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No doubt, Dilan Cicek Deniz is also a gorgeous Turkish actress who also won the title of Miss Universe Turkey in 2014. Happily Ever After (Iyi Gunde Kotu Gunde) Tv Series, You Knock on My Door (Sen Cal Kapimi) Tv Series, Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series, One Child That I Loved – The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim), The Girl Named Feriha (Adini Feriha Koydum – I Named Her Feriha).

Menajerimi Ara is one of the most anticipated Turkish series which is finally releasing this August.

Starring: Tolgahan Sayisman, Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy, Emir Özyakışır and Erdal Özyagcilar. On the other hand, there is also good news for the fans of Mehmet Ozan Dolunay, who is also known as Ozan Dolunay. Although the lead actor Engin Altan Duzyatan wasn’t ready to play his role in this historical series in the beginning but time proved that he made the right decision. Starring: Kaan Yildirim, Hande Ercel and Serkan Cayoglu. Thank God though My Big Mam As the increasing trend of Turkish entertainment content in the Middle East, Turkish series in Arabic are becoming very popular. Since she was left alone by her parents and forced to survive in the streets, she has been living together with her mentor Zerrin (Sumru Yavrucuk). Hopefully, none of our readers will mix it with old Turkish series Yemin. The fall guy expects to get married to Nehir and even has a wedding ceremony, but Nehir and Zerrin run away and remove their trace after they take all the wedding presents and hack the credit cards of the fall guy. The story will make you believe that destiny exists. After his father’s death, Ali Riza becomes the head of the family and starts to work hard to support his family. Starring: Tolga Saritaş, Leyla Tanlar, Cansu Dere, and Yıldıray Şahinler. We recommend downloading from the official website because it is 100% safe to surf and download. In brief, the primary purpose of sharing this article with our readers is to give them a little overview of the most recent Turkish TV series.

Genre: Tragedy, Romance, Love Story, Emotional, Drama, Starring: Engin Akyürek, Neslihan Atagül, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Tulin Yazkan & Beren Gencalp. We recommend adding new websites in the bookmarks section to personalize your content. The tribulations of the "Abu Arab" family and their lives in an old, small town in Damascus. Now in Mexico and the series does not show up on... Sharon: Would like to know why so many of these lovely shows are not availabe on Netflix... Sharon: Am really disappointed with this love is in the air and majestic century were su... Sonia Anderson: Hi Sharon, I agree with you 100%. First of all, we will explore some of the top trending Turkish series episodes in the list below. The story revolves around the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and his bravery. This TV series didn’t only get massive viewership in Turkey but from other middle east, European and Asian countries as well. I’m thinking about taking her to therapy but she won’t have it. She lives together with her close friend Melek (Elcin Afacan) in a cozy house and tries to continue her life all over again. An innocent pastrycook Melek gets accused of injuring an important politician’s son. All in all, it could be a classic and short Turkish series that you can watch these days. But discoveries at an archaeological site change her life completely. Recent Turkish series in which you can see Tolgahan Sayisman is ‘Sampiyon’ or ‘The Champion’ in English. Nergis Kumbasar Tv Series / Movies 1985 – Dokuzuncu Hariciye Kogusu (as Nuzhet) 1989 – Time of Love and Die (Sevmek ve Olmek Zamani) (as Aysun) (Movie), Details Original Title: Sen Cal Kapimi English Title: You Knock on My Door Also Known As: Genre: Romance, Comedy Episodes: 14+ Broadcast Network: Fox Tv Broadcast Period: 8 July 2020 – Production Company: MF Yapim Director: Altan Donmez Screen Writer: Ayse Uner Kutlu Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey. Özge Yagiz is the actual name of Yemin lead actress Reyhan. Indeed, Serkan Çayoğlu is playing the role of Adem (Bodyguard) in this Turkish drama, and Melisa could be seen in the character of Yasemin. Profile Name: Nergis Kumbasar Birthdate: May 25, 1963 Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey Height: 175 cm Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Yellow Education: Ankara University Economics Department (drop out) (Ankara Iktisadi ve Ticari Ilimler Akademisi Iktisat Bolumu – Terk) Talent Agency: Spouse: Mehmet Ali Erbil (m. 1989–1996) Children: Yasmin Erbil Biography: Nergis Kumbasar was born in 25 May 1963 in Ankara. As fans always love to watch Hande Ercel’s romantic dramas that’s why Sen Çal Kapimi is also being considered another great hit. Votes: 469 See more ideas about Turkish, Movie posters, English drama. Profile Name: Burak Yoruk Birthdate: May 26, 1995 Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey Height: 192 cm (6′ 3½”) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Yellow Education: Beykent University – Theatre (Beykent Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu) Talent Agency: Ahmet Koralturk Management Spouse: Biography: Burak Yoruk was born in 26 May 1995 in Istanbul. Amor a las series turcas, disfrutemos de este fascinante mundo que nos hace sentir emociones y nos hace vivir como algo real. While Nehir seduces a wealthy man and makes him fall in love with her, Zerrin pretends to be Nehir’s mother.

