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Feeling uncomfortable for the romantic situation, Nagatoro started teasing Senpai asking what was he thinking bringing a girl on a dark spot like that and calling him a "perverted virgin". Senpai and Nagatoro play videogames together. Once again they tried to exchange their gifts, but at the last minute freaked out due to hearing Sakura making out with her date on one of the bed. While departing, Nagatoro told Senpai that they should did it again sometime.[93].

Later, she formally introduced to Senpai in, On the other hand, Nagatoro's friends constantly called her "Hayacchi" in front of Senpai, with the first time being. After they explained the situation to Senpai, complaining on how all men are driven primarily by their sexual desires, Gamo-chan teased Nagatoro stating that Senpai instead doesn't have any libido, prompting the girl to made a bet with her friend that if she find a lewd book hidden in the room by him she would have proved he was actually a quiet pervert. [19] She is also often seen wearing the light blue and white swimsuit of her club. Nagatoro's cruelty in the webcomic's 3rd issue: Nagatoro-san's sandbag.

She is very good friends with Yoshi, Sakura and especially Gamo-chan, whom could be considered her best friend, despite their similar and often competitive personalities sometimes puts them at odds in a sort of friendly rivalry. Crushed, the boy started to cry and she gently wiped his tears away with her handkerchief, cheerfully apologizing for having bullied him and run away.[77]. The girl took a tomato juice along the way and reached Sakura and two classmates and start to talk about one of them having recently started dating someone in the baseball club.

Nagatoro simply took a special coroquette, which she describe as "super juicy" and, while walking home, in order to tease the boy as well as prove him it was better than the regular one he took, dared him to take a bite from hers. Relieved, the girl offered him to try pinching her upper arm, revealing only after he did it that the upper arm's texture was the same of boobs.[94]. Paired in the same team with Senpai, Nagatoro asked him why she was at the festival, to which he lied that he wanted a change of pace, Nagatoro replied asking if he was waiting for her to invite him, making him blush as it was the truth. Later, while Senpai admitted to her that he didn't knew what would he do if he lose the match and thus the art club, Nagatoro said she would have felt sorry for him and might helped him joining the swimming club with her, making him slightly blush despite declaring he wouldn't have done it as he had no skills nor interest in said sport. Nagatoro forces Senpai to give her a piggy ride. Despite mocking him for how creepy he was hiding in the closet, she sweetly thank him for bringing her the smartphone and then asked if he heard what she said. one of the many boys who compete for her attention, Christmas with Nagatoro-san + Nagatoro-san's Christmas present,, While first explaining how to write her name, Nagatoro said the first kanji means "long" (, Her nickname is a slang contraction, written in. [134] Nagatoro paragon their situation to a war movie scene, when two soldier gets separed from their unit, one of them is wounded and the other refused to leave him, saying they would go home together. Then, they started eating pudding and, at some point, the girl teased him by offering to feed him. Gradually, over the years, Nagatoro seemingly sweeten up a bit over Hachioji and on the Christmas night of her (presumably) last year before graduation, they went on a date, sharing a dinner at a ramen kiosk since she deemed more "christmassy" stuff "too lover-like" for them. Having managed to sneak away remaining unnoticed by the two lovers, Senpai and Nagatoro went to the rooftop hoping to get some privacy, only to find out dozen of other couples on it watching the sunset. After playing some other games, Nagatoro and Senpai managed to win a big squiddy peluches and, knowing Yoshi collected them, Nagatoro gave it to her, thus "bribing" her and winning the contest. Then looking at Senpai's paintings of Nagatoro, she told him that there was "love" in it, thus making both Nagatoro and Senpai blush. Nagatoro accidentally touched Senpai's groin. [99] The plan set by her friend to made her jealous, thus prompting her to came, worked and Nagatoro run from the swimming club's lockers to the temple where Senpai was held "prisoner" by her friends, lying that she finished earlier and only came there since she was free. [78], The following day Nagatoro met Senpai on the street and started to tease him once more, then she asked him why he never got mad with her, despite the fact she did lot of messed up things to him, to whom he answered that he doesn't dislike talking with her.

Feeling irrationally offended by his words, Nagatoro pinned him to the ground and started to rub the lotion on him with her foot in retaliation. Due to the girl insistence, Senpai eventually decided to tell her he would have used her as a model only if she posed cosplaying in her infamous Nekotoro version, sure that she would have refused. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Embarrassed, both Gamo-chan and Yoshi asked Senpai to tutor them, making Nagatoro jealous.[110].

