before. To this day he did not try to contact me but I never let it effect me. People can not handle something or someone that stands out way above because they look untouchable like a perfect painting. Remember in high school the "who's who"; best dressed, most likely to succeed, etc. He’s the whole meal, and she’s just a hanger-on, and only temporary at that.". I've seen the shit happen a million times, any ugly guy doesn't believe me??? If there were more pretty boys, then it would all be less of a problem. I'm a pretty asian girl with a cute or "kawaii" type of face/small body and I like guys who look like me LOL.

the way you phrase a sentence has subtext and connotations. Then he's like what am I supposed to do with this life. But when it comes to the everyday guy that they see, it can be different for some women out there. You're right though about beauty. I’ve heard a man say before, and it was quite interesting: “Maybe we’re all a bit gay or bisexual inside.

I feel there is so much potential that I am missing out on and have basically been completely thwarted and wonder if a friendship with someone who has experienced the same horrible crap in their life might be quite amazing. Copyright: Writer(s): Nora Christine Skaug, Bottolf Lodemel Lyrics Terms of Use, I lie awake at night It’s “experimentation” – unless too many people find out about it. I have beaten up some pretty boys because they thought they were so good.

As someone posted below it just makes it all really awkward. So pretty boy. I've aways been a really confident guy but somewhere down the road I lost all my confidence when people started acting really hostile towards me. I wouldn't consider myself fortunate (or cursed?) Flight Attendant. I need you This is also such a sign of insecurity and a backwards way of thought.

They take that as a weakness, it's really unfortunate. I have been in more fights than most people (at least 30-35) street fist fights) and in none of them I was the aggressor. They would never admit that they are actually attracted to another man – because “dude, that’s gay”. See my point?

They are such easy targets and I could be a dick to them if I wanted to and make them hate their lives but I don't. They look at other women and even kiss each other… on the lips. I too am a tall, muscular very handsome & good looking man who is confident....however when a woman compliments me on my appearance I always down play it and tell her that she must be blind and or she's just being nice to me doing this it shows her that even though I am 6ft tall 230 lbs with washboard abs looking like a superhero...that I am "vulnerable" and she wants to show me how attractive looking I am. I say go ahead: I’m used to it by now. I'll let my beard grow a bit and avoid shaving as too try not to look too pretty and dull myself down. I get less of the nice attention now don’t care for self and older but less attention overall so that is more calm. I don't feel so alone or bad about myself anymore now that i know others were thinking the same thoughts. I'm frequently gossiped about at work. When I first moved to DC, I could not figure out why I kept almost getting into verbal and physical altercations with men everywhere I went.

This happened for a few years and like one guy in the previous post I think he was 18 whenever I walked down the street guys would pretend to smile and burst out laughing so that I would think something is wrong with me. I remember how this was explored in a sitcom called ‘Til Death at one stage, when Eddie, Brad Garrett’s character, said that some actor made him experience these weird feelings and that he’d told his wife about it. It's weird cause I'm only interacting with them to say make a purchase and their acting like I have snubbed them in some way. I know there are many exceptions, such as you and the people who commented here but the opposite usually is true (Hate to break it like that). When I was kid roughly about 5 years old girls used to call cute and women used to say he going to be a heart breaker. The really crazy thing is that both got off with probation and community service because they had no police record.

You ask him about his 5 year plan, and he mentions Lasik and Rogaine. I wish there were more gorgeous guys around, but a lot of them make themselves less attractive (I can't wait till beards go out again) or just don't do what it takes to get attractive (like getting in shape). Is it sad, shitty annoying that is how it is? So they aren't ashamed of being pretty. To all the other single good looking gentlemen out there I say this: " keep being handsome, workout, be happy and humble, appreciate your beauty whilst you're young and ignore the butt hurt unfortunate losers who refuse to see you for who you are on the inside.

Pretty boy is like ok what do I do now? Now my confidence has become e so low that I have stopped grooming! I'm only probably average in the self-confidence department and have never been the "prowling" type but the guys who seem to be most threatened are the ones who are also good looking and seem to be more confident than I. A soft spoken men! Because they have both qualities. Everyone assumes I'm a shallow actor or model. Oh, these pills they bring me life (Bring me life) Have a nice day. Happy medium, although that pretty boy looks like my husband. And they're are like. I don't need a piece of paper from some rinky-dink college telling me that I know people's minds.

When he takes you shopping he spends more time shopping for himself than enjoying his time with you. This was a big issue for me when I was younger, I hated that people looked at me it made me feel conspicuous and consequently I thought there must be something odd about my appearance. No one sucks, woman or man! Not in the sense of actually physically leaving an area, but because you are a lightbulb to which everyone else in the room (women especially) is a moth. As the old saying goes, beauty is on the inside and people who get to know you see that inner beauty and the outer shell ceases to matter so much. The girls whom they were trying to hit were behind me, was the reason!

Thanks.... Another reason why some woman will hate you after they show interest in the beginning,because some girl will assume themselves are attractive and try to approach you or expect you to treat them differently like all the other guys do. He's approaches this really tall blond lady. It’s not what it sounds like. Not because of his looks or anything. But I am not a guy who goes the extra mile to be pampered or flaunt my looks on a daily basis. don't forget to pass down your amazing genes ;) God bless all my handsome brothers out there!

still trying to figure out the best way to act around the guys who are threatened by me though.. its awful when they are your employers teachers and even a therapist.. ive had all harassing me. I'm in pretty decent shape for my age and care about my appearance. Fuck you for now. That desiring him would be cheap, pathetic, beneath me.

Point is I am still not free to go anywhere or do anything. You might not actually hate him at all. Despite DC being the capital and crawling with attractive people, mostly men (all the hot women are in NYC, LA and MIA) - you would think that most would not bat an eye to seeing an attractive guy - WRONG.


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