There is also an option to bookmark the websites from where you watch Turkish TV series in the Arabic language. Even its trailer got much fame among the Turkish and non-Turkish audience. Starring: Aslı Enver, Halit Ergenç, Birce Akalay, Ozan Güven & Nur Fettahoğlu. Iman Casablanca Tv Series / Movies 2019 – Sleepless Club (Uykusuzlar Kulubu) (as Iman) 2019 – Forbidden Fruit (Yasak Elma) (as Leyla) 2020 – Nehir (Baraj – Dam) (as Zahra).

According to a huge viewership of Turkish dramas, they only watch them because of classic historical fiction series and Ertugrul is an example of it. Thank you. Yes, for the ease of our readers, we have already published all details of Sefirin Kizi plot, timings, cast and other information in a comprehensive review.

However, it is a better idea to watch this show with English dubbing or subtitle.

Probably, worth watching romantic Turkish series on Netflix. The app will be instantly installed on your smartphone. Both of them are journalists by profession and about to marry, but Ozan dies in an accident. However, a twist comes into this mysterious Turkish series when Ozan rebirth in any other body. You can share your views with us by commenting below and can also suggest more latest dramas.

One of them cheated with the other friend and took bribe and misled the department against an honest friend. Later, the boy of Yusuf came to take revenge, and his name was Kuzgun. In the same token, there is also good news of Nur Fettahoglu fans because he is also starring in this new Turkish series of Star TV. Due to this disability, his father doesn’t accept him as a family member, and he lives in several orphanages. Surprisingly, this mystery fantasy series got too much appreciation from the viewers of Turkish TV series around the globe, and that’s why Netflix has also premiered 1st season The Protector in 2018. Profile Name: Feyyaz Duman Birthdate: June 14, 1982 Birthplace: Mardin, Turkey Height: 182 cm Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Education: Istanbul Technical University – Turkish Music State Conservatory (ITU Turk Musikisi Devlet Konservatuari); CUNY-Brooklyn College – Technical Production & Design in Theatre; Fulton Montgomery Community College Acting Class – Theater Practicum Class, Gordon Jacoby – New York Talent Agency: Selin Kok Management Spouse: Biography: Feyyaz Duman was born in 1982 in Mardin, Turkey. To know about the remaining story or synopsis, you will have to watch Tutunamayanlar.

Netflix is also entering in this game with “Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2”. Emanet Turkish series which is also famous among fans with the title of ‘Legacy’ or ‘Legacy Emanet’ is a story of a businessman Yaman. he is such a fine actor so does Reyhan. If we talk about the main cast, then you would see your favourite Turkish celebrities, including Cem Yigit Uzümoglu, Selim Bayraktar and Tuba Büyüküstün. Hopefully, upcoming episodes of Sefirin Kizi will increase your interest in this Turkish series. Copyright © 2020 DigitalCruch.com. Continuing the events of season one, the separate connected comic episodes follow three families who live in one building. Love is in the Air left us hanging with the 2nd season , I know is in U-tube but no English subtitles.


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