[86] Afterwards, Nagatoro has a "nipple-poke game" with Senpai using as a prize a special ticket that would have forced the loser to do anything the winner would have ordered; she won and told him that one day, once he forgotten about it, she would have used the ticket, warning him to be prepared. Ashamed, Senpai replied he had no idea what she was talking about and run off, leaving her red faced.[136]. Too ashamed to answer, Nagatoro started to stutter something regarding embracing and kissing, claiming that anyway there wasn't a chance he could do something like that, causing Senpai to ask her if she believe she could. [104], After seeing Senpai's poor performance at the school marathon, Nagatoro playfully told him that, as his kōhai, she was embarrassed for him, however when he replied that "all he can do was draw" she was greatly bothered, getting so motivated and angered by his lack of self confidence to begin personally train him. Senpai ultimately choose to simply grab a piece with his fingers and ate it, resulting in Nagatoro making fun of him anyway telling him that, differently from that time in which they took ice cream together, it wouldn't have been an indirect kiss.

Although annoyed, he noticed it was actually very well drawn and realistic, blushing a little while remembering that the secret of drawing is "love". [64] Hayase was a After the boy's mother texted him that she wouldn't make it home until very late in the evening, Nagatoro cook Senpai some porridge and feed it directly to him, causing the boy to start to hallucinate about being married to the girl whom, caught in the euphoria, he thanked for assisting him by calling her "Hayase", which leave her utterly shocked[143] and, deep down, very pleased, thus leading her to try to get rid of her own discomfort by teasing the boy and daring him to repeat it; however since he was still too dazed to react in any manner and fell asleep, Nagatoro simply watch over him asking again to repeat her name, even going so far as to ask him please. A bit embarassed after realizing that she never told her name to Senpai, Nagatoro blushed but then tried to act nonchalantly saying that she didn't mind to tell it to him but provocatively asking him why he wanted to know it. She typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button up shirt (whose sleeves and collar she never keeps buttoned) and a navy blue skirt completed with a pair of sneakers and no socks.

Thinking about all the time he drew her, Nagatoro smile. Nagatoro is jealous of Senpai and her friends at the festival together.

She is a fan of horror movies, especially with vampires. Nagatoro is very much a tsundere, despite denying her crush for Senpai and frequently mocking him. On that weekend, a dressed up Nagatoro met with Senpai at the zoo and, after the boy gave her a sketchbook, she realized her misunderstanding,[126] getting her a little upset, implying that she expected something sexy from the date. It's implied that Nagatoro uses casual rudeness towards Senpai in order to deflect her real intentions, taking three steps in with her suggestions ("let's wear matching yukatas for next year's festival"), and two steps out with her teasing ("I'm joking, that would be gross"),[42] inching herself gradually closer to him, thus defusing the situation for the moment while leaving a kernel of hope for Senpai. [144], Embarrassed, the girl run out of Senpai's room and ran into the woman on the living room, being too nervous to say anything Nagatoro leave the woman's home with minimal explanation without even introducing and asking forgiveness for her intrusion. Nagatoro caught Senpai together with an half-naked President. However, due to the final result being more similar to a sketch since he was too embarrassed to look at her for more than a second, she started to mock him again and reduced him to tears for the second time. While her friends scolded Nagatoro for playing with food like that, however, feeling bad for her Senpai decided to try it, finding it surprisingly "delicious".[125]. Senpai stated that it didn't excite him at all, prompting the girl to sulk and try repeatedly.

[87], The day nagatoro pierced again her lobe to prevent it for completely heal, she pranked him suggesting to pierce his ear too so they could have a matching pair of earrings, but instead barely poked his ear, asking if he was disappointed that she didn't "made a hole in his body".

Gamo-chan immediately freed Senpai from the collar and left together with Yoshi in order to let the pair enjoy some time alone at the festival. Her occasional coyness seems to be for Senpai alone. Hayase Nagatoro (長瀞 早瀬, Nagatoro Hayase) is one of the two main characters of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series.

Despite some initial embarrassment and the girl teasing him all the time, Senpai accepted and, taking Nagatoro by the hand, show her how to drew the general outline of a subject. Then, the whole group ended up having a good time, making another swimming competition together, playing with sand and eating ramen at the beachside. Embarrassed, Nagatoro quickly tried to deny that they were holding hands, saying to her friends that she was merely trying a judo move on him, without sounding believable to anyone.[141].


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