the tradewinds bar rescue
Chase should be taking credit cards and opening tabs, but Dan, Eric and Chase explain to the customers that they are now operating on a cash-only basis. Sonoma State University is only a mile and a half down the road, and behind Tradewinds sits a parked shuttle bus.

Rob teaches the bar staff two new cocktails and Michael is teaching the kitchen mini calzones. Jon wants to turn the bar into a Tiki bar. 9: Tradewinds Bar: Cotati, CA: Open: The bar got to keep their name. It’s a Wednesday night, and the college crawl usually happens on Thursday night, so Jon managed to pull the crawl into the bar. Chase is supposed to be the one running the place, yet he is nowhere to be found.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. In 2015, successful car salesman Dan Thompson decided to go into the bar business with family friend Eric Floria. One note is that during the filming of the Bar Rescue episode in June 2016, Jon Taffer’s contractors only had 36 hours to turn the bar around, which left the bathrooms undone for a few extra days due to the Department of Health making sure everything was up to code. The bar is packed, yet as it always is, the point-of-sales system crashes. Use the HTML below. Closed in late July/early August - Info on Closure. Jon arrives at the bar with mixologist Rob and culinary expert Michael.

This post was last updated in November 2019. Chase arrives and is greeted by cheers from the customers. Chase was in charge in all of the beer, but by 11:00, all the kegs were empty.

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Bar is still open with negative reviews about the service. Sunday Night Football: Eagles Remain At the Top After Ugly Win, Venezuela: Maduro Says Country Has Gasoline for 20 Days. This is a horrible decision, as no college kids walk around with a ton of cash.

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In 2018 Chase got engaged and had a baby boy. The only food on offer is popcorn and Chase gets overwhelmed and leaves the bar to go to the bar across the street for a drink! They believe the bar is in a prime location of "Sonoma Wine Country" as they are located close to the University so should be busy with students. Tradewinds has been around for 50 years, so the bar has a long and local history to it, yet you could not tell by looking at it. The bar is still open and reviews are mostly good. Taffer revisits Tradewinds; Taffer returns to grill the owner of military bar 22 Klicks.

Traci, Chase’s biological mom, is the cook and sits at the boar. With no one to answer to, Chase’s behavior has caused the already-struggling bar to decline even further. The bar was originally owned by car salesman Dan Thompson and family friend Eric Floria, who is also in the car trade. Dan calls Chase who does not answer, and Michael points out that it is easy to avoid work when you’re playing with someone else’s mom.

You can draw your own conclusions. There is not much to cook and Jon is not sure if she even knows how to cook, Jon warns Michael. Bar Rescue: Back To The Bar – The Tradewinds August 12, 2018 August 12, 2018 Bob Miller Chew Tube 0 On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue , Jon Taffer goes “Back to the Bar” for a special episode where Jon revisits The Tradewinds to see of the negligent manager Chase has earned his sweat equity stake on the bar. There is no cocktail menu. The Tradewinds before Bar Rescue In 2015, successful car salesman Dan Thompson decided to go into the bar business with family friend Eric … Taffer revisits Tradewinds; Taffer returns to grill the owner of military bar 22 Klicks. This right here is a huge missed opportunity. The Gazette Review is your daily news source covering everything from world news to personal finance.We provide the most recent, unbiased accounts of the news that matters to you.Contact us: Not a fan of changing the sign with Gilligan's Island font, Bar Rescue decor, and tropical drink theme. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. Chase, overwhelmed, admits that he needs to leave and go get a shot from the bar across the street. The bar only has popcorn at the moment, and there is no food-producing medium of revenue. Back to the Bar: The Tradewinds of Change Several Red Bull energy drinks are brought behind the bar and fall out of the box, to which the crowd cheers. Six weeks later sales are up 25% and Chase is more committed to managing the bar. Recent reviews from a number of patrons seem to have had negative experiences due to the bouncers behaviour and have witnessed drunk management. The service he witnesses is a disaster -the beer system is faulty, the beer is warm and foamy, the POS is dated and crashes constantly and they are only accepting cash payments. He only has a few days to fix each bar, so the pressure is on. On this episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer visits The Tradewinds in Cotati, California. Sales have declined and they are in over $300,000 of debt.

Jon explains that Dan and his partner Eric bought the bar about a year ago.

Here’s a video that was posted on Facebook the morning after the Bar Rescue reveal party. Inside the bar, Dan and Eric perform their deals, but they are each in the hole about $150,000. Jon organises a stress test of the bar and 75 locals come to the bar. On this episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer visits The Tradewinds in Cotati, California.


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