third shinobi war

'However, the Toad Elder along with Toad Chief, Gamabunta said that quite recently a new Sage for the Toad would present itself, and he will inherit my duty in the years to come.

And it begins with you and I...our death!'. This war was began by old people, old traditions and old methods that screwed up the world as it was. 'Suna will not falter.' It captures (hopefully in heartbreaking detail, gotta love some angst) the breakdown of their Team, and their disbandment.

For his student students' dream. He was confident he had broken a few ribs and probably even a few verterbrae were thrown out of alignment.

'You should know better.

So unbefitting for those who are masters of steath and espionage.' Kotetsu sliced through a Suna-genin with a deft slice, his attire now marred with blood that wasn't his own. A frontal assault would never work, nor would a fast enough Shunshin as the chakra expenditure would give one away.

Whether they fell back or not, the remainder of Konoha would pick them apart while they retreated to their outposts in the area. 'Stay safe, sensei. Hiruzen sighed, took note that all his forces were on the move, and then looked down. Before he could develop a counter-strategy, iron sand reformed into a powerful wave and envolped the golem, Onoki, and Hiruzen; the wave filled with weaponry consisting of shuriken to poison tipped weaponry to low-grade explosive notes. After the Battle of the Fire Temple, Sunagakure decided that a march directly towards Konohagakure would be a suicide mission after the losses the sustained in the aforementioned battle. Everyone knows there is no room in a Sentinel-Guide bond for anyone else, and neither could ever want anyone outside of it. For you...Namikaze Minato. 'that damn shorty is far too fast in the sky' was the last thought the Kazekage had as he was caught by a small iron sand palm, lessening the damage from his fall. How mean of you, Tsunade-hime. With the Sanbi out of play, victory seems like a foregone conclusion.

The breastplates he wore on his chest were badly damaged and he breathed heavily, his sides contracting and his throat pleading for precious air. He did however, notice the cut on Sand Kages' arm that ran from shoulder to forearm, bleeding profusely. She had never been smaller than she was then, brackish water up to her knees and a single eye larger than she was staring her down.

'I'll be taking care of a problem that has plagued me for years now. If I was going to die a completely stupid death anyway, might as well risk it in a career as a hired assassin right? He was a prodigy of hardwork.

Uzumaki Sayuri, Inuzuka Ibara, and Uchiha Hoshiyo grow up in the middle of a war torn Konoha. Explosion Release works by saturating the immediate area with their chakra before using the two releases to ignite and activate the explosion. Upon reaching the Temple, Sakumo quickly realized he didn't have time to catch his breath. 'Ah, yes. His chakra coils were crying out in agony as he preformed that technique, his body telling him to simply collapse right now and screw everything.

It was also this war that took the lives of Sasori's parents, an event that eventually led him to desert his village and join Akatsuki. Hiruzen slipped into a Body Flicker and side-stepped to the left as a wave of iron sand flooded his previous position and toppled over small brush.

He watched the Kazekage be engulfed by the technique, but knew he wouldn't fall so easily. Like many of his Clan, they preformed this on a wide-scale, making everyone of Earth and Sand fear for their safety even moreso. It's just that this war has taken alot. Meanwhile, blood splattered over Onoki's left side, his arm becoming a useless stump with blood pouring out of it.

'He's going to use that jutsu, one that only those wretched Uzumaki could cast' Onoki thought. One doesn't lose everyone in their team and feel absolutely nothing. 'How unfortunate for so many youths to die,' he thought forlornly. Years earlier, his life is rewritten when the overpowered, bizarre, and possibly alien Eleanor Lily Potter arrives at Konoha's orphanage and quickly becomes his best friend. As he finished, a chakra-enhanced visible slice of wind came barrelling toward the God of Shinobi. The ground and plantlife around the duo became brown, dying, and Enma quickly leapt away knowing that the Death God would gladly take the Monkey King if he could. He was confident that Suna and Iwa were doing the same thing with their forces; this dreary, bleak war had lasted far too long and claimed to many lives. Or: it's hard to LifeTM, but when you have a cheat sheet, no matter how spotty, you're a little more motivated to give it a try. Before another word could be said, in a whirlwind of sand? Kurenai felt no need to respond, kneeling down and rushing through practiced sequence of handseals to her favorite genjutsu. But will they survive the Third Shinobi War with life...and sanity intact? Instantly, he regretted his transgression as he felt that neither Onoki nor Hiruzen were underneath his technique. I would've loved to see you stand against the, Onoki looked perplexed, then, everything became still. The remaining clone vanished. She shows great promise. Screw your Will of Fire! Hiruzen failed many times in his life, failed many people; but the good times far outweight the bad, despite the enormity of his follies and now, Hiruzen will gladly give his life in such a manner. 'Goddamit, I will forever hate puppets', he thought. From what he knew, it appeared to be something called Explosion Release, something he hoped he would never face again. It's maddening, not knowing. The death of Shōyō was stomach churning to Konohagakure, but most importantly, his former students. Decimating both Iwa and Suna's forces with a surprise blow and some well-placed misinformation; we were under the impression they wouldn't strike for months but those fucking tree huggers managed to land a huge blow within that week! So... how about a safety net, and will superglue work? Remain vigilante and let the Will of Fire burn brightly.

