the devils femur scene

Beyond this, Russell also felt that the story reflected his own struggles with his Catholic faith. Browse and buy exceptional, royalty-free stock clips, handpicked by the best. Thanks for your kind words on the show. How interesting.One more interesting thing for me here is another example of Russell's mastery - the perfect blend of genres. Those sets are spectacular. I have always wanted to see this. Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971) holds the distinct honor of simultaneously being the most controversial and the most banned film of all time. I still think of it's contents as new revelations.

XXX and fetish films, has passed away. It was shown at a smattering of special events over the years, usually featuring a post-film Q&A session with Russell, but it has not been screened since 2011. From what I can gather the most recent screening of the Mark Kermode-Mike Bradsell-Ken Russell-approved cut was in Nov 2012, though Ben Wheatley has hosted a screening of the BFI dvd print a year later. A truly terrible print with most of the major once-cut scenes restored, but all of them are in a different aspect ratio so it totally ruins the flow of the film whenever they appear. our privacy/terms or if you just want to see the damn Warner Brothers, who had acquired the distribution rights after United Artists dropped the film during pre-production, made two of the most significant cuts to the film. Film Censorship In Australia. Also, it is actually not completely uncut because it is still missing Vanessa Redgrave's femur bone masturbation scene near the end.

All this gives the film a reputation as a salacious, even taboo which does it a great disservice, because this is not some exploitation movie made on the cheap, but a serious work of art. Warners refused to allow the director's cut at all and would only allow the BFI to release the original 'X' certificate version on DVD. Forgot to say the most important thing - thanks for another great show Mike and Rob (or is it Rob and Mike?). The rabble may have believed it was possession, but the elite in the church and in the royal court knew what it was about. Derek Jarman was responsible for the film's production design. Grandier (Oliver Reed) flagrantly ignores his vow of celibacy, impregnating one woman and marrying another in a secret ceremony that he officiates himself. :), Foreign Viewer, Thanks for checking in again. ( Log Out /  After he murders an elderly woman, Alex is sent to prison where he becomes the test subject for aversion therapy, where he is forced to watch films depicting sex and violence while being injected with drugs that make him physically sick. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. And this was in the 80s!The other thing I have to wonder is this - if you truly wish for a movie (or a book, or whatever the controversial thing at question is) not to be seen, do you do what the Catholic church did in the case of Scorsese and wax on about it for ages and pretty much guarantee viewership by doing so, or do you simply ignore a movie and let it never enter to begin with or simply slowly leave the collective memory on its own as the time passes by. 24 hours later Warners stopped the release!

But in 2016, are the inflammatory scenes in The Devils really still shocking? So what is it about The Devils that makes it so beloved by everyone but the studio holding the key to its release? That one's been making the rounds for awhile and the quality is horrid. The film can also be seen as a critique of contemporary institutions. This film is one of the key proofs that Russell is a genius (or an idiot, depending on your point of view, I guess).As far as I'm concerned, what 1984 is for political tyranny, this is for theocracy. Banning? Otherwise, you'll just have Physical attacks on the man? Vanessa Redgrave may be too over-the-top and frenzied, but I don't know how else she could have possibly played that role as written (even with the odd accent). Even poor old Tony Bennett has been accused if being either insane or evil for saying that the actions of the US led to 9/11. With The Devils, Russell offers a skeptical look at the Church while still respecting the sanctity of pure faith, as evidenced by the juxtaposition of the lunacy in the exorcism scenes with the quiet beauty of Grandier’s performing a solemn Mass in the countryside.

I bet this is the only reason why Reed never got an Oscar nod for this, despite this being one of his truly haunting and best performances by far.I mention theology fans, because in a very appropriately ironic way for Russell, this is a movie about true faith and the true meaning of theological Christ, politically. Loudun is distressingly modern looking with its smooth white walls. At the center of the controversy was Urbain Grandier, a Catholic priest who was accused of possessing the nuns by the convent’s Mother Superior, Jeanne des Anges. Oliver Reed was really something special and this may be his best performance (and I don't think he was even nominated for this, was he?). WB doesn't really care enough about The Devils to even check on what's in their vaults.

For example, during the scene where Church officials are sorting through and detailing the contents of Sister Jeanne’s vomit is not hyperbole or fiction, it’s really what was listed in Church documents. Echoes: This is in contrast to Louis XIII, who we see hunt Huguenot prisoners in bird costumes while being depicted in such a camp fashion that I think it might be a hate crime, or Father Barre whose religious mania is frighteningly sincere. The prevailing historical opinion is that this was a case of mass hysteria that conveniently allowed the political and religious establishment to remove a troublesome actor in Grandier. It’s important to note that Russell insisted on depicting the events in Loudun precisely as they were reported, which includes even the most inflammatory scenes. The Return of Michael Myers. Though Aldous Huxley and one or two other 20th century writers believe the case was about sexual repression and sexual frenzy, most historians believe the Loudon incident was a trumped-up hoax by Richelieu. best scene of the movie "devil" when the devil is inside of an old woman's body!!! Hello. It just shows how they don't trust the public to "be adults" about art - horrible! | The nuns were basically abused by the powers - they were victims as well. No, wait, you know what? Stupid mistake on my part. UK trailer for Ken Russell's 1971 film THE DEVILS with Vanessa Redgrave and Oliver Reed. Always try to have a thoughtful and fun time!CHEERS!Rob. Don't you just LOVE clicking on these things on The Devils (1971) BFI Directed by Ken Russell Starring: Oliver Reed, Vanessa Redgrave, Gemma Jones, Dudley Sutton. I suspect that Russell decided to use the story of the Loudun possessions as a lens to look at institutional abuse in the modern era, while continuing his pet project of depicting sex in cinema that began with his D.H. Lawrence adaption of, .


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