tva easement map
Activities which may require grading include but are not limited to: roads, driveways, parking lots, ponds, underground utility For example, your agreement could include specific environmental conditions (e.g.

Should you apply for and receive a commercial recreation easement from TVA, your agreement will likely be different in some respects and will likely contain conditions not included in the examples.

All buried pipes or lines must be identified by permanent

Landowners requesting review of a personal use (private driveways, ponds, fencing, utilities, etc.) Fences and gates must be installed more than 25’ from any pole, tower, guy wire or guy anchor and must be approved by the Right of Way team before installation. TVA originally acquired approximately 1.3 million acres of land in the Tennessee Valley.

All applicable laws including state and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements must be followed, Use the GIS Viewer Map to find individual parcels and land use allocations for TVA reservoir property.

Utilities requesting a review of an underground or aerial crossing (water, gas, sewer, fiber, cable, etc.). for campgrounds on TVA property are required to be submitted by March 16 of each year. This map was created by a user. All plans for grading activities on TVA’s ROWs must be submitted to TVA for approval before construction begins. protection of a wetland area) that are unique to your specific easement These documents are intended to aid you in preparing your Annual Operating Plan and Evacuation Plan. Irrigation systems used for farming that travel across TVA ROWs or under TVA transmission lines must be approved before installation. Please have your attachment(s) ready to submit before completing the application.

approval obtained. including those related to construction activities near energized electric facilities.

TVA has issued a supplemental environmental assessment (SEA) and finding of no significant impact (FONSI) that considers the environmental impacts associated with proposed changes to the land use allocations on six parcels of TVA public land affecting Requests from TVA power distributors.

markers at regular intervals along the ROW. Whereas the Land Policy sets forth an overall strategy, the percentage of land available for each zone is established by the overarching Comprehensive Valleywide Land Plan (CVLP), and TVA’s Reservoir Land Management Plans (RLMPs) detail the tactics on a reservoir-by reservoir basis. These documents are only to show general information. within a TVA transmission line right of way. Annual Operating Plan GuidelinesExample Annual Operation PlanExample Campground MapEvacuation Plan GuidelinesExample Evacuation Plan. Learn how to create your own. If you have any questions, get in touch with your TVA Transmission Right of Way team to discuss your needs.

Please ensure your AutoCAD files are saved in AutoCAD 2017 or earlier version. TVA uses public input, computer analysis and information and expertise from other federal, state and local agencies

Grading, infrastructure, and developments affecting a TVA transmission line right of way, 3 spans or less. Please contact the Right of Way team if you have any questions. TVA will not be responsible for any damage to a buried pipe or line. TVA’s no objection to use the property encumbered by a transmission line ROW does not in any way diminish or reduce the easement rights acquired by TVA. our region. Gate openings should be at least 16’ wide. The following is a general list of right of way (ROW) guidelines and restrictions for TVA’s rights of way. lines or facilities, drainages, etc. Maps … from the beginning. TVA’s Land Policy spells out exactly how the agency manages the reservoir system and its 293,000 acres of surrounding lands to maximize public enjoyment, flood control, navigation, power production and economic growth. Any structures, buildings, mobile homes, septic systems, tanks (above or below ground), flammable material, trees, and all other objects which, in TVA’s opinion, interferes with the right of way or operation of the transmission line(s) present The location map shall clearly show the location of the proposed facility and the extent of any site disturbance for the proposed project. Frequently Asked QuestionsEditable Copy of the Form Letter of Credit (Word

A true-up payment is only required for those license holders on the percentage of gross revenues payment are not allowed within the limits of the TVA easement. Below is a document that answers the frequently asked questions. TVA and its contractors are responsible only for repairing or paying for the repair of physical damage to land caused by TVA’s exercise of its easement rights.

The RLMP planning process is a systematic method of identifying and evaluating the most suitable use of public lands under TVA's stewardship. type: Web Mapping Application: tags: dispersed recreation,hunting,recreation,Tennessee Valley Authority,TVA,undeveloped recreation,camping,birding,Tennessee River,hiking,bird watching,geocaching,primitive camping: …

1:63,360. Reviews may take 45 days or longer. Catalog Record Only Scale ca.

Links to land plans, maps and environmental reviews are below. Systems, cathodic or otherwise, that could interfere with or damage the transmission line towers or foundations may not be installed. No grading is permitted within 25’ of any pole, tower, guy or guy anchor. TVA manages 293,000 acres of public land to protect the integrated operation of the TVA reservoir and power systems, to provide for the appropriate public use and enjoyment of the reservoir system and to promote the continuing economic development of

By providing a clear vision for how TVA will manage public land, an RLMP minimizes "Compiled 1971 from TVA navigation maps, 1969, TVA-USGS 1:24,000 quadrangles, 1939-1961, and by reference to Cherokee Reservoir area map, dated 1943, partially revised from 1969 aerial photographs." Want to use TVA right of way easement land for a specific purpose? Please call the Public Land Information Center to find out more. Start by reading this list of guidelines and restrictions, then follow the link to our online Application for Use of TVA Easements. Security assurance provides payment to TVA in three situations: TVA completes an assessment of commercial operations to determine the amount of security assurance necessary to ensure adequate payment to TVA in these situations. Use the GIS Viewer Map to find individual parcels and land use allocations for TVA reservoir property. to designate parcels of land by categories, or “zones.” These include: The reservoir land planning process does not change the existing access rights of adjacent property owners for the use of TVA land.


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