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After 14 months on the job, at age 29, she quit to become a stay-at-home mom to what was to become a brood of four.

But her life drastically changed in 2004 with the reelection of George W. Bush. Getty “It's kind of an admission of failure because if we were running society right, we wouldn’t need to give people money.”, .premium-header.hero-format-bleed-above .fs-headline, .premium-header.hero-format-bleed-above .metrics-channel, .premium-header.hero-format-bleed-below .fs-headline, .premium-header.hero-format-bleed-below .metrics-channel, .premium-header.hero-format-no-hero .fs-headline, .premium-header.hero-format-no-hero .metrics-channel {max-width: 850px; text-align: center; width: 90%;} .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed.color-accent, .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed .color-accent {padding-top: 25px;} .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed.font-size, .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed .font-size {font-size: 45px; } @media (max-width:480px){ .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed.color-base, .content_5f6a52ae4d9c1b00062c9f1b .headline-embed .color-base {text-align: center;}}, I'm the Careers reporter at Forbes. On March 1st, as she gathered with thousands of others to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on the 55th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, Kat Taylor burst into a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” These days, Taylor is best known as the singing spouse of billionaire climate change activist and ex-Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer. He is the co-founder and analytics chief of a company called Station A in San Francisco, which states on its website that its mission is to “transition the world to 100% clean energy.”, On his personal website, Sam shared a little bit about his childhood. That’s what our much-appreciated parents did for us. In an interview with Men’s Journal in 2014, Hume explained that his younger brother was always determined to keep his mindset rooted in reality and not allow the wealth to go to his head. With Taylor as CEO, Beneficial State Bank has grown into a $1.1 billion institution with 13 branches stretching from Washington to Southern California.

Kat’s husband is widely known as a philanthropist, the co-founder of OneCalifornia Bank, founder and former co-senior managing partner of Farallon Capital. After becoming more familiar with and making contacts in the VC world, Taylor officially entered it. I'm the Careers reporter at Forbes.

They just want your invention.”, When Jobe met Taylor, he says, she was “full of hugs” and invited him to her home, just to get to know him. Thanks, Oregon! They are among the biggest U.S. donors to political causes giving more than $57 million this year according to the Center for Responsive Politics — and have signed the Giving Pledge, committing to give away the majority of their wealth during their lifetimes. Click here for more on his family. Her hubby is the billionaire behind an initiative to impeach President Trump. Lorraine Martin Smothers Top Facts About Chris Wallace’s Wife, Livia Stone- Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone’s Wife, Nicole Nicki Dugan – Yahoo’s New Tech Columnist David Pogue’s, Jesse Barrett 5 Facts About Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Husband, Becki Tilley Top Facts About Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Wife, Choe Song 5 Facts About Kim Yo-jong’s Husband, 5 Facts About Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju. He also took after his mother and spent time tutoring New York City students in reading. We never aimed to endow our children with wealth.”. She pulled together a team of four partners, including herself, and put some $25 million in for-profit Radicle Impact. affordable housing, social justice, environmental sustainability) or to businesses that were women- or minority-led. Just a few months later, in May 2018, she resigned from Harvard’s Board of Overseers, saying the school failed to fully divest from fossil fuels, among other dubious investments. 2, who founded the Gestapo], and he felt he was really smart.”. I'm a reporter at Forbes focusing on markets and finance. A Connecticut native, I studied journalism at Penn State University.

Then we tried to encourage others to get out, too.”. Powered by. He’s listed as one of the Forbes World’s Billionaires, with a reported worth of about $1.6 billion. She then returned to her home state to attend Stanford University, where she completed a J.D./M.B.A. “If you look at (nominee Joe) Biden's climate plan, it's infused with environmental justice,’’ she says. The middle brother is Jim Steyer. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change. But in the world of impact investing, she’s famous in her own right for the breadth and ambition of her efforts, as well as her musical shtick. Before joining Forbes, I reported for the Hartford Courant and the New Haven Register, covering breaking and local news.

After spending 26 years running hedge fund Farallon Capital, he switched his focus to politics and the environment. Kat Steyer. The couple has put $110 million of charitable donations into Beneficial, which has $760 million in loans outstanding to its target market, though it hasn't yet paid out dividends to the foundation. “Until I see real action and accountability, I’m saving my standing ovation.”. Marnie Fahr Steyer worked as a public school teacher in New York City. #techaddiction #mediabalance @CommonSense, — Jim Steyer (@jimsteyer) January 17, 2018. Radicle’s willingness to take an early flyer on companies means its dollars—like those of any early stage investor—can catalyze investment by others; it boasts that its portfolio companies have raised more than $850 million since it first invested.


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