ultima vs drip drop

Compare 32 grams of sugar in a bottle of Vitaminwater to 35 grams of sugar in one can of Coke.

I have found the Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tablets to be the best match for long hikes in heat due to the higher sodium content vs. This blog addresses a wide range of sports and activities. He has always been very active and is working hard to get back into shape, but the leg pain is slowing him down. One thing that I wanted to ask you is about this electrolyte drink/powder that I’ve been using for about a week so far. Grass-fed whey for post-workouts/training. How do I determine what the appropriate ratios of protein/carbs/fat/etc. Thanks!

I am 64 years old, in good shape, and I workout 2 to 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week. Thank Alex, yes I agree with you it requires a more comprehensive info. Artificial sweeteners in general increased waist circumference 500 percent while aspartame in particular increased blood sugar in diabetes-prone mice. I can only imagine the relief you and your son are feeling right now. Trying to burn fat and build musle. I haven’t heard of Q-Energy and took a look. Right now I’m asking about the right electrolyte drinks for my age and moderate exercises. I think the Endurolytes Fizz would be a good fit. Hi Alex – love your articles – thanks! In terms of electrolyte replacement post run/workout, what do you think about Nuun or Skratch? Thanks for the awesome info, I’m going to India for a month & I have been before so I was looking into electrolyte mixes I could use when I’m suffering from a bout of travelers diarrhea to help out with the dehydration. The Clif Shot Electrolyte Hydration Mix uses calcium citrate and magnesium citrate, which gives it a thumbs up because they are easier to absorb, oxides are the hardest. From the makers of Muscle Milk – one of the most contaminated protein drinks – comes Cytomax. what are your opinions on Scratch Labs? 3. It contains sucralose (which I have written in depth about here) and FD&C (artificial colors without stating the numbers). Everyone was pushing Gatorade, but after reading your article, I’m not feeling Gatorade for her. Look into it Lebron James. Hi There, i use Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Drink Mix, Have you heard of it? I think it would be a good product if they lowered the sodium content and added chloride. Great article. Thanking you in advance, Christopher. Interesting on Ultima. Then strain it in the morning and freeze it ice cube trays. Secondly, I have a 2 day soccer tournament (3x 50 minute games spread over each day).

Although they should have it for HFCS, artificial flavors and colors too right? I can say that many use a combination of Saltstick, Heed, and gels for the actual race. I am budding triathlete and ran across this article while researching recovery supplements. Anything hard on your body effects performance.

However I think your point is valid for its use as a ubiquitous additive in processed foods for sedentary individuals due to its high glycemic value or possibly those with digestive disorders. Low sugar, but does it have enough sodium/trace minerals? They were either given bottled water, VitaCoco coconut water, coconut water from concentrate, or a carbohydrate/electrolyte sports drink that they didn’t name. And unlike carbs and sugar, your brain has an off switch for protein and fat intake. You may have even read the about the lawsuit against Vitaminwater for calling itself a healthy beverage, and Coca-Cola has since acknowledged that it is indeed not. I will definitely try the Perpetuem and let you know! For drinks that contain maltodextrin or fructose (I don’t recommend isolated fructose), it is important that xylitol is added to the solution to help protect your teeth (Heed contains both maltodextrin and xylitol). I’ve discovered vitalyte and love the light taste of it. I always have to take care of my electrolyte intake. The 9-cis isomer found in natural beta-carotene is considered to be one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. I would recommend coconut water and Endure liquid drops. I looked at Enterade and it seems promising. I have used Nunn and a couple other electrolyte supplements.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Ingredients for 12 oz. OMG. Not too bad. Any input would be much appreciated. I am an endurance athlete, and started triathlon just over 3 years now. It is very effective. Doing some research they recommend the following products: It is commonly thought that dehydration and depletion of electrolytes will lead to muscle spasm and cramping. I have run a sprint (4miles) and a Super (9 miles) with a Beast (15 miles) coming up. The last three times I’ve played I have gotten a migraine. Also, the drink will taste like lightly flavored water, so don’t worry about it tasting like pulpy orange juice! My husband has Pots syndrome, hoshimotos and autonomically neuropathy and his Dr at UCSD told him he needs to take in lots of electrolytes and 4 to 6 grams of salt a day. Hi and thanks for a great resource- I knew that Gatorade has dyes ad loads of sugar – which is terrible, but I didn’t realize how terrible it is for her. It doesn’t appear as though there are any danger ingredients that you mentioned contained within. I went to the E.R. I am actually sponsored by them and use their Electrolyte drink Hydra Perform. Hey Alex – I have found your article and responses to questions very informative. Sure, great idea. That has me a little concerned. Both are much more affordable and will provide you with a balanced mineral profile added to your water.