Follows the life of Chiyome and major events taking place in Konoha between the time of its founding and the ending of the 3rd Shinobi War. Racing throughout the fields of the Land of Grass, one Sarutobi Asuma felt a feeling that he couldn't describe tingle his senses; maybe it was apprehension, or maybe it was bloodthirst. A Sage is a great duty but requires full attention, and even so a certain prerequisite is needed. This fic follows the Legendary Sannin (Orochimaru, Tsunade and Jiraiya) from their early childhood, through the Second Shinobi War, Orochimaru's departure, and up until the Search for Tsunade Arc.

Landing on the ground, Hiruzen abated his next attack and Body Flickered to the next mountain over in the string of rocky plains. And we both know how idiotic he can be. 'The Slugs tell me you made an agreement with the Toads about something?' He said, positioning himself so that all three individuals stood in prong formation, ready for battle. I would've loved to see you stand against the Snake one last time. His enhanced hearing picking up the sudden noise, or lackthereof, coming from the battlefield. He frowned however, as he noticed the sand reform itself and the Kazekage appear from it with a smug grin, one that Hiruzen was quickly coming to despise. 'You still live, Hiruzen?' It was a rather simple method really.

Back in his home village, he sent word that the war was drawing a close and that Konoha's forces would return in a few months. This article, Second Shinobi World War, is an article only to be used by Ten Tailed Fox. Not even a a certain short, balding Tsuchikage he knew. For his sensei.

Indeed, he could have told Tsunade - who was healing all across the battlefield along with the Medical Division - to heal him, but denied such. Before another word could be said, a dragon made entirely of mud shot from the earth beneath the two Sandaime, one who managed to simply fly higher and the other surrounded himself with his signature iron sand in order to defend himself. Damn you!...Y-you fool...' Onoki continued on, but his voice soon became hoarse, his mind turned blank and he felt the cold grip of the Shinigami tighten and coil around his conciousness, enflaming his soul and making his vision fade.

Tsunade ignored him; most shinobi had a form of dealing with the difficulties of living such a life, glaring traits about them that seemed to become more prominent with age.

In an attempt to save a devastated future, Naruto Uzumaki travels back in time, determined to change the fate of the world. Form the Phalanxes and begin march. **Upcoming updates will be signed with date, so be sure you have the latest... Download. And me nor my principles will fail Iwagakure today! After all, without adventuring and traveling, he would never find material to write about. The Fuuma Shuriken multiplied to a dozen causing Onoki's breath to hitch as swam in the sky, doing his best to avoid the metal objects.

Preforming a shadow clone, he sent it forward; the clone, with a mere tap of his index finger to ones' temple, made them collapse in agonizing terror while suffering from painful hemorrhaging in their brain. Finding no other method, the Kazekage stood up, unveiled a summoning contract scroll and opened it, slamming his palm to the seal and immediately poured his chakra into it. Alternate Universe.

But she had a duty to continue Uzushio’s legacy as their Chiharu-sama and she’ll be damned if she hurts more people than she helps. Their land campaign to conquer Sunagakure was perfect; strategized, organized, and their numbers surely exceeded that of Suna's. Taijutsu was out of the picture due to Hiruzens superior reach, reflexes and speed. They struck hard. The jutsu slammed into one another, augmenting the storm of flames that erupted in an outward explosion, even turning some heads from the battlefield. But most importantly, to finally end this pain that seems to only propagate with the efforts of the past generation; after all, the bridge to evil is built by good intentions. At that point, the four grief stricken shinobi renewed their assault on the remaining Iwagakure shinobi. She instead, slightly fumed, opting to take a different approach. Chat. I will not make my strike until he is at his weakest, just prior to him changing bodies with his Immortality Technique. Eight years before the Kyuubi Attack, another is born.

The Yondaime Hokage smiled. Before completion he winced, even he had his limits regarding his chakra reserves. Jinchuriki-centric (because those babies were hard done by), strong female characters (because they were also hard done by) and people have conversations and hugs (because they are necessary for healthy growth). Today he would be losing a friend, his dearest one. It was during this second war that the Land of the Sky emerged to challenge the Five Shinobi Nations, only to be destroyed. Nevertheless, Onoki continued his tirade.


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