tiktok powerpoint night

Make sure everyone has a way to create a PowerPoint. Instead, people hosting PowerPoint parties are creating slideshows about subjects they enjoy, making their presentations comedic and entertaining, all while trying to convince their friends of their viewpoint.

Smaller Schools Build Close-Knit Communities and More Positive Learning, Community Works Journal: Digital Magazine for Educators. brasil People know the topics they’re presenting on are quite ridiculous — and so it’s okay if they fail or mess up. Better than a any political debate; baby grinch. #powerpointnight On a device or on the web, viewers can watch and discover millions of personalized short videos. If you want to keep people's presentations shorter, you can enforce a time limit. highly recommend doing a powerpoint night with your homies. If you're wondering where to start, here's how to host a PowerPoint party for a creative get-together. PowerPoint party time: throw the virtual event of the year 3 Apr 2020.

With topics such as “Why Stars are Star Shaped,” “Barb Weber [Peter’s Mom on The Bachelor] Sucks,” and “Why Grape Jelly is Essential on Grilled Cheese,” these PowerPoints are very weird, specific, and often draw upon memes, cultural elements such as television and music, or just random facts of the universe. It allows for a sort of intellectual play, which, despite its benefits, is not encouraged enough by traditional education. They can use Microsoft Office if they have it or a free PowerPoint service such as Prezi or Canva. It's a bummer when you can't together IRL with your pals, but PowerPoint parties are a great way to get your creativity flowing and foster your connections with your friends. They're only a tap away, My roommates and I decided to have a PowerPoint night.

This is something that I don’t think is encouraged enough in schools, but somehow, when kids are on their own, their curiosity and willingness to take intellectual adventures skyrockets.

powerpointparty Moreover, they show the incredible amount of creativity and curiosity that young people have, even in the difficult times we are now experiencing. It can be as enlightening or as ridiculous as you want. Download the app to get started. But nevertheless, making and presenting these PowerPoints still requires intellectual and academic skills — persuasive techniques (pathos, logos, ethos, anyone? ", "Taco Bell foods and their moral alignments. #powerpointnight, Want more trending videos? foryoupage

This includes Skype, using Facebook Messenger's video chat extension for your computer, and Google Hangouts, to name a few. Blurring the lines between education, entertainment, and socialization, PowerPoint parties have been largely popularized by kids and teens on TikTok. Send images to the back. The low-stakes environment makes learning fun. Switching up your group calls can be as easy as hosting an out-of-the-box party. paravocê

“Which Teletubby Would Win in a Fight” or “Late 2000’s Webkinz and What Their College Majors Would Be. corona, highly recommend doing a powerpoint night with your homies


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