For Osmo, I don’t like the use of sugar and folic acid. While the homemade drink is hydrating, you may require very precise amounts of different minerals as outlined by your doctor. I do use Heed and Perpetuem, but sometimes use Nuun for convenience/expense so I came here(via a Google search) as I was trying to determine whether Nuun was as good as Heed. Let me know if you have any more questions, happy to help.

Fantastic article! I have a nervous system disorder and I have to drink 5L of Electrolytes a day and consume 5-10 grams of salt … This is extremely challenging! It leaves white sweat lines on it) i need more energy and to make sure i stay hydrated and balanced for my 8 hour training days.

I would request this to understand her requirements which would help me choose the best option for her. I also use Hammer and GU gels for my carbs.

I start my fire training academy next week for 14 weeks. Since I have been doing this hydration drink mixes experiment, I wanted to keep everything as consistent as possible. I am interested in electrolytes because I have been getting headrushes for a while and looked up possible reasons, found that electrolyte deficiency might be one, started drinking Gatorade during my workouts (yea saw that you were against it) and the headrushes diminished. Hey i don’t see how Gatorade is one of the worst electrolyte drinks if when I am sick and have diarrhea and feel like puking it helped a lot please let me know asap. Protein: For protein in grams, the formula is 0.8 to 1.0 per pound of lean body mass (calculation subtracting body fat percentage in pounds). Take a look at the Core Meal Bar I have listed here. I am really sorry to hear he is struggling. Every lot of Saltstick has been tested for WADA prohibited substances. Would hammer heed be the best option (or do I need something meant for a shorter burst time activity? What are your thoughts and recommendations regarding electrolyte rebalance /supplements for someone with moderate adrenal fatigue? Thanks in advance!

Endure is something I would use in all the water you drink daily, not just during exercise, to maintain proper electrolyte levels. Electrolyte Energy Formula is good for moderate activity.

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Thanks!!! There are a couple ways that I do it. You may have noticed that the bottle contains “2.5 servings” which means you need to multiply everything by 2.5, a deceiving way to lower the amounts on the label from first glance. GU Electrolyte Brews falls short on my list since it only contains sodium and potassium, and is lacking calcium, magnesium and chloride. Read the history & research behind the discovery and formulation of ORS. If you didn’t see your drink listed here, check for sodium benzoate. I would recommend using the SaltStick tablets as needed and drink coconut water throughout the day (choose one from the list above). I’m very sorry for my super late response, I had a packed week for school and work. Look for non-GMO protein sources like Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem. Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/kbpa9ar. The new NUUN Active and Energy has a very high sodium level, higher than SaltStick (360mg vs. 215mg for Saltstick), so it best for heavy sweat endurance races in the heat. this awful drink but that’s not my focus right now. He is likely losing too much sodium, potassium, and magnesium if you are in a hotter climate. One, higher doses of vitamin C during exercise been found to have a negative effect on mitochondrial biogenesis. Himalayan sea salt Heed. These included kombucha, kvass, low-alcohol beer and other creative concoctions to maintain energy, nutrition and hydration all day. 250mg is a pretty hefty dose of sodium, which means they designed it with very heavy sweat in mind.

Of course I trust the brand and source, but I’ve never tried a product that I could forget about. I’m a older gentleman and I have bad muscle cramp everywhere out of theses procures what would be the best source and potent electrolytes. Propel has 160mg of sodium, 40mg of potassium and a little bit of magnesium. The ingredients look clean and the dextrose level is very small (shouldn’t cramp). Dave. Thanks very much for this article and the level of detail. You may not be getting enough glycogen storage, and since you are 15, you are probably burning through fuel like an SUV. DayLyte has a 3:1 ratio of potassium to sodium (Lyteshow is higher in sodium), which may be more beneficial for those trying to increase their potassium intake and lower their sodium intake. Not too much but enough.

My bowel prep instructs to take Gatorade or Powerade with miralax, etc. Sorbitol is found in certain fruits and is sometimes derived from mountain ash berries